Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 444 Unexpected Development

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Chapter 444 Unexpected Development

The hours seemed long, and the night felt like it was still winning the battle against the rising day. The howls of the forest beasts grew with the pa.s.sing minute. While I and the naked and submerged woman in front of me stayed silently waiting.

Yet, the long boring silence was soon interrupted.

A s.h.i.+ver run down Yao Hua's body, and soon she began shuddering, and then her eyes rolled back.

She then slid into the water, unconscious.


I sighed then went toward her, pulling her out from the water and placing her on the ground. Her breathing was thankfully unperturbed but she was still shaking like a leaf in the howling winds.

I pressed my hand on her wrist, sending a divine sense wave to scan her body. She was suffering from a seizure.

The treatment of seizures isn't something mortals can do, but with enough Qi injected into proper Qi pa.s.sages, I was able to relieve the stress on her brain and she stopped shaking.

She took a deep breath as if she had been holding one for eternity and opened her eyes.

"W-what are you doing!" she said although weakly one could see her fearful gaze.

"You were seizing, in case you didn't notice," I said.

"..." she didn't reply.

I sighed, "I'm offering free medical care, why are you so adamant about refusing it?" I said.

"Because you're a human! And humans all lie," she said.

"That's not just humans though, anyway if I actually wanted you to harm I could have just left you to die under the water," I said.

She then finally realized what happened. And hung her head down.

"Can you treat it?" she said after a while.

"I should be able to, no I'm more confident in treating a Soul Related sickness better than a physical one," I said.

"No medic would ever say that, since Soul injuries are fare more serious," she said.

"Not for me, now will you mind?" I said.

She looked down and realized that she was completely naked, but seeing that I wasn't that interested she didn't feel too embarra.s.sed, well at least she was embarra.s.sed enough to ask for clothes that she had laying around.

I gave her the robes she had laying next to her, and she donned one to cover herself.

"Now sit in the lotus position, let me see," I said.

She did so and took a relaxed pose.

"Breath in normally," I said and pressed both my palms on her back.

"Now let me access your Sea of Consciousness," I said.

For any other cultivator, this is nothing but asking to be at the mercy of the requester. But since she is ill, and also has no power to defy or stop me if I wanted to do anything, she allowed me in.

Soon a surge of my divine sense coursed through her and around her body encompa.s.sing her being alongside her soul. My Divine Sense was powered by the strength of my own Soul, and since my Soul is pretty d.a.m.n busted, the reaction that happened from her was to be expected.

She yelped in fear as she realized the density of my Divine Sense.

In her own Sea of Consciousness, I was able to see a ma.s.sive world, a green forest of mountains and trees, of all the colors of nature, surrounding a lonely abode that looked to be the only building in this tranquil-looking piece of mental heaven.

Her soul looked exactly like her in reality, the only difference was that she had blemishes, black ones that seemed to spread around her soul, they looked like cancerous ailments that seemed foreign to her body.

As for me, I looked like a giant compared to her. Yet there was one small issue. I'm right now using Shen Mo's Soul. Which was not something good to look at. Especially with all the vile, blackness of this demonic soul.

Mine looked like an amalgamation of malice, evil, and wretchedness all shaped into a human form.

Yao Hua's face seemed to turn even paler as her heart sank, her breathing became irregular as she saw what she invited into her own sea of consciousness. A villainous-looking soul, that seemed to have not an ounce of goodwill. This black soul was a clear indication of a vile despicable and evil being and she had welcomed it with open arms.

"W-what the h.e.l.l are you?!" She said and tried to raise her sea of consciousness's defenses but she just realized that she had no Qi, and couldn't even do that.

She slumped on the ground, "Ha, guess this is how it ends for me," she said.

"What are you talking about?" I asked,.

"You tricked me into opening up my Sea of Consciousness, and I trusted you as a fool, I shouldn't have trusted a human, no you're not even human. Even the vilest of humans wouldn't have a soul as wretched as yours, now who sent you? Was it one of the elders?" she said.

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"I have no idea what the h.e.l.l you're talking about, anyway, let me help with this," I said as I moved my hand toward her.

And it didn't take much before the entire barrier broke and thus came the howls and there came the beasts. The amount of Qi gathered here was an indicator that a heavenly phenomenon was happening, and for the many beasts here, this would mean something like a heavenly treasure that if they were to consume, I will increase their cultivation.

"Ah double s.h.i.+t..."

I said as I looked around, the skies were dark but now they seemed darker as moths grouped up together shaped like clouds were coming towards us.

The ground began shaking and trees in the distance were being toppled over as beasts ran towards us.

"Triple s.h.i.+t... we're f.u.c.ked," I said as I looked at Yao Hua's changes. Her pink hair turned redder and gained a greater sheen, and her two horns protruding from her forehead were small at first, but now, they became redder and curved back crowning her head.

Her opened eyes gained a redder glow and for her fingers, they grew nails as sharp as blades. Her already plump chest seemed to grow even bigger and firmer, while her waist became thinner and her a.s.s seemed to grow.

Her whole body turned from an already beautiful woman to a l.u.s.t-exuding creature that would charm the world itself if it wanted.

It didn't take long before her transformation finished and she stood back on the ground. A single gaze is all it took to stop everything moving in the forest in its track. Not even the wind moved when she spoke, "Halt."

And immediately the forest which was teaming with beasts calmed down. "Begone," she said.

A single word and the entire forest seemed to rumble as if a pressure of a mountain was falling upon it.

The creatures that were eagerly running toward her seemed to run in the opposite direction with double the vigor.

It didn't take a lot of time before everything calmed down.

Then soon I had to address the elephant in the room. Looking at her, she was a couple of heads taller than me now, it seems her physical transformation wasn't just her outer appearance, even her body size changed, and the quality of her Qi seemed to improve. She had also managed to climb a stage higher in her own Ascendant Stage cultivation.

"Euh... why are you looking at me like that," I said.

"Becaaaause," she said, while one of her hands was slowly sliding down from her mouth to her lower abdomen. "You look like a treat right now... and I'm hungry..."

Her eyes were pink as cherry blossom now and the air around her changed from deadly to...well, dangerous because I know this development.

"Euh... can I say no?" I said as I backed away.

"Say it if you caaaan," she said as she pushed me down.


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