Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 419 Kyu

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Chapter 419 Kyu

I placed my palm on the pillar and surged forward as much of my Veridian Heart Flame and Poison Qi as I could.

The pillar looked as if it had taken on fire as it flamed on in a raging blaze.

Soon, a treasure appeared in front of me. It was a large piece of cloth.

"Good, that's all I needed," I smiled.

I tried to use the same method to get another treasure but there didn't seem to be any reaction from the pillar.

The rule of taking only one item per person was to make sure not one man can h.o.a.rd everything here.

Not that I cared about such a rule because I realized the way to solve that issue.

When I partook a bit of my Qi and Veridian Heart Flame, the pillar absorbed it, took a Qi signature copy, and made sure that the same signature cannot trigger the reward. But, what if I'm able to manipulate the Qi signature the pillar took?

I then pulled my brush and began changing the inscription on the pillar that rewarded cultivators.

Soon after I was done. I pressed my hand on the pillar and once again injected it with my Qi.

Reward after reward began pouring in front of me, and with every one of them, the pillar seemed to crack and fracture.

At this rate, the moment the last treasure is out, this pillar will break down, and the whole dome will fall on my head.

I'm not a fan of being buried alive, and being too greedy is never good.

So, as soon as only a couple of meaningless treasures were left, I decided to loot everything and get out of the cave.

I took everything from the holding bags of the three dead disciples and headed up to the exit.

And once I was out I was met with two glowing golden eyes.

"It seems that you have impeccably completed your task," the tiger spoke.

"Well, it was basically, do or die, wasn't it," I replied.

"Indeed, now my request required you to kill off the intruders, but you stated that you have a method for me to regain my full power without needing to wait for several years to heal," the tiger said.

"Yes, if you wish, we can begin now," I replied.

"You speak of certainty and confidence, but I do not trust your bipedal kind. You are a man of poison, and though it would be nigh impossible, you could harbor ill will towards this great one, hiding poison as a cure," the tiger said.

"I don't really understand, I have no intention of harming you, nor do we have any enmity, I'm actually in need of you surviving if I were to have that promised tree, though I'm more than willing to take the same medicine as I'll give you, I doubt that you'll trust me enough with just that, so how about another condition," I said.

"Do speak, for this one's ears are open," it said.

"I'll teach you how to make the antidote, it's really not that difficult even a monkey can make it. It requires Spirit Gra.s.s, the stem of two wild turnips, and the horn of a Silver Horned Beetle, these ingredients all exist in this forest, and the method to make the antidote is to simply grind all ingredients together and consume them. There is no need to make a pill out of the materials," I said.

The tiger's whiskers shook and it said, "I lived in this forest for a thousand years, and I have come in contact with these ingredients in my long life. They are not rare, nor are they precious, and you say that they can cure a poison as powerful as that d.a.m.nable scorpion,"

"The simple things hold the most mystery, I can also make a guarantee for you," I said.

"How come?" it asked.

"Do you still have one of those needles?" I asked.

"They are all over the place where we fought," the tiger said.

"Let's go there then, I'll follow you," I said.

The tiger turned and moved forward, slowly increasing its speed as I followed after.

Frankly, the tiger was clearly not going as fast as it could, but even with the use of Ancient Step, I was barely able to follow after him.

On the way, I found a small wild rabbit which I grabbed as the two of us continued moving. Just as we arrived at the location of the battle, the tiger stopped and nodded forward.

On the ground, and in the trees, hundreds upon hundreds of sharp needles were embedded all over the place.

For a moment the scorpion I had in my mind looked as if it had used its stinger as a minigun.

"Good," I said as I grabbed one of the stinger needles.

I pulled a mortar and pestle and threw in the stem of wild turnips which I had from the inventory of Shen Mo, along with spirit gra.s.s and the horn of a silver beetle, all of these ingredients were everywhere and the disciples of the Poison Sect will undoubtedly have them in abundance.

I then began grinding everything until it turned to mush. I rolled half of it into a small ball and pulled out the rabbit.

The rabbit was terrified as its eyes locked gaze with the tiger. And it immediately fainted.

"Oh… I forgot about how scared these things can be," I muttered.

"What do you plan on doing?" the tiger asked.

"Proof that I mean you no harm, this isn't a spiritual animal, so the poison in this needle will probably kill it in less than a minute."

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I then placed the small mushy ball inside the rabbit's mouth then slightly poked it with the needle.

"I have told you, it is not what you think it is, it is different," the tiger said.

I sighed, there was no escaping this.

Once I pulled the egg out, I was stuck watching it there, unmoving.

"Give it your blood," the tiger said.

I cut my finger and a few drops of blood poured on the egg.

The tiger then released its breath, calling upon a pure surge of Qi that enveloped the egg and was sucked inside.

And there and then, I heard a heartbeat, as if the two of us, me and the egg were suddenly connected.

The egg's crust cracked and shattered, turning to dust and revealing a… fur ball?

White as snow, and fuzzy as a furball. And literally looked like a fur ball with wide eyes, a small mouth, and a long swaying tail. It jumped into my palm immediately and snuggled into it seeking warmth.


My confusion did not match the look on the Heavenly Dark Tiger.

"As I have guessed, it has evolved into something new… something fearsome."

I looked at the small furball and back at the tiger, "Fearsome? This?"

The small fur ball jumped up and landed on my head finding it comfortable and probably because it has feline ancestry it liked highest.

"Indeed, do not be deceived by its looks, not even I would dare look down upon it when I fully grow. For now, name it, and leave it with me. I can promise you that I will take good care of it, as my ancestor, I owe it respect," the tiger said.

"Then how about Kyu," I said.

"Kyuu?!" the white Dark Beast -as confusing as that sounds- replied then soon shuddered saying "Kyu! Kyu!"

"It seems to like the name… though I have no idea what it means," the tiger said.

"Well if it likes it, then Kyu it is, now, I'll need to work on something a bit, you said you wanted to take It with you," I said.

"Not now, it needs to fully imprint on you, once it fully recognizes you as a family I shall come and take it to hunt and train, for now, go do what you wish, and wait for my arrival, I have a score to settle with that d.a.m.nable scorpion."

The tiger then turned its tail and moved into the bushes.

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