Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 415 Strange Planet

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Chapter 415 Strange Planet

A few months ago.

"Are you leaving again?"

Turning, I saw Yuyu standing at the entrance to my room.

We were at the Wind Palace, and words of me leaving the main planet had already spread among the royal family. With Yuyu being an acquaintance of theirs from the last time being here. It was only a matter of time before she knew of my departure.

"Yes, I have some matters to attend to," I said.

"Why? Why not stay at the academy, where it's safe, where not many people, crazy like that b.a.s.t.a.r.d of a servant are, why are you pus.h.i.+ng yourself to the unknown?" she said.

"Because I have to," I said.

"That's bulls.h.i.+t!" she said.

And that was the first time I heard her curse.

I frowned, why is she that angry.

"You're only doing whatever you want, you don't even care about the feelings of the people around you. How far do you wish to climb in cultivation? To what end? Why are you tiding through so many dangers?!" she asked.

Questions I couldn't reply to these at once. Gotta hand it to a woman, if she wants to make you fl.u.s.tered she can do so with ease.

"I don't know what you mean, isn't the goal of cultivators to reach the peak?" I replied

"It is, but no one is urging you to rush there! You're already an ascendant! Do you know how far of a goal that is to the majority of cultivators? Not I, nor Liang Yu could have even dreamt of reaching the Ascendant stage in our lifetimes, I would have been satisfied to have died at the Soul Transformation stage, but now you come and push the bar so high, how are we supposed to feel?!" she asked.

I was about to say, 'What does that have to do with me,' but I knew for a fact that if were to speak those words, something terrible was going to happen.

"How are we supposed to catch up, you're going faster than us, you're climbing higher than any of us. While we're struggling, I fear if I were to close my eyes, you'll reach a level so high I'll have no will to ever follow after you, slow down Shen Bao, it's not healthy…" she said.

I looked down at my hands and realized that she wasn't speaking out of jealousy or envy, but pure concern.

It was true, it only took me twelve years of cultivation to reach the Ascendant Stage, which is probably unheard of. I haven't stabilized my cultivation at all. I've been moving constantly without stopping. It would almost feel like shallow cultivation in the eyes of the inexperienced.

Though I trust my knowledge and understanding of what I'm doing. It isn't good to keep rus.h.i.+ng things. Not to mention, I wasn't planning on aiming for the Saint Cultivator rank anytime soon.

"I've been also thinking that my progress was too fast," I said.

"Too fast is an understatement, your progress is dangerously reckless," she said.

"True, and I'm planning on slowing down. My next venture has a specific goal, and I'm not planning on increasing my cultivation rank. So don't worry about it," I said.

"That's not the issue at hand, if you were to go out of the Wind Realm, the people you made an enemy of will know of it, and they will hunt you down. I'm not just talking about the Su family whose daughter and servant you killed right in front of their Patriarch, but the other cultivators, those with enmity toward the Poison G.o.d. The acolytes who want your book, the Black Tower whose dealings with the Fire King had been revealed. And the Fire King himself who must know by now that you escaped death at planet Si Xue. You have too many an enemy, and too few an ally, the Wind Kingdome can only protect you while you're inside its territory, and the Heavenly Academy is too far to support you in times of need," she said.

I approached Yuyu and rubbed her head, "You worry too much. I can hide my appearance and Qi, I can easily fool people around me. My Qi signature is unique enough that I can be mistaken as a mortal. So don't worry about that, As for other matters and other rulers, they can't touch me, since they don't know where I'll be heading. They can put up a bounty," I said as I waved a hand over my face.

"But they'll never find me if I don't wish to be found," I replied.

She looked at me and frowned, "Since when were you able to change your face?" she asked.

"Poison injection, by applying paralyzing poison on specific junctions of my face, I can reshape it to look different. Small changes in facial structure can completely change one's appearance." I said

I then linked my forehead to hers and said, "So, don't worry, I'll come back later."

She looked me in the eyes and said, "You've been missing, for five years. Five agonizing long years. I couldn't help but feel helpless, as I couldn't do anything to a.s.sist or help. You gave up on escaping to help us run away. Do you know how frustrating it was for us to just run away while you were captured…" her eyes began wallowing as tears began gathering around them.

"Ah, tears… I haven't cried in a while…" she said as she hastily rubbed her eyes and backed away from me.

"Just… don't die, Shen Bao," she said and turned to leave.

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"Such an awful man you are," I heard.

The problem was that the fire Qi in the corpses hadn't fully dissipated, and when I was investigating it, a portion of that Qi flared up and struck me in the chest.

I would have died if I didn't react fast enough, but my Hoverboard was slightly damaged. So my trip was going to be postponed.

Whoever is able to control a Qi that pure is probably a monster among monsters, and I'm better off not meeting them. Being greedy I the way of cultivators, but I'm not stupid enough to be blinded by greed and die in the process. There is a limit to how one can be greedy and I know my limitations.

I fixed the hoverboard as much as I could and headed to this stupid a.s.s planet which was by no means friendly.

The atmosphere was thick, enough that the contact with it was so rough it was constantly exhausting my hoverboard's Saint Qi barrier. It almost caused it to crack.

Not to mention, the moment I got out of the atmosphere and into the air s.p.a.ce of the planet, I was a.s.saulted by winged creatures, Moths the size of airplanes, and then birds that seemed to be preying on these moths.

The Qi in these creatures reminded me of the Grizzly Spider back at the Ancient Sect. They were Saint Cla.s.s beasts. Something I can't afford to fight and should only focus on escaping from.

Looking down at a way to escape, I saw a giant forest that seemed to extend infinitely. It was so strange that one would think the world's sea turned into a forest. and the tree sizes were absurdly huge, so they should work wonderfully as a means to hide.

I dove down away from the Arial monsters and arrived in the forest. But just as I was about to scan the area around me, I felt the calling of something that was familiar.

My own Veridian Flame surged out as if it was pus.h.i.+ng me to go in a certain direction.

Not knowing the full layout of the area I'm in, I used my Divine Sense to scan the region. Only to immediately regret it.

My Divine Sense which was far stronger than before as I reached the Ascendant Stage seemed to weigh down upon the world. It was by no means as strong as Zhang Tian's Divine Sense nor as dense as Master Rain's Falling Rain's Divine Sense. But it was powerful enough to cause an uproar in the forest.

Many beasts have known of my existence as I have known of theirs. But that wasn't the most important thing right now, the Veridian Heart Flame which belonged to me homed in on something in the distance and with my Divine Sense still spread, I realized what it was.

There was a child on the verge of death, no. That child should already be dead even from afar I know he'll not be able to survive. But he had the Veridian Heart Flame, a version of it that was far stronger than mine. And he was about to be killed by another person.

So, I rushed forward. I needed information, and the best way to gain information is to get it from someone who had nothing else to lose. Especially if the person is about to die. I might as well come in and a.s.sist him. Worst case scenario I gain nothing, but if I'm lucky, I might gain something good.

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