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Chapter 428 Test

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Chapter 428 Test

"You finally arrived," spoke elder Xian. He gave me half a glance before he went back to work.

He was working on some doc.u.ments on a long desk, he seemed to have more work than anyone would ever want to handle, but he was diligent enough to not let it bother him.

We were now at the Disciplinary Hall.

"I was asked to come and meet with you once I was done. But apparently, I'm late," I replied.

"A couple of years late, not that I expected you to remain enclosed in there for so long, but the readings of your growing Qi were a.s.surance that you were actually being diligent, I suppose you have forsaken your entire cultivation and you're now climbing back again, why?" he asked.

"Sometimes, it's better to sc.r.a.p everything and start anew. I was lazy in my cultivation, which caused many issues with my body. By redoing everything from scratch, I was able to gain new insights, also Nascent Soul stage isn't something that anyone should worry about in the path of cultivation, after all, it's a long journey."

"Good, you have learned something then, I also can see that your Qi is far purer, Demonic Cultivation?" he asked.

"Yes," I nodded.

"Hmm, take good care of yourself, Demonic cultivation comes with great power, but greater setbacks." He said.

"I understand," I nodded.

"Anyway, I didn't call you here just to chat, I already gathered a couple of elders who will be overseeing your examination, and the right to become an inner disciple of the sect. Would you like to take the test now? I advise you to say yes," he said.

"I wouldn't refuse either way,"

"Then follow us," I heard.

Behind me, and at the gate were two elders wearing the same robes as elder Xian. They were both old of age, but they didn't seem too interested, and were practically bored, h.e.l.l one of them was even yawning and the other was grumbling about what a waste of time it was to do a test for a single cultivator.

I followed after the elders, hearing many jab insults. Calling me someone who is using a backdoor and is even not worth the time and effort of two elders to personally come and look for me for this.

I calmed myself and followed after them, there was no reason to cause any ruckus here.

Soon, we arrived at one of the outer sect's biggest buildings. It was the hospital area.

"Are we going to do the test here?" I asked.

"Yes, the first part of it, don't even dream of taking the second part if you don't succeed here," one of the elders spoke.

"Right then," I said as I followed them inside the hospital.

You could hear the groans and agonized moans of pain from the patients inside the hospital.

"Your task is to cure a patient from an affliction," he said. He then pointed at a bed that had a cultivator laying in it.

The cultivator had almost all of his body covered in mold. Yes, mold, green and black mold for some reason. He seemed to be more of a corpse than a person.

If I didn't know any better, the old man here is practically wanting me to fail the test.

Especially since I noticed the frown on the second elder's face.

I approached the patient and took a better look at him.

The mold was growing rather viciously, you could even see it growing with the naked eye.

And from the blood all around the cultivator and the many sc.r.a.pped-off pieces of this mold, this has been going on for a while.

Sadly, I'm not in my original body, so getting in direct contact with this mold might be dangerous.

I rummaged through my holding bag and pulled out a scarf.

I placed the scarf around my mouth and nose like a makes.h.i.+ft mask and pulled a small scalpel from my holding bag.

I peeled off a small piece of the mold and grabbed it using tongs I had laying around.

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"What are you doing?" asked one of the elders.

"Euh, that's it? those are common materials, I thought you'd need something more… powerful," he said.

"No, that's all you need," I said.

The elders then asked one of the disciples to go around and gather as many of the materials I asked for as they can.

Soon enough, the hospital room was packed full, both with people watching what was happening and loads of cabbage golden garlic, and grape seeds.

I then started grounding the seeds and the Golden Garlic into a paste and then crushed the cabbage then squeezed it until it became liquid.

I mixed everything and then used a filter to have a pure concentrated liquid of the contents.

It smelled bad.

But that's medicine, it always smells and tastes like c.r.a.p.

Once I poured the content into a gla.s.s I helped the cultivator drink it.

He was about to gag but a single poke to a pressure point above his stomach stopped the gag reflex.

Once he downed the contents I stood back and began making more.

"He doesn't seem to be improving," said the elder.

"That's because this isn't a miracle drug. The contents of those common materials have a lot of natural antibiotics, they are perfect to help deal with the rot and the mold inside his body, but it will take time for them to work. By tomorrow, however, he'll s.h.i.+t and p.i.s.s every impurity in his body and should be able to move about in a couple of weeks. I can't help with the scarring for now since I'll affect the healing process," I said.

"Then why are you making more?"

"He needs to drink this several times in the coming days to completely neutralize all the mold in his body. I'm also showing the people who are watching us from over there how to make the cure so they can help in the making process. Because I don't think I alone is enough to help so many patients." I said.

The two elders looked at each other, then me, and said, "Pa.s.s!"

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