Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 399: Alone

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Chapter 399: Alone

[Disclaimer. This chapter is graphic, caution is advised. I tried my best to tone it down as much as I could. If you have a weak stomach... just be careful although, for most of my readers who read so far, this shouldn't be much.]

"Now then, he should wake up soon."

I heard the voice of someone speaking, looking around, well, I couldn't, everything was pitch black.

My divine sense… I can't feel it.

What's going on?

Suddenly my mind felt as if a white light struck through it.


"That's a nice scream," someone spoke.

Pain, so much of it I couldn't believe how a person can be alive after suffering such agony, especially since I was the one feeling it.

I tried to move, but my limbs were pinned by something, I couldn't see nor use my divine sense. Nor could I feel anything with my body.

"So, you're another of the acolytes, pretty interesting physic you all have," spoke the same man, and another agonizing surge of pain shot through my being.

Suddenly whatever that was over my eyes was lifted, and I saw where I was, although hazily.

I was in a room, and I was pinned to a wall.

Two large nails were shoved into my palms, another two right through the bones of my femurs, and two more right through my feet to the ground.

Two more nails were shoved into my shoulders.

The person in front of me was the same old man from before.

How did he catch up to me?

"You seem to have had the protection of a higher being, it's pretty powerful, even I couldn't dispel it," he said.

Just as he spoke the words, it reminded me of her.

The Queen, the strongest person in the Vast Expanse promised me aid thrice.

As I tried to speak her name, the nails on me surged with so much power that I felt like I was thrown into the heart of a burning star.

So much pain was coursing through my body and flesh, every nerve was fried from the surge of extreme heat and agitation. My brain felt like it was boiling.

"Don't try, no matter who that person is protecting you, you'll die before you can utter their name. Not to mention, they'll never find you, and even if they did, I doubt that anyone is strong enough to come here, now, let's see, you dare put your hand on the young lady, that deserves some punishment," the old man spoke.

My pinned right arm suddenly caught fire, not any fire, a black merciless one that seemed to surge from the Nail that was pinning it.

If the pain of speaking that person's name was unbearable, it was nothing compared to what was happening to my right arm right now.

If my screams could reach the heavens, they already did. But these walls, even with my Qi sealed, I could feel that they are stopping sound Qi, and vibrations all form leaking.

"Why… are you… doing this?"

"Oh, you can still speak, great pain tolerance, you won't break easily then, good," he said as he stabbed a dagger right between two of my ribs, and the f.u.c.ker twisted it.

The pain from the weapon would have been enough, but it was laced with Saint Qi that seemed to have similar properties to the nails that were pinning me.

My screams were so loud that my vocal cords ruptured. As blood splattered from my mouth.

"Don't even think of touching me with that foul blood of yours," spoke the old man as he burn the spray of blood using his own Qi.

"Yo who is an acolyte to that disgusting being, will not live to see the sun ever again, I'll make sure of it, as I had done to so many before you," he added.

f.u.c.king psychotic b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

But his words mean that he already captured and killed other Poison G.o.d cultivators.

Looking around, I realized that the room we were in had more 'people', or actually just skeletons now on the walls, they all had nails exactly the same as the ones I have on me.

This is also another intimidation tactic. This f.u.c.ker…

The old man wiped his knife, though for some reason it didn't have any blood on it. But still, he wiped the knife, it was so normal for him it looked like a bartender cleaning a gla.s.s. This clearly means that this f.u.c.ker was too used to this s.h.i.+t.

"You all act tough, but after a couple of days, you all start begging for mercy or a swift death, but you'll never get it, none of you will ever get it. And none of you will ever reach the Poison G.o.d's Trial," he said.

He then stabbed the knife once again into my stomach.

More pain surged through me and I was barely able to scream this time due to my ruptured vocal cords.

"Don't even think of dying from blood loss," he said smiling, "because this dagger doesn't harm the physical body," he added.

And it was true since even when he stabbed me in the side, no blood came out, nor do I see any blood seeping from my palms or anywhere where the nails had dug through.

"This is pain inflicted on your spiritual body, and you seem to have somewhat of a strong one, so you'll last longer," he said grinning.

I tried to speak, and when he saw me moving my mouth he came closer

"f.u.c.k…you," was somewhat of a smarta.s.s replay I thought of.

The pain I suffered afterward almost had me regret saying, almost.

"Those eyes, you think you still have hope? Do you think that someone will save you? Do you think that you will be able to leave this place? Oh, how wrong you are, because I've seen those eyes many, many times, and it is my greatest pleasure to see those eyes so bright with hope, slowly but surely dim as you will all eventually realize that this is your eternal tomb."

A couple of torturous painful hours went by before the f.u.c.ker spoke again.

"Interesting," he said, "Of all those that have been here, you're the only one who hasn't revealed your true nature, you really don't care if your host dies do you?" he said.

His words were clearly not meant for me, and I could guess what he wanted.

The problem is I was in too much anguish that I can't even think properly, son of a b.i.t.c.h…

"You still wish to hide behind this weak host, or have you already a.s.similated him?" he asked.

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And when he didn't receive a reply, the pain came.

I can't dive into despair, not here not now. It's what he wants.

f.u.c.king h.e.l.l, it's not even easy. This hurts so much, and I can't even escape. All my tools have been disabled.

Perhaps those kids will arrive at the Heavenly academy?

No, he could have already caught them… s.h.i.+t, even if they arrived at the Heavenly Academy what can they do? Even if they reached Master Rain, what can he do, he has no way to locate me. s.h.i.+t.

I can't rely on anyone, in this s.h.i.+t situation, I have to get out by myself.

But how?"

Meditate, I need to enter my sea of consciousness. That's the only way.

I closed my eyes and immediately found myself within my sea of consciousness or what seems to have been left of it.

Nine ma.s.sive spikes seemed to have pierced through it. They looked exactly the same as the ones that were piercing my body. And they were exuding a powerful energy that was breaking everything apart.

The ma.s.sive calm sea that surrounded my sea of consciousness seemed to rage.

The fortress in the middle was also heavily damaged, the weaponry and tools I made to protect my mind, and the armies I created to protect me had all turned to cinders. Nothing but the tower in the middle remained, but even the tower had one of the nine Nails piercing right through it.

I closed in on the tower and saw the Soul that was administrating everything.

It had the nail piercing from its shoulder and right through its body. The soul was breaking and damaged, but its eyes were the eyes of something that isn't giving up.

I have no right to give up if my soul didn't.

I approached the nail but the soul stopped me.

I immediately realized why.

This was the same type of magic that was on the Thunder Bull. Soul Sealing Stake.

If I were to touch this without proper means, I'll instantly turn to ash.

How can I remove this?

I approached the stake and saw something on it, something I didn't see when I was outside my sea of consciousness.

They were words… letters and inscriptions.

This thing, is actually a Restriction, a type of formation that is designed to completely seal and pin down a creature it touches.

And looking at its size that seemed to reach the highest point of my Divine Sea, the size and number of inscriptions in it should be unimaginable.

But…as long as it's an inscription. I can decipher it.

Suddenly, hope that seemed to have waned ignited back again.

Just wait, you old f.u.c.ker.

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