Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 422 Interrogation

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Chapter 422 Interrogation

I trod down the flattened path that went through the large swaths of tall gra.s.s with care. I made sure to keep my eyes peeled and my divine sense spread.

Thankfully, since Divine Sense is related to Soul Power, mine was not affected even when I was in a body that was sub-Ascendant Level. A Nascent Soul body is pretty weak, so I have to cultivate it from this point all the way to Ascendant if I want to fully use all of the abilities my original body can. Though I won't go down the same Poison G.o.d path, I will make sure to use all the information and knowledge I've earned so far to make large strides in cultivation.

Hour after long hour I continued moving forward without any incidents, perhaps it was thanks to my oppressive Divine Sense that no bug, creeper, or rodent dared to ambush me. But as long as my return to the Poison Sect was without trouble, I won't be complaining.

Half a day later I was at the bottom of a valley that led to the poison sect.

The valley was not wide, and had a giant gate at the front of it, allowing only one-way access to what lay beyond the valley.

An enormous stone stair seemed to go up all the way to the top of the valley, and at the front of the gate was one man sitting in the lotus position on a nearby boulder.

He was cultivating, but at the same time guarding the gate.

He looked to be in his early thirties and seemed to not care about my presence. All I got from him was a single glance, and he went back to his meditation.

I didn't speak to the man and walked up the stairs. Seeing him not reacting, he must have recognized that this body, or I, currently Shen Mo was someone familiar in the sect.

I began walking up the stairs and headed all the way to the top where I was met with an even more amazing sight.

The top of the rift was like a giant platform that spread long and wide, and at its center was a single mountain that seemed to be hiding its peak among the clouds. There were buildings for cultivators and disciples all around the mountain base and many holes were dug in and some closed around the mountain for cultivation.

The platform itself was a treasure trove of spiritual herbs, poison herbs, and medicinal herbs. They were grown and taken care of by disciples who were wearing light yellow robes. It was the same robe that Shen Mo was wearing when I met him the first time.

As I walked forward, one of the disciples noticed me, and immediately gasped.

"He's still alive?!" he said.

The rest of the disciples saw me and were also surprised by my presence.

It didn't take long for the commotion to die down, not because of the lack of interest, but because an older person wearing blue robes seemed to have arrived in haste toward me.

I readied up for battle, I thought that Shen Mo, although weak was not someone who would make enemies left and right. I wanted to take advantage of the Poison Sect to gain more resources but it seems that will be very hard to achieve.

"Shen Mo! Where is my Disciple!" the elder shouted.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," I replied.

"You!" he said as he approached rather menacingly with a pretty powerful killing intent aimed at me.

"What's going on here Elder Situ?" another person wearing the same blue robes spoke.

"Elder Xian, you have no business here!" the person named Situ spoke.

"You are mistaken, five disciples have left the sect without permission, as the elder of the Disciplinary Hall, it is my business to find out what happened, so, don't go on lecturing me on what is or what is not my business Elder Situ, because after all, you too are under the Sect's Rules!" Elder Xian said.

"Now, child, where have you been," the elder asked.

"I've been in the forest," I replied while clasping my hands.

"What was the reason for you to leave the sect without asking for permission of the elders?" he asked.

"I was fearing for my life, I had to escape," I replied.

"That is interesting, why not report such matters?"

"Junior admits his wrongdoings, I feared that if I were to go and report the danger to my life that I will be apprehended inside the sect, after all, one cannot know where one's enemies lay in ambush," I spoke while ogling elder Situ.

My gaze was a clear provocation at him and this caused him to flare in anger as he tried to swat me down like I was a fly.

"YOU DARE SLANDER ME!" the elder said as his hand was raised up to kill me.

Yet a single glance from Elder Xian caused him to freeze on the spot.

"Elder Situ, this will be the last time," the disciplinary hall elder spoke in a firm voice.

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"Since there are too many eyes watching, follow me to the Disciplinary Hall, we'll need to confirm your words, our own way," the elder said.

I grabbed the pill and immediately swallowed it.

"For someone who said that he was afraid of enemies among the elders, you sure did swallow that fast, were you not afraid that it might be poison?" asked elder Xian.

"If Elder Xian wished my death, he wouldn't need to go through all of this," I replied.

"Smart kid," he said.

"Now, let's start with the basics, What is your name?" he asked.

"Shen Mo," I replied.

For a moment, I felt a surging headache, but it didn't last for less than a fraction of a second. It was small enough that they didn't notice the change of my expressions.

"Good, Shen Mo, tell me, why were you fearful of your life?" he asked.

"They wanted this," I replied as I snapped my fingers and called upon the Veridian Heart Flame.

The Elder's eyes widened, "What a beautiful Heart Flame, a Veridian one too, it's perfect for cultivating poison, no wonder some people would want it. I can see the motive, then tell me, what happened in the forest?" he asked.

"I was escaping the hunt from them, and when I was surrounded and was about to be killed, something intervened…" I said.

It was half true, half lie, the pain I felt form this lie didn't register on my face. Thankfully, it's Soul related pain, and with this cheat like Soul Power I haven it was like a mosquito p.r.i.c.k.

"What intervened?" asked Xian.

"It was a tiger, a black tiger with wings," I said.

My words seemed to resound through the room like a pin drop in an empty hall. The two elders looked at each other and back at me.

"Tell us more!"

They seem interested

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