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Chapter 437 Success

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Chapter 437 Success

"What is that new disciple doing?" one of the people in the room asked. They were occupied with their own alchemy but seeing the strangeness of Shen Bao's actions they were all wondering what this new guy was doing.

Instead of cleaning the old cracked and clearly dilapidated furnace, he was actually smacking it. Which could probably cause it to fracture even further.

Yet after a while, all the gunk inside the furnace seemed to be ejected due to the force of the slaps it took.

What a pitiful furnace they thought.

Then, without further ado, instead of refining the ingredients, the new disciple started by heating the furnace. Not using the Heartfire that was supplied by the sect under each alchemy position. But using his own internal Qi.

It wasn't that strange, since many cultivators opt to use their own Qi to heat up furnaces, but that isn't easy. It requires incredible focus to keep the Qi flowing constantly not to perturb the temperatures. And also requires great Qi reserves. Only Soul Transformation alchemists dare to try something like that, and even with their vast Qi reserves, it barely makes the cut to refine a pill using their internal Qi.

As for someone who is just at the Soul Formation, attempting such a technique is bound to fully exhaust his reserves before the pot could even heat up properly.

Yet, unlike what most of the observants thought, the pot seemed to slowly heat up and gain a redder sheen. Which was even more absurd. Since that pot was made from Cold Steel, it should reject Heat to a great degree. It's not a pot that is used to make Yang Based Pills. And even if someone were to try and use it to refine Yin-based Qi, unless they have the Cold Qi properties of Yin, they'll never be able to use it.

That cauldron is only used to make cold pills and only uses coldness as a way to make pills. While this new kid is using heat instead.

Failure wasn't even a possibility, it was a fact if he were to continue doing this.

Yet, he still continued heating up the cauldron.

After a while, the cauldron looked smoking hot, but it didn't have anything inside it.

Now, this was an amateurish mistake. The moment the new disciple tries and put one of the herbs inside the cauldron, the herb would burn and turn to ash. Alchemy isn't something to be trifled with and this lad is just randomly doing things now.

But against what many expected Shen Bao to do. He didn't throw any herb inside the cauldron. But took one of the herbs and crushed it using the strength of his palms. Extracting liquid essence with sheer pressure.

He used his own Qi to hold the liquid essence of the herbs held in stasis above the smoldering cauldron. And then crushed the second herb and third.

Several globules of liquid hovered above the cauldron as if they were floating. And then, Shen Bao pushed the essences into each other, mixing them above the cauldron. Not only that, he even pulled a herb that was not a part of the recipe.

It was a Thousand-Faced Ice Flower. An extremely cold-based herb that would freeze a person's arm if touched directly.

What Shen Bao did was crush it again, using his own unprotected palms to extract the cold essence from it. He then used the cold essence to coat the former mix of essences creating a cold barrier.

Once the orb of essence was finished, he slowly pushed it down into the smoldering cauldron.

And not only did he push it down, but he also increased the heat in the cauldron to incredible degrees.

Green flames stronger than the flames of h.e.l.l itself surged from the insides of the cauldron.

"Cover that d.a.m.n thing!" shouted the elder.


But Shen Bao only looked at the elder and smiled. He didn't even cover the cauldron.

With Qi so strong, and a fire so abundant and powerful, it was nothing but a question of when will the cauldron break. And cause an explosion.

And visibly so, from the cracks that began appearing around the cauldron, the cauldron would blow in no time.

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Many disciples began removing themselves from Shen Bao, preparing for the inevitable explosion. But nothing seemed to happen even when Shen Bao further increased the heat. In fact, it seemed that the more heat he poured, the colder the temperature gets.

"Nice, another Cloud Patterned Pill," I said.

"What?!" the elder shouted as he rushed towards me, "Let me see!" he said.

I disliked his forceful att.i.tude.

"You don't need to see, can't you hear it? the heavens are my witnesses for this," I said as I pointed up.

He only needed to spread his Divine Sense a bit to realize that it was actually a Pill Tribulation.

"What in the world?!"

I placed the Cloud Patterned Pill in my holding back and this caused the Tribulation to calm down. And then handed over one of the other pills which actually had Pill Veins.

"What are you doing? Hand over the Cloud Patterned pill to the sect, I'll give you your points," he said.

"Why should I? the request was clearly to make a pill, not a Cloud Patterned pill, and I have already given you what is required from me," I said.

"Are you trying to steal from the sect?!" the elder said.

"There is no need to start throwing accusations, if you wish, we can ask the Disciplinary Hall to give judgment over this matter," I said shrugging.

"Do you think that the disciplinary hall will side with you?" the elder said smirking.

"Well, I already proven you wrong once, who says I can't do it again?" I smiled back at him.

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