Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 402: Nascent Demonic Soul

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Chapter 402: Nascent Demonic Soul

'How long has it been,' I grumbled as I was standing at the top of the last nail in my sea of consciousness.

All nine Stakes have now been fully disabled. And looking at my palms there was a symbol on them. It looks like the symbol of a small black flame. But only I know the reality behind this thing.

Considering everything I've been learning from these spikes.

These Soul Sealing Stakes are actually not meant to be used like this. These are all fakes. The real thing is far nastier than this. Well… whatever this is, it was still a good opportunity to learn more.

I've been stuck with that twisted f.u.c.ker for G.o.d knows how long. I've already given up on getting rescued a couple of years back, years, yeah, it felt like years had gone by. But I didn't really care.

Because evading that b.a.s.t.a.r.d had been pretty simple after a couple of months of torture.

Well, more like completely ignoring him and faking pain that is. No person would come out sane, psychologically if they were to be introduced to unbearable pain for years.

But I was able to thanks to these Stakes.

And thanks to my venture into the Ancient Sect. I learned a bit about Imperial Inscription.

And these stakes are all written in Imperial Inscription. Their main purpose is completely different from their name.

These aren't Soul Sealing Stakes, but they are Soul Preserving Nails. Their original goal was to pin a soul into a body forcefully to help achieve perfect possession. Since normal possession is usually hard when there is an incompatibility with the host, the person who created these wanted to overcome the compatibility issue.

Yet, someone else had managed to change some of the inscriptions to have these stakes cause pain to the souls. Or probably some idiotic copycat tried to replicate these stakes and came out short.

Both the fake and the original stakes are f.u.c.king absurd items that shouldn't exist. Tampering with Souls is the path of Devil cultivation. But it's not much of an issue for me.

For some reason, my soul power is stupidly high. I've yet to understand why but I have a reason to believe that it was thanks to my transmigration.

Something happened to my soul when I transmigrated, it became huge for some reason. And thanks to that I was able to split a portion of my almost unlimited soul power to fake my 'pain'

Whenever that f.u.c.ker comes, I release that small portion of myself so it can receive his 'gentle care' while I remain inside my sea of consciousness to work this s.h.i.+t out.

It's still not without consequences to split one's soul. But to me, giving up a small portion of me had rewarded me with something pretty interesting.

Looking at the tower, now there exist two souls.

One of them was that of a Draconic Soul, a powerful mighty creature that I have yet to fully learn everything about it. I had already managed to relieve it from the pain of the stake, though it took most of my time to understand the stake's function. But I still managed to relieve it from it and set it free, it had been cultivating to repair itself ever since and had already achieved full recovery and even became stronger.

The second soul sat on a chair right next to it.

This one however was special…

It was a whimpering black soul, it looked like a man, it looked like me. But not in my current form, it looked like the old man that was suffering unimaginable pain back at the cave.

It looked weak, it looked feeble, and it looked like it was in unimaginable despair.

It was disgusting to look at.

No, I felt disgusted to look at it, not because it was weak and feeble. Nor because it was whimpering like a dog that had been struck. No, it was because this was also me.

I was not too fond of this sight.

This was the person that has come out from all those pains, and I always sent it out whenever that b.a.s.t.a.r.d came just for it to receive more pain.

Thinking about it, aren't I an a.s.shole? It's like I'm escaping responsibility and sending another one to receive punishment.

Just as I had these thoughts, I pointed my palm at the wretched soul and dark smoke came out of me and infused itself into it.

He soul whimpered even more.

This was what I learned from being here.

I could actually separate my emotions, and send the ugly, nasty, and despicable ones toward that being.

Why am I making this one might ask because this soul is Evil.

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Well, Evil is a bit of a radical word. But this soul is perfect to practice a special art.

For example, if a Devil Cultivator wishes to climb a cultivation rank, he would need to slaughter and sacrifice a thousand souls. But if a Demonic Path cultivator wishes to cross the same path, he will need to have within himself the emotion of suffering a thousand deaths.

It may sound absurd, how one can suffer a thousand deaths.

But it isn't that hard, losing one's parents for example is far more painful than losing one's life. That is emotion, and that can also be used as Demonic fuel to increase one's cultivation.

Rage, anger, wrath, the pain of loss, solitude, abandonment and the evilness of the world all aimed at you can be transformed into power.

And with that, one can become a Demon in a world where even the G.o.ds have abandoned.

"You're awake," I heard.

I immediately sent the whimpering Soul outside.

The soul was fearful yet couldn't plead or beg, I removed that ability from it, though I kept only one thing, the eyes, they weren't eyes that plead. Even if the whole body looked like it was submitting, the eyes will never submit, and it was always enjoyable to see that f.u.c.ker being completely confused about how I managed to have unyielding eyes even if the body looked to be begging for mercy.

"This again…" the old man said as he pulled out that annoying dagger of his.

"Oh no matter, we don't have time. Today, we'll be taking a trip," he said.

'Oh, now that's interesting, I could find a way to escape since I already disabled all of those Stakes. Though sadly even after disabling the stakes that f.u.c.ker had somehow managed to completely block my will to speak that woman's name. But it doesn't matter, I just need a moment once I remove these stakes to speak her name, just one moment,'

"For now, sleep, this will be the only bliss you'll ever have for entertaining me for the last five years."

'Five years huh…I wonder how the rest are doing… it doesn't matter now.'

Suddenly darkness permeated the eyes of my body as I remained within my sea of consciousness.

"Well, it doesn't matter I just need to finish this, and once I'm done, it should be complete"

I clenched my fist tightly around the black flame symbol

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