Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 425 From Scratch

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Chapter 425 From Scratch

"Three G.o.d dammed f.u.c.king months!" I cursed as I smacked away a wooden bowl that had some leftover food.

My fury was pretty d.a.m.n justified. Not only was I unable to cultivate the Fist of Roaring Ki, I couldn't even increase my cultivation by a smidgen. It was the most worthless three months of my existence, utterly and completely useless. I was oh so rottenly furious that I wanted to give up on this body completely.

But being cooped up here in this cave, unable to obtain any of the benefits of this Qi root made me lose focus.

I need to take a break, doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of madness.

I opened the cave and was met with a bright white blanket that covered the entirety of the sect.

It was snowing.

And it seemed to have been snowing for a while now.

The weather was chilly, but nothing a few rotations of the Heart Flame couldn't fix.

There were no cultivators wandering the sect at this time. Most would have been either cultivating in seclusion or hiding away from the snow in the sanct.i.ty of their abodes or caves.

I walked through the snow, moving aimlessly and without a goal. To be honest, I was never stumped this hard in finding an answer to any question I have. But this was absurd. I couldn't cultivate anything. I even tried different cultivation manuals from the Lord of Lords paG.o.da, but nothing worked.

As I was walking, I found myself at the top of the stairs leading down to the exit of the sect.

Using my divine sense, I detected a person at the bottom of the stairs. And was surprised to see him sitting there, in the lotus position, the same as I first saw him. He was the person who was guarding the gate, the person who didn't care when I entered.

I walked down the staircase all the way to the gate, since he was sitting on a boulder outside the sect, I didn't step out in case it would be considered 'leaving the sect without permission.'

"Aren't you feeling cold?" I asked the man.

He opened one eye and took a look at me, then he said. "Cold or heat are nothing for a cultivator, why to ask why I am cold when you yourself are rotating your own Qi to fend off the chill," he said.

"True, I have been blind," I replied.

"Not only blind, ignorant too," he said.

Now you're being an a.s.shole.

"How come a person like you, given one of the best cultivation spots in the outer sect, not only not gain any advancement in your cultivation, but to even degrade your Qi to such an extent? If I didn't know any better, I'd say you are purposefully trying to destroy your cultivation," he said shaking his head.

He must have remembered my Qi levels when I first went past him. And since he knows that I got the 'special' cave, rumors must have spread.

"I'm having difficulties cultivating, that's it," I spoke, I didn't want anyone shoving their nose in my business.

"You're surprisingly ignorant for someone at the Nascent Soul, why are you cultivating yang techniques with that awful dark Qi you're emitting?" he said. His question was rhetorical since he immediately closed his eyes back and went back to cultivating.


I really am an idiot.

I began laughing hysterically, indeed, why was I trying to cultivate the Fist of Roaring Ki when the soul in this body is incompatible. No wonder it felt like I was suffocating every time I tried to absorb heavenly Qi using a Yang-based technique.

I immediately headed back to the cave, enlightenment comes and goes, and hints can come from the strangest places.

Once I was inside the cave, having locked its gate. I entered the lord of lord paG.o.da.

And headed immediately to the library, the Demonic Section.

This is a demonic soul, and it needs a Demonic Cultivation technique.

In the Demonic Section of the Lord of Lords paG.o.da, there weren't many books, only a few a dozen, which made looking through them rather simple.

Of the books I found, none were worth looking through besides one. Underworld's Death Finger.

It sounds like a simple technique. But it actually is a brutal Demonic Cultivation. It uses the power of the Underworld, opening a gate to the unknown and releasing the Death Qi as an a.s.sault.

The premise sounds plausible and powerful, yet there is a drawback, as all-powerful techniques, they cannot exist without a side effect.

The Underworld's Death Finger is powerful, yet it comes at the cost of a person's soul.

Every time one draws from the Underworld's river using this cultivation technique, it inflicts a powerful backlash upon the user, in regard to their Soul Power, it draws upon the user's soul to inflict damage.

"Basically, every time I use this skill, I'll have to sacrifice a bit of my own soul in the process as payment. This would have been a good skill to use since I have a pretty powerful soul. Yet my soul is finite. And I cannot spam this." I shook my head as I was about to disregard the skill, but then my hand immediately grasped the book.

The hand in question though was mine, it hand scales on it, they only appeared for a moment. But this was a clear indication to what this means. The dragon soul, the one capable of absorbing other souls is interested in this technique.

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"Oh, so you're meaning that you can offset the negative effects by absorbing Souls."

I guess this stunt brought attention to me.

Enough that divine sense was scanning me, left and right. It was d.a.m.n annoying.

"You're being rude, stop with the act of voyeurism," I said to whoever used their divine sense on me.

It didn't take much for the Divine Sense to dissipate and leave me alone.

Good, I then continued on, fully dissipating the Qi in my body until I was fully turned into a mortal.

And G.o.d did I hate that.

My body felt heavy, enough that my bones felt like they were about to break.

It was the atmosphere, this world is not friendly to cultivators.

I felt the roughness of my clothes and felt blisters starting to grow on my feet just from sitting in the lotus position.

Yet, all of this was needed.

I sighed after having released all of my Qi and went back to being a mortal. This reminded me of my days back as Shen Bao the city lord.

But, the me now, and the me then are different.

I grabbed a low grade spirit stone in my hand and then began absorbing its Qi, using the exact pathing in the manual. Coursing it from the meridian in the heart, which felt like I was stabbing myself with a hot searing knife.

Then to the mind, which felt like my brain was being struck by a sledgehammer.

The pain was enough to have me bleed from the nose.

Then I coursed it down to my groin, it was so awfully painful that I had a feeling that both my eggs had been crushed with a spiked mace. And then to my liver, giving me the urge to throw up as if my side was pierced with a searing hot rod.

This cultivation technique is not fun.

And I needed to rotate this Qi a few hundred times before I reach Qi Condensation.

Then, all I need to do, is suffer this pain a few hundred times, not a big deal.

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