Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 409 A Moment Worth A Thousand Years.

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Chapter 409 A Moment Worth A Thousand Years.

Just as I finished my words, I pulled out Creeping Demise. A sword that I haven't used in a long while.

And then I slowly pierced through the old servant's heart with the tip of the sword.

For everyone in the room, I must have been an idiot.

And the first to point that out was Old Beast.

"Why did you kill him? shouldn't you have tortured him the same as he did to you? Or did you feel mercy for that man?" he asked.

I stood up and wiped the blood on my sword saying, "Mercy? Nah, he didn't go that easy believe me," I said.

"You're pretty cruel, Shen Bao," spoke Master Rain as he moved forward, "But that's what those who should cross you must suffer," he added.

It was obvious from everyone in the room's reaction that they were missing something. Cruel? How they must have thought.

Since I repaid five years of agony with a sword thrust to the heart, a death that was far too swift and 'Merciful' for a man who crossed me.

The words and inscriptions written all over the servant soon disappeared into nothingness as his body almost instantly shriveled up and decomposed at such an incredible rate. Enough for his clothes and flesh to rot over and soon turn to dust along with his bones in the process.

One of the eldest people in the room stood up, and came close to the remains of Servant Mao.

He crouched down, touched the dust on the ground with a finger then licked it.

He looked at me and then at the girl on the ground who was shaking in her place unable to utter a word from the sight that just occurred.

"A thousand years... a thousand years had pa.s.sed for this body, how did you do it?" asked the old man as he stood up to face me.

"You're pretty preceptive," I said "It was the Soul Sealing Stake's effect. I said, the moment he was sealed, his boy and soul were frozen in time," I replied.

"It must have felt awful, to see the sword that you pulled up, going ever so slowly towards his heart, for a thousand years, the sword moved until it finally pierced his heart, that is what Servant Mao felt before he died. He spent a thousand years waiting for inevitable death," Master Rain said.

"This doesn't make any sense, it didn't even take a moment for him to pierce his heart, what do you mean a thousand years?" asked one of the people in the hall. "Not to mention, a thousand years isn't enough to cause a body to rot and decay to this extent, especially not a King Cla.s.s cultivator since they can easily live that life span and more."

"It isn't that hard to understand," Master Rain said "Think of it as he was sealed away from his Immortality, the Soul Sealing Stake denied his body his Qi, while his brain was functioning at a thousand-year speed per second. He was living inside his mind, at a rate that was so fast for his body to catch up to, and when his heart was pierced, he died. But his body that couldn't die with him had to follow suit. It is the same as when you receive a burn inside a hallucination formation. Even if there was no fire, if you believe that you've burnt, you'll come out of the formation with burns on your body. Only this time..." Master Rain looked at the remains of Servant Mao and said, "It was not just a burn, but a thousand years, a thousand years for a body that was denied Qi, a thousand years for a mortal body. And the body followed as soon as the mind died. Thus turning to dust."

The realization finally hit everyone in the room, I received some nasty glares. One would think that I've done that to them.

Among the remains of Servant Mao was his holding bag, which I didn't hesitate into grabbing and placing it within my Poison G.o.d's book.

I then turned to the girl who was still shaking in fright. As I had my sword brandished, she felt terrified as she began crawling back.

"P-please, please! Don't kill me!"

"Why do they always beg for their lives? Sc.u.m of the sc.u.m," I said as I kept moving towards her.

"How many cultivators did you and your servant capture and harm in that dark hole? How many have begged as you kept them there, tortured them, flaying their skin and grinding their bones? Pain upon pain, their screams served as fuel to satisfy your perverted hobby didn't they?" I said as I finally caught up to her.

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I raised my foot and unceremoniously stepped on her face slamming the back of her head into the floor.

He then threw me a small box which I grabbed mid-air.

Opening it, I couldn't help but smirk.

Everyone knew what was inside the box the moment I opened it. It was a talent root. A golden talent root non less.

Ingesting this will immediately make someone who couldn't even cultivate into a world-cla.s.s cultivator.

Something this precious would cause anyone to fight a b.l.o.o.d.y war for. For the leaders and lords of these prominent sects and clans, having a talent root that can be transplanted into their descendants or given as a gift to their most precious disciples would mean the world to them.

"I'm sure that that reward is enough, now Xuan'er, come here," he said.

Master Rain, the Old Beast, and not even the Queen or Zhang Tian spoke as they saw me holding the Talent Root. Because they all knew, that it was something that would be helpful for someone who didn't have it.

The girl stood up, still full of fright but with such a 'grand' reward, even if I had been tortured a hundred years, I should still be satisfied, because one can't just obtain a talent root if they wish for it. Because they think that I as a person who has no talent would do anything to get such an object.

"It is indeed something that would be helpful," I muttered, "But I refuse," I said as I swung my sword.

The arrogant eyes of Xuan's father opened wide as he saw my sword cutting cleanly through her head.

Before the decapitated head could even fall to the ground. Her entire body turned to dust.

I then threw the box back at him, "You can't buy my fury," I said. "Now, what are you going to do?"

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