Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 404 Cube Of Worries

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Chapter 404 Cube Of Worries

Many treasures and gifts have been handed to Zhang Tian, some able to make people go to war for them even.

Some gifts were treasures that no one had seen or heard of before, pills made by world renowned alchemists, or armor and weapons thaat could break worlds apart. Even treasure maps for ancient cultivator caves. All were gifts for lord Zhang Tian.

And soon came the turn for the princess in white. One of the supporting families to the current Wind King. A great and ancient family of the Wind Realm.

The Xuan Clan has been quite supportive of the rulers of the current King.

"Lady Xuan Su of the Xuan Clan, advance to greet his majesty the Little Sun of the Wind Realm Lord Zhang Tian!" the guard spoke.

The lady in question approached the table and clapped her hands. Soon, four people along with her own servant heading them moved forward.

They were dragging a large square-shaped block that seemed to be three meters in length and height.

"A block of Divine Steel, it seems that whatever is inside it, it's something that you don't wish for others to see," Zhang Tian spoke.

"Oh yes, though I know that if it is you, or any of the venerable present here, it wouldn't be much of problem for them to see through it, thankfully all of the people here have garnered us respect and didn't pry on our gift to his lords.h.i.+p," Xuan Spoke as she gave a light bow.

It was true, many here were powerful enough to easily see through that block of Divine Steel even if it had the ability to block Divine Sense it wouldn't have been much of an issue for the people here to see through it. Yet it was a tactic agreement from everyone here to not prey on gifts that were meant to be revealed as a surprise.

"What have you brought us?" spoke Lord Zhang Tian, "Because for some reason I'm feeling uneasy," he said.

"Believe me, your Lords.h.i.+p, I would understand your unease, because what I have here is probably a good cause to have some uneasiness, yet, it is well captured and restrained."

"You speak as if you had caught an animal or a divine beast," Zhang Tian said.

"It is indeed a beast, however, it is something that I'm sure you will be happy to see," she spoke.

"Your words mean that you know my preferences and dislikes, that is a claim not many can make," he said.

"But I'm sure that you would appreciate it," she said as she turned to the rest of the people in the hall.

"As you all may know, there was a vile enemy of his majesty the King of the Wind Realm, a person who was regarded as the most evil in this world. The lord of all poisons deemed a 'G.o.d' where he deserves not the t.i.tle," she said.

Everyone immediately understood what she meant, she was talking about Du Shen a plague upon the Vast Expanse, or so many had thought.

Lord Zhang Tian frowned, how is this related to what's in the box? Could she have discovered a secret of the Poison G.o.d?

"And you all know that my dear Servant has been handling the matter of the Poison G.o.d's acolytes since a long time ago, though that vile fiend had disappeared he still left his dregs and followers to roam the world. Today however I come to present the lord with a gift that no one could ever dream of gifting," she said.

But before she could even finish her words Lord Zhang Tian stood up.

Looking at his hands, it was visibly trembling.

"Lord, you don't need to be in a rush, I'll open your gift for you right now," she said.

Just as she approached the giant block, the Queen herself arrived in front of the box and was about to open it.

"Oh, seems like I was almost late," the voice of a man that no one could ever expect rose from the other side of the giant hall.

Looking over the entrance, there was an old man standing there, the most defining feature of this old man was the robes he was wearing, they were a set of Blue Robes that not any sane man in this world would ever dare to wear in order to not be confused with this old man.

Alongside him was a person well-known to the Queen and Zhang Tian and most of the Imperial Family.

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"Master Rain, have you decided that your long life needs to end so you barged in on the Birthday of the very person you imprisoned for a thousand years?" one of the people in the hall spoke.

"I would advise you to not open that, if you do a ma.s.s slaughter will start," Master Rain said.

His words were poorly chosen, this was clearly a declaration of war, yet those who knew Master Rain knew well that he wasn't talking about himself.

As a matter of fact, a few exclaimed derision at Master Rain, and more exclaimed that he was a madman to dare and declare war in the sanct.i.ty of the Wind Realm's main palace. Yet the oldest and most wise of the people in the hall knew well that something wasn't right.

"Master Rain, what do you mean by a ma.s.sacre will start when this box opens, do you even know what's in here?" Xuan Su spoke.

"It seems that your foolishness knows no bounds, you've been cooped up inside your palace walls for too long to seek the world and know of the people roaming about," Master Rain said then turned to the Queen and said.

"Listen, here old woman," Master Rain said, "If you open that... you'll regret it."

But the Queen knew that for some reason she had to open it.

"Mother," Zhang Tian said as he stepped forward. "It seems that our guest here wishes not for you to open this yourself could you back down, I'll do it myself," Zhang Tian said.

Master Rain looked at the king and said "You. Be ready."

Everyone knew that Master Rain's rudeness knew no bounds, but with his words, it felt as if the atmosphere that seemed to be charged up was about to explode.

The servant seemed to realize that something was going awfully bad. Why is no one moving to hunt down Master Rain and they're all waiting for the box to open? Could it be that that man inside the box is related to Master Rain in a sense? Even if he was related to him it wouldn't be wise for Master Rain to come all the way here risking his own life, he wouldn't even do that for his own attendant that has been with him for G.o.d knows how long, not to mention the person there is nothing but a dumb weak acolyte of the Poison G.o.d, the enemy of the Wind Realm and even Master Rain.

The Poison King had cost the Wind Realm greatly, a literal Arm, and deaths beyond the scope of a calamity. Yet, why does it feel like the moment that box is opened death would be sweeping its scythe on Servant Mao's head?

Something wasn't right, Servant Mao knew that the moment that box is opened something terrible was about to happen, yet he has yet to understand what it was.

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