Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 429 Inner Sect

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Chapter 429 Inner Sect

"Sadly, though your ability is impressive, we cannot go against the Poison Sect's rules. You must go through the battle test, and I hope you can succeed in getting past it. It isn't difficult by any means, but it can be frustrating sometimes." Said one of the elders.

"No worries, if it's battle I'm confident in my ability," I replied nodding.

The two elders finished up the matter inside the hospital and asked me to follow them to the next place.

From the monotone, bored and annoyed expressions when they guided me the first time. This time they were jubilant and were asking many questions about how I created such a 'revolutionary' medicine.

"That's not really medicine," I said. "That's more of a poison than medicine, but it's potent enough to destroy fungi. As for antibiotics, those exist in most foods. Though with smaller concentration thus I needed a lot of materials to have a decent dose." I said.

The two elders nodded and seemed to take notes of my words, not interrupting me as I explained more about antibiotics.

I don't have great knowledge in regard to medical experience, but this is more basic knowledge.

We continued talking until we arrived at an open arena that seemed to have almost no audience.

A few cultivators were sparring in the arena under the watch of a couple of other elders and once we arrived, the spar was paused.

"Disciple Shen Mo is here to take his Inner Disciple's test. Please clear the arena," one of the two elders spoke.

With the request given, the sparring disciples came down from the arena with grumbles, but the elders didn't mind them any heeds.

"Go up, you'll be facing the elder over there."

I looked up to the arena, it was the same person who was acting as a judge for the earlier spar.

"Come up," he said.

I got onto the arena and clasped my hands.

"Please give me some pointers," I said then took a fighting stance.

The elder frowned, "A poison cultivator using hand-to-hand combat?" he tilted his head.

"I'm confident," I said.

"Good," he said and then he pointed his hand at me, "Break his legs."

I didn't understand at first, but it didn't take time for me to realize the meaning of his words.

Two puppets shot from the ground, they seemed to have been hidden in there.

Wooden puppets at that.

They had a sword for the right arm and a mace for the other. And they came at me with great vigor.

If it was any other cultivator at the same cultivation rank as me, they'll probably be disturbed. Fighting two Soul Formation puppets at the same time isn't easy.

But for me, it's pretty advantageous.

Instead of backing away, I moved forward.

The two puppets struck down with the mace in their hand. But I only needed to do a frontal flip to avoid the blow.

Just as I was falling to my feet, the two puppets twisted around themselves and were about to lob my legs off.

Yet my reaction was far faster than the two puppets as I spread my legs open, mid-air causing their swing to miss.

My palms then struck the back of their heads, sending a surge of demonic Qi into them.

Any other cultivator would think that my action was pretty foolish since I had a good opportunity to deal a great blow instead of sending some Qi into them.

But once I landed on my feet I clasped my hands to the elder.

"Thank you for your guidance," I said.

The elder, frowning on how I was 'declaring' my victory before his two puppets had even been disposed of was about to speak.

Yet his puppets suddenly started to shudder and shake, then immediately fell down, completely disabled enough for him to turn the frown into a smile.

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"Hah, you seem to have some mastery over puppeteering," he said.

Another set of stairs revealed itself behind the opened door.

"You'll climb this stair alone, once you're at the top, you'll have to be careful. The inner sect isn't as peaceful as the outer one. It is forbidden to kill anyone there, no matter the reason. All grudges are solved in the Death arena, as for injuring or maiming your opponent, providing enough contribution to the sect can alleviate the punishment. Make sure to make allies who will help you in your time of need. As for your cultivation resources, only your ability will allow you growth. Good luck Shen Mo," he said.

'd.a.m.n, I thought this sect would be rather calm and peaceful, I guess I was wrong.'

I nodded at the elders and began climbing.

Before I reached the end of the stairs I had already worn the black robes of the inner sect. And just as I arrived at the entrance, an arrow went flying towards my face.

I tilted my head dodging it and took note of the shooter. It was a young male who seemed to be in the company of three other cultivators.

"His resources are mine! Hands off!" the archer said.

"Tian Hu, take him down!" he said.

A powerful and loud growl echoed to my right, and a tiger that seemed to have been eating pretty d.a.m.n well jumped me.

"Hah he is frozen in fear!" said the archer while the rest of his company were smiling.

Yet the moment the tiger met my eyes.

Or to be franker, the eyes of Kyuu who was hiding under my robes.

It froze in fear. The tiger's ears drooped and it cowered in front of me shaking in utter fear.

It then turned on its back revealing its belly.

This was an obvious submission from the feline creature. Revealing its belly meaning that it's revealing its weakest part as if it had no intention of fighting and had surrendered.

I took another look at the four disciples who didn't even hesitate to spread in four different directions.

"What a warm welcome," I said and moved forward into the inner sect.

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