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Chapter 445 Warmth

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Chapter 445 Warmth

Well, whoever said living a lonely and single life was good. I'd like to meet them, and punch them in the face.

It's been years since I last felt the warmth of a woman, and having finally been with a younger, 'vigorous' and slightly freaky woman made the taste of life return back to me.

The woman who suddenly turned from a meek mortal to an insatiable succubus filled every need I had and didn't even know I had in one night. Now she lays naked, covered with nothing but a robe, on top of my chest, slowly breathing in and out. As I could see her figure rising slowly on top of my chest.

Her hair smelled like jasmine, and the smell of sweat from the last night tainted the floury smell but in a good way.

I had to admit though, Shen Mo's body, a young body was pretty d.a.m.n impressive. Not that my original reformed and rebuilt body was any less adequate, but a vigorous young man's body can give more than my fossil-like original body. Well, not that I have tried, since my Original Body is still 'Poison' I couldn't even touch a woman in fear of killing her.

But this body is that of a normal cultivator and is more than able to fulfill any need.

Suddenly, as the dark forest was coated in sunlight, and became much rowdier and more noisy thanks to the chirping of birds and the motion of the small critters, Yao Hua opened her eyes and slowly yawned as she stretched in front of me.

Her chest hung in front of me, plump firm, and at the same time jelly-like.

Her hair draped over one side of her chest while the rest of it hung behind her back. She took a few seconds to realize that she was with a man, and as her eyes traced me, redness began flooding her cheeks.

"Ah!" she yelped as she grabbed whatever she could to cover her face, only to realize that the only cover we had was the one she pulled over her body, leaving me b.u.t.t naked in the forest.


"It's a bit cold," I said.

"Y-you! What did you do?!" she asked. Fl.u.s.tered and incredibly embarra.s.sed.

"I find it surprising that the vixen, aggressive woman of yesterday turned to a meek bashful woman the very next day, don't tell me you don't remember?"

"What would I remember? All I remember is…" she said then her face began reddening even more.

"Ah, I guess you do remember," she said.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you knew I wasn't in my right mind, why didn't you stop me!" she said.

"How the h.e.l.l can I even stop you, don't put the blame on me, that was basically rap* what you did," I shrugged.

"You seemed to be enjoying it if it was that!" she said.

"Well, I won't complain, it was pretty d.a.m.n nice," I smiled back.

She sighed. "Don't speak of this to anyone!" she said.

"We're just two grown adults who had a one-night stand, don't think too much of it," I said as I stood up and went to wear my clothes.

She sat there on her knees, hugging the robes against her chest and thinking deeply as I was wearing my clothes.

Once I finished wearing everything and was looking at her, she said, "Turn around, I want to get dressed," she said.

"It's not like I have anything else more to see… but as you wish," I said and turned.

Soon she came to me and said, after much deliberation, "If it was any other circ.u.mstance, I would have ended you," she said. Her words didn't sound like a joke.

I frowned as I looked at the intimidating but pretty d.a.m.n hot-looking woman.

"But…" she added. "Since you saved my life, and treated my Destruction, I'll let it go… may we never meet again, think of it as your fortune to have spent a night with me," she said and suddenly took to the skies, leaving to the north.

I shrugged and turned back, the forest at night was pretty d.a.m.n dangerous, and I hope the rest of my group is still alive. Though with Y's presence, they shouldn't be in danger. But I still need to meet back up with them.

Just as I was leaving, I remembered that I had forgotten to wear the white cloth around my arm. Since it would identify me as a non-hostile human in case, I met with another of the Demon Race.

I wrapped the cloth around my arm and then headed back to where I came from.

The forest was far calmer and friendlier in the morning, and meeting another beast or anything 'dangerous' was close to impossible during the day. Since everything was in hiding. Though I'm still not too fond of the creature that caused my hoverboard to break the moment we got close to the red forest, as long as I don't meet that thing, I should be fine.

There was no trace of the moths anywhere, nor were there any moving beasts so my trip back to the cave was far faster than I expected.

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Just as I arrived, I found the three cultivators looking around the cave prudently.

The guide gave me a small piece of jade, it was a recorded message. Once I placed it on my forehead the message inside it played for me.

It was the sect master speaking.

"I'm rather surprised you discovered his ident.i.ty, well, in case you did and no troubles happened, Yun s.h.i.+ here will guide you all the way to the Demon Sect's doorsteps, you should have any issues with proving your ident.i.ty as a member of the Poison Sect and at the same time share the details of your mission with the other camp. Once you have relayed your mission details, return from your venture back to the Poison Sect. This message will be destroyed after it has played once."

I threw the jade away and it soon turned to smoke.

"Hmm, this makes things simpler. Let's head out, also you'll be our guide and you'll be ahead of us all the way to the Demon Clan.

"As you wish," he said and soon began walking forward.

The rest of us followed behind while the beast tamer was wary and Ai Li looked confused, I kept myself alerted to everything around us.

"You smell…" said Ai Li.

"Oh," I said as I sniffed my clothes, I'm sure my clothes are clean, h.e.l.l I even took a dip to wash the sweat.

"Not of sweat… you smell of a woman. What were you doing yesterday night?" she asked.

Holy s.h.i.+t woman, are you a h.e.l.l hound what kind of nose do you have…

I slightly stuttered and said, "Just looking around don't worry about it," and then tried to change the subject "How far?" I asked.

"At least a day's walk," he said.

"Then why not just fly there?" asked the beast master.

"The moment you take to the skies you'll be hunted down by the Sect Guardians. Approaching the sect on foot is the safest way. Let's keep moving," he said.

Thankfully the subject was changed, but the suspicious looks from Ai Li felt like they were about to bore a hole in my head.

Women and their intuition… d.a.m.n scary.

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