Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 421 A New Destination

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Chapter 421 A New Destination

The dark soul squirmed and wiggled as it was being forced into the new body. But with the addition of the soul-sealing shackles. I was able to firmly bind it to the new body. For now, it was a soul with nothing but memories of pain and agony, and the desire to curse the world for the injustice it had befallen it.

Yet, it had no ego, no will of its own. It's perfect for me this way. Because I can influence the body and soul without worrying about its ego if it had ever created it.

With the corpse finished. I began the second part of the plan.

I got out alongside the corpse to the small cave under my territory, which was basically a tree.

I then sat the corpse in the lotus position and placed my hand on its back. Linking my consciousness to the corpse by following the Corpse Master's manual. It wasn't difficult, it was basically cutting a portion of your soul and infusing it into the corpse. Normally, the book states that this will incur a great deal of pain for the one who is trying to split his soul.

But since my soul energy is absurdly huge, it didn't feel like a p.r.i.c.k.

Soon, I was able to see it twice. Feel twice, hear twice.

It was as if both the senses of my original body and this corpse were being mixed together. It was a nauseating feeling.

But with a bit of meditation and calming of my senses, I was able to exclude my senses from my original body and fully focus on this new body.

When I opened my eyes, my new ones. I began seeing the world differently.

There were many small golden specks of light floating around. The world felt vivid and pretty... open.

My breath felt more relaxed and my body felt like a spunge that naturally harnessed energy, the energy that I didn't need to obtain by consuming hundreds of pills.

This was heavenly energy and this body, and Shen Mo's body was absorbing it like crazy.

"d.a.m.n, he even has a Golden Body. This is a great body for cultivation. Not to mention, he is able to use the Veridian Heart Flame, a version much stronger and purer than my own.

The only bad thing about this kid is his judgment and his luck. Luck cannot be influenced, but judgment is easy. Shen Mo, rest well, you've gotten your revenge, and all those who wronged you are dead. Now you'll have no qualms with me taking your body and using it for my own interest.

Yet, I felt a dejection and powerful rejection the moment I thought that it was so powerful as if the resentment of the owner was still within the body refusing to let go.

"G.o.d d.a.m.n it! you're already dead! What else do you want!" I cursed.

Suddenly a surge of emotions and memories went through my mind. And I saw the life of Shen Mo. The one before arriving at the sect, how ridiculed he was, for being a weakling, unable to cultivate. He was bullied by his cousins. He however found good fortune later in life and managed to gain the Golden Body. His cultivation is at the Nascent Soul. Which is quite weak.

He has many heart demons, and even after gaining good fortune with his Golden Body and the Veridian Heart Flame, he was still incomparable to his cousin. Whose gains in the path of cultivation were incomparable to anyone in the Mo family. His cousin proving to be a stronger and more domineering character managed to obtain the position of the next heir to the Mo Clan. While Shen Mo and his father were kicked out.

Shen Mo's father pa.s.sed away from injuries suffered in the rebellion, and Shen Mo was left alone, weak, powerless, and discouraged. So since he couldn't beat his cousin and reclaim the family head through his own efforts, he sought a different route and decided to join the poison sect since it promises great power for no effort. Which is nothing but lies. The poison path isn't easy, and it never was. Too late for Shen Mo to learn that truth.

Yet Shen Mo didn't learn and lost sight of his objective of besting his cousin and earning back the family head position. And was too short-sighted, focused on a woman who was only using him, and wasted years of cultivation. Now, Shen Mo is once again the lowest of lows in the Poison Sect it was only thanks to a Corpse he refined that he managed to survive so long, but once the corpse was destroyed by a ploy of his ex, he ran away, only to die here.

Now, Shen Mo has a few regrets. The family head position that he never obtained and will probably never obtain since his cousin is currently trying to break to the Ascendant Stage. While he is still at the Nascent Soul. Nor are his achievements in the Poison Sect worthy of note, since he is unable to refine poisons even when he has the Veridian Heart Flame.

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With all of his baggage thrown at me, I needed to resolve it if I want to fully obtain this body. For now, your biggest hurdle is the Poison Sect, since you can't go back home without having gained something of value here, nor with such a weak cultivation base.

"Y, take me out of this forest, head north," I said.

"As the Lord demands," I heard Y's reply.

Y came out from the Poison G.o.d's book and aided me into sitting on his shoulders

"Don't overuse Saint Qi, there are many eyes here that can sense it," I said.

He then moved forward with relatively decent speed.

Shen Mo had been running for days and nights away from his pursuers, so it would have taken me days with this body to go back, but with Y's help, I should make it out of this forest in a few hours. Even if it is nighttime. Y's power isn't something that can be underestimated. Especially after Master Rain had placed some improvements on him.

We flew through the forest rather rapidly without any disturbances and arrived at the exit before dawn.

Once I was outside the forest, I looked up ahead, there was a single mountain in the distance surrounded by great open plains with gra.s.s as tall as one's ankles.

Y would be far too conspicuous in such an open terrain so I had him hide. And I moved ahead along a small pathway between the long gra.s.s.

The location of the Poison Sect is at the top of the mountain over there, but the path towards it isn't easy even if it looks like plains, it's full of poisonous creatures that one must be wary of.

So, I began my trek, making sure to keep my eyes peeled. Once I'm back to the Poison Sect, I'll need to topple it head over heels, and with The Poison G.o.d's knowledge, it shouldn't be that difficult.

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