Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 410 A Drink

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Chapter 410 A Drink

Xuan Su's father screamed as he saw his daughter turning to dust right in front of his eyes. Madness and agony clearly plastered across his face.

"I'll f.u.c.king kill you!" he shouted as he lunged at me.

I didn't even move, because to be frank, I was still too exhausted from the s.h.i.+t that's been happening to me for the past half-decade. But I didn't need to move either way.

The King of the Earth Realm, the Old beast only needed to grab the old man's shoulder to completely stop his movement. While Master Rain made a hand gesture that caused hundreds of thousands of small inscriptions to latch themselves against the old man completely sealing his Qi.

Realizing he was not going to move anywhere the old man tears dripping from his eyes screamed "WHY? Have I not given you reward enough? Was it not ample enough! Why to take my daughter's life!" he shouted.

"Because the likes of you don't understand unless they are oppressed. How many had cried under you the same way you are doing right now? You think that just because you were born in a place of wealth you're better than everyone else and that gives you the right to treat the rest as 'Low-Birth'. Now you know how these low birth feel. In the end, you both feel the pain of loss," I said as I sighed.

"I've been humiliated, abused, and had my freedom stolen from me. And you think a miserly talent root is enough to have me forget and forgive? You must be stupid, because no man would ever forget such humiliation, not to mention you forgot the most important part," I said as I held my hands forward.

"Do you think that I need a talent root? Did it never occur to you that a man without a talent root had made it to the Ascendant Realm? You had forgotten the most important part, and you tried to make a deal with me with something that I didn't need nor ever cared for. As for your daughter and your servant, they crossed me, and now they are dead. Our debt has been repaid. And if you think that I owe you something," I smiled at him.

"Then come at me. But do know that you'll be making the entire Wind Realm your enemy, in case your memory was too disturbed by the death of your daughter, I'm Zhang Tian's Sworn Brother, and her ladys.h.i.+p's Prot??g??e. And apparently, the man that's pinning you by the shoulder wants to make his daughter my wife, not to mention I'm the disciple of Master Rain and one of the inheritors of the Poison G.o.d's path. So, do you think you have enough backing to go after me?"

My words weren't aimed at this f.u.c.ker alone, but at everyone in the room. They understood that the man who came out of that small box was not an ordinary person.

They had literally opened Pandora's Box and now they need to deal with whatever came out.

The people here are all well-connected, but if it's about connections, I wasn't going to lose. With the people here who had my back, I wouldn't lose in a backing d.i.c.k-Measuring contest against anyone, and if this f.u.c.ker ever thinks to come at me, I won't think twice about slapping him a couple of times with a ma.s.sive-sized shlong.

I took a couple of breaths since my thoughts were becoming a bit more disturbed, I expelled the negative and emotional thoughts from my spirit and sent them toward the blackened soul.

With a clearer mind, I looked at the man and said, "So, what do you want to do? Do you think you can take me on? Foolishly throw away your life, or do you think that you should live today to have your revenge another day?" I asked.

The person in question shook for a bit then stopped, he took a breath, and with his bloodl.u.s.t dispelled he turned "Excuse my actions, I shall retreat to my abode for now," he said then walked away.

The two guards that were with him were still giving me the eye, but with their leader gone, they followed after him.

Suddenly Master Rain appeared right next to me.

His hands were on my shoulders and his eyes were fixated on the Queen, "What a good birthday, now then Shen Bao, your old master is exhausted and wishes to go back, how about you walk me out," he said.

My brows rose, but then I understood what was going on. Master Rain was not on the friendliest of terms with the Wind Realm, especially the Queen who seemed to be seething at the sight of this man, but since he was so close to me she didn't do anything.

The f.u.c.ker was using me as a meat s.h.i.+eld.

"You can walk on your own, why not leave Shen Bao here, he is too injured to travel," she said.

"d.a.m.n she is p.i.s.sed," Master Rain said as his hands gripped tightly on my shoulders.

"Haha, no I know this lad he can take a hit or two, you don't need to worry about him, now Shen Bao, let's go," he urged.

"Wait," this time it was Zhang Tian who spoke.

"I don't wish to see any more blood spilled today," he said. "It's my birthday," he said.

"Technically, no blood had been spilled, since he turned them to dust," Master Rain said.

I cringed at his words, but he was right.

"True, then, today is a day of festivities, so we will have no grudges between us nor should we have any hostilities. Master Rain, Shen Bao, please," Zhang Tian said as he pointed at the centermost table.

With everyone watching, we had no choice but to follow his request.

We both sat next to Zhang Tian and were soon accompanied by the ma.s.sive Old Beast.

The four of us sat awkwardly. Master Rain's awkwardness came from the Queen's gaze feeling like it was going to pierce a hole into his head. I wouldn't be surprised if she could.

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As for the old beast, his size was enough to dwarf all of us and the table but he still managed to sit down. I was the youngest and least accomplished person in the whole room but at the same time, all eyes were on me. While Zhang Tian was barely able to control the awkward situation by trying to appease everyone.

"Then I would have to thank you for such a grand gift," I said to Zhang Tian then opened the bottle.

"Are you sure you should be drinking something as ominous as that?" asked Old Beast.

He was right, because the inside of the bottle was a liquid as black as tar, and bubbled like a witch's cauldron.

But to me...

I gulped down the contents of the bottle as everyone was watching.

It burned, at first, it burned hotter than pure alcohol but at the same time a coldness never before had I felt rushed through my body, replenis.h.i.+ng me, and coursing through every meridian, vein and muscle.

Poison Qi, no, Poison Saint Qi! It was strong enough to invigorate me and immediately expel every bit of exhaustion I had.

But then again, I couldn't fully consume the poison, since it was too potent for my Ascendant Stage cultivation. And I couldn't use this Qi to climb in cultivation rank since I've yet to establish my foundation and stabilize it, so I managed to guide the remaining poison to my Dantian for storage.

It fused with the remains of the Corpse Pill that I couldn't fully digest and remained like a lump inside my Dantian.

I slammed the bottom of the bottle against the table, "That's some good stuff!"

"Yep, definitely a screw loose," said the Old Beast.

Looking around, I frowned, "What?" I asked.

"I think you misunderstood my intentions, I wanted you to have the poison since you can probably study it, or apply it bit by bit to improve your cultivation... I never thought you'll drink it right away..." Zhang Tian said.

"Oh...well it worked out in the end, now how about a gla.s.s of that Dragon Bone Liquor I can't resist the heavenly smell," I said smiling.

"Of course brother!" Zhang Tian said as he poured me a gla.s.s.

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