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Chapter 403 Gifts

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Chapter 403 Gifts

Today was a great day.

It was the eleventh hundredth year of Lord Zhang Tian, also known as the Immortal Scholar's birthday.

He had been missing for a while, due to the actions of a person who was considered the enemy of the wind realm. Master Rain.

But even after being released from such prison, Lord Zhang Tian didn't chase after Master Rain to seek revenge but rather chose humility and forgiveness.

Many thought he was a pushover for doing so, but considering the might behind his current growth, many had come to realize that he cared little to nothing about the matters with Master Rain. Not only that, the people have come to realize that Lord Zhang Tian had risked Master Rain's ire to help his father to reach a stage higher than the current realm he was in.

Filial pity, and a great forgiving heart. There are close to none who wish this young scholarly and well-behaved man any harm or ill will.

On the main planet of the Wind Realm. Today was a day of festivities. Many had gathered around the Wind Palace which was built atop one of the highest mountains in the planet. Yet, this mountain though high had an abundance of Saint Qi. The mere thought of visiting it was a tremendous reward for everyone who cultivates. But today, it was open to the public.

People gathered a.s.s ma.s.ses flocking to the Wind Palace. Yet not everyone has the right to climb stairs. Still, that didn't mean that the people who have come here to congratulate the prince's birthday were mistreated.

? Caravans full of food, and red envelopes were moved up and down the mountain, handing over small gifts to everyone who had come to this joyous day.

The commoners and low-level cultivators had all been standing next to the main road that led to the Wind Palace. The sides of the main road were packed full of people enjoying street food, performing street arts, and many other activities to lift the mood even more.

One could see joy and happiness on the eyes of everyone. Not only that, battle, fight, and skirmishes were strictly forbidden.

Enough so that a few Saint Qi-level warriors and cultivators were all spread among the ma.s.ses. Today not even a cultivator was above a mortal.

Everyone was equal to come and enjoy the festive mood.

"HERE COMES THE PRINCE! LONG LIVE THE PRINCE OF THE WIND REALM!" shouted a person of cultivation so high that his words had spread for thousands of miles.

The words were imbued with enough Qi to cross vast distances, but they were not loud enough to harm even a mortal.

And just to accommodate the mortals that have come to witness such a sight. A couple Hundred thousand floating projectiles were spread around the main planet. To every city for the people who couldn't make the trip.

The sight of the Immortal Scholar has taken a step outside the palace to welcome the ma.s.ses.

To his right was the Heavenly King, the Wind King, lord of all. And to his right was the Queen of Might. Arguably the strongest person to have walked the world. Right behind them was Lin Tian, the heir of the wind throne. Or so many had thought before the return of the Immortal Scholar. Many had presumed that once lord Zhang Tian who albite currently being in a lower cultivation realm than his younger brother Lin Tian, was the crowned prince to be. But the Immortal Scholar had refused the mantle of kings.h.i.+p and decided to continue his pursuit of Dao.

This family was powerful beyond measure and was kind as well to everyone, even mortals.

As the prince walked forward, he opened his arms and spoke.

"THE PRINCE SHALL SPEAK!" the same person with the long-reaching voice spoke, and everyone retained silence.

"Thank you all for coming all the way here," he said.

Simple words, yet for the people they were worth gold. Especially for the mortals since when did a cultivator ever thank them for anything, but now it's the prince of the Wind Realm, one of the greatest people of the world thanking them just for being there.

"I wish to speak a few words, please bear with me for a moment," Zhang Tian said.

"I have lived a life seeking knowledge of the people of old. I have learned and taught myself many things. Enough that I felt conceited and arrogant to a fault," the Wind Prince was berating himself and for many presents, they all thought that he was not the sort.

The Immortal Scholar is known to have attained a great understanding of the Dao enough to rival the heavens! So why is he saying such words?

"Yet, I've come to understand that I have actually not even begun to scratch the surface of Dao. All thanks to a single person. A friend," Zhang Tian spoke.

The thought of many around the wind realm was all over the place. Who in the world is worthy to be called a friend to the Heavenly Prince, to the Wind Prince? And to actually have taught him something, this friend must be of a great and prominent background.

"I know what you all think, but no, this friend of mine, when I met him he was barely at the Core formation," Zhang Tian spoke and his words caused an echo in everyone present.

"This friend had come from a foreign background to all of you, some may not even know this place exists, but he taught me, a simple Core formation cultivator had taught me that I have yet to learn anything and I've barely even begun to learn. This friend is my savior and as of this day I claim him my sworn brother," Zhang Tian spoke.

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"Who might this friend of yours be lord Zhang Tian, if he is among the people present, we would do well by learning of their name and origin, we should reward them for giving you enlightenment," one of the people close to the palace spoke. He was a reigning lord over a nearby planet and was close to the royal family.

As the people sat, and no one else seemed to be coming inside, the banquet started. People began feasting and waiting for the first person to act.

One of the cultivators nodded at one of the guards.

And the guard spoke, "Lord Zi Qin, Sect Master of the Seven Sword Palaces, wishes to approach!" Lord Zhang Tian nodded at the old man who moved forward with a couple of servants.

The old man sat in front of lord Zhang Tian.

Zhang Tian then grabbed the liquor bottle next to him and poured both him and the old man a drink.

They both drank it and then the old man nodded at one of his servants.

The servant approached and placed a small box in front of lord Zhang Tian.

"I know that Lord Zhang Tian does not like worldly possession, for what prince needs anything, but I'm sure this should catch your eyes still," the old man spoke.

The old man opened the box revealing a small jade.

"Oh, where did you find this," Lord Zhang Tian smiled.

"It was found by a disciple of my sect, this contains the stored notes of the Lord of Lords. The disciple who found it seemed to have tried to read the notes, but finding this knowledge too much for him he decided to gift it to me. And for me, such researches on the Dao are too steep, if I were to delve into them I might harm my cultivation. But for a Dao Seeker such as yourself, I believe they are at least worth something," the old man spoke.

"Worth something? This knowledge cannot be purchased with gold, lord Zi Qin, you gifted me something precious, thank you," Zhang Tian said.

"This old man will take his leave and congratulations," the old man said and stood up.

Everyone in the room seemed to realize that the first person to approach the prince had given them a pretty expensive and valuable treasure. They had already set the bar extremely high. And the arrogant people in this room, couldn't resist having their treasures looked down upon. But even if the first present was precious, they were all confident in the value of their presents. Especially for a young woman in white who seemed to be smiling confidently on the side.

Because she knew that her present was the greatest surprise Zhang Tian would ever receive. She couldn't wait to see his reaction.

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