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Chapter 441 Demon Sect And A Party

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Chapter 441 Demon Sect And A Party

On the other side of the planet, there existed the Demon Sect.

It was by no means a vile looking, nor was it a diabolical-looking sect. On the contrary, it was a beautiful-looking sect, with towering and magnificent paG.o.das spread all over the seven mountains that were making the Demon Sect. The paG.o.das were housing the disciples of the Demon Sect and its elders.

While in the skies roamed great and magnificent beasts, guarding and slowly flying around the sect.

It felt more attuned to the nature of this world than the Poison Sect. However, the happenings inside the Demon Sect weren't as peaceful as what the outer appearance of the sect portrayed.

"SECT MASTER! WE CANNOT ACCEPT THIS!" one of the elders, a woman of old age seemed to fume in rage as she was holding a transmission jade.

The sect Master in question was also a woman, only far younger looking and exuded extreme beauty and charm. Yet, the frown on her brows made her sulking and clearly worried look even more charming.

To note, none of the Demon Sect members were human, after all, they're descendants of the Demon Race which was one of the mightiest races of the Vast Expanse, sadly they had declined greatly since their prime, and were now occupying few, far and between planets, their current forces aren't even a tenth of the original, yet, that didn't mean that the remaining forces were by any means weak or feeble.

As for the Sect Master, she sighed as she leaned her head back on her chair. Her pink hair draped over her shoulders and behind the chair, she was on as she rubbed the bridge of her nose. Her buxom chest heaved as she took a deep breath after another.

"Sect master, are you alright," asked the elder who was fuming just a moment ago.

"No need to worry, it's just a small migraine," said the Sect Master and took another breath.

"Any way we cannot say no to this," she said.

"But sect master! Those humans are a treacherous bunch, this claim is nothing but a provocation at us, they must want us to lower our guard in this so-called compet.i.tion to further inflict damage upon us. We've yet to fully recover from the last war!" she said.

"That was a hundred years ago, things can change," she said.

"But human nature cannot! They are greedy, and wanton with destruction and rage, just because we're not of the same race they discriminate against us, nay, they discriminate even amongst themselves!" she said.

"That has nothing to do with us, we've bled and shed too much blood in this futile war, if what the informant is saying is true, then we must be amply prepared. After all, we only have this news from our spy, they still need to deliver the news to us by hand, before we even consider joining. In the meantime, have our disciples double down on training, we need the strongest of the current generation to present the Demon Clan, a good show of power is all we need to have the humans either respect or fear us. The truce is good for everyone, no matter how small of a timeframe it can be, it still is a time of peace, and we have to fight for it, even if it were but a sodding chance against human greed," she said.

The elder sighed, "You took your father's wisdom, and your mother's beauty, I hope that your affliction can be lifted, it would be a shame to have such a talent go to waste." The elder sighed as she walked away.

The sect master couldn't help but smile a rueful and sad smile. "With this cursed blood, nothing less than divine intervention can help it. My time is getting near to its end, and if I can guarantee my sect even a few years of peace before I'm gone from this world, then I'm willing to bet the rest of my days on this chance. Let's proceed with prudence," the Sect Master said to the elder who seemed to have exited the inner hall of the main building of the Demon Sect.

Soon after the elder walked out, several other elders were waiting for her news.

"So, what did the Sect Master say?" asked one of the elders.

"She will proceed with the truce but with caution, make sure to have the talents of the sect prepare themselves for the upcoming trial. We need to have our forces ready," she said.

"This is madness! Why are we trusting the words of humans?! They're too fickle it could also be a ploy to misinform us." Another elder said.

"The sect Master had pointed out that unless these humans come to our sect to present the terms of the truce, our sect will act as if nothing had been going on. Keep the scouts on high alert, act in accordance to the White Flag, as long as the humans enter our territory holding a white flag we must not aggravate them until they deliver their message." The elder said.

"What if they cause problems?" asked one of the elders.

"Then we can send back their heads to the Poison Sect, we're not benevolent enough to forgive unruliness in our land. So, proceed with caution and only act once you've been attacked or aggrieved."

"As the grand elder commands!" several of the elders answered but many others didn't deem to respond. After all, this was a great time and opportunity for them.

The Demon Sect has always been at war with the humans on this planet. And with the approaching death of the Sect Master, the sect will need a new leader to guide it. And one of the best ways to earn the Sect Master's seat is to achieve great merit towards the sect, a merit powerful enough to earn the full respect of every sect member.

And of course, there was only one merit that could make such a thing happen. The execution of the Poison Sect, Sect Master. After all, he is already injured with the Demon Visage curse, making his situation as worse if not the same as the current head of the Demon Sect.

Two sects with two headmasters on the verge of death, once the old generation is gone, the new leaders will begin a new age.

Or so, most of the faction against the current Sect Master believes.

The grand elder already knows and realizes the severity of the upcoming trial. As for how they were going to solve such issues, only G.o.d knows, for she thinks that nothing but a person of miracle can hope to fix this sordid-looking situation.

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"With this much ha.s.sle I would rather they come. But don't start wetting your panties yet, this area is still in the territory of the Heavenly Dark Tiger, no monster will bother us as long as we're still here." I sighed.

"Then what if the Dark Heavenly Tiger itself hears you and comes to find us?!" she said.

"What do you mean? Did you guys not notice it yet? the Dark Heavenly Tiger had been walking next to us for the past six hours you idiots!" I said.

The three frowned. After all, there was nothing next to us, or that is what they thought, before realizing that a giant shadow was standing right next to them. two golden eyes were staring into them as if they were looking into their souls.

"What futile companions you have," spoke the Dark Heavenly Tiger.

The trio shook in their boots, unable to mutter a word.

"Yeah, you see what sort of s.h.i.+t I have to deal with, anyway, we'll be leaving your region soon, thank you for keeping the beasts away, I'll make sure to repay your favor later," I said.

"Do not die, human, the path ahead of you is beyond my rule, it is full of beasts far mightier than what you can handle, proceed with prudence and stealth, lest you die and I lose one of my interests," it said.

"Don't worry, I'll come back in one piece, I hope, now you three, let's go, we wasted enough time already," I said.

The Tiger soon dissipated into nothingness leaving the area, and as if a weight had been lifted from the shoulders of the trio, they slumped down on the ground, terrorized.

"Y-you knew… from the start, that it was walking next to us?! And you didn't inform us!" Ai Li said.

"And what would informing you, even do? You think you can take it on?" I said.

"N-no but," she tried to interject but the obvious fear in her stopped her from saying any more.

"But what? You are all nothing but baggage, I really don't understand why the Sect Master had asked you all to come with me. Bunch of useless baggage, ah this is going to annoy the ever living s.h.i.+t out of me, let's go G.o.d d.a.m.n it, we still have a s.h.i.+t tone of distance to cross," I said as I walked forward disappearing between the thick foliage.

"W-wait up!" one of them said and soon they followed after me.

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