Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 398: Crisis and Escape

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Chapter 398: Crisis and Escape

The thunder bull moved through s.p.a.ce at incredible speed. Thankfully, that old man didn't seem to be inclined on following me. For now that is.

That b.i.t.c.h actually had the f.u.c.king gal to have that old f.u.c.ker come after my neck. I shouldn't have tolerated her the moment she spoke up.

The longer I spend in this cultivation world, the more cruel it seems. And people who tend to forget and forgive are usually the ones who end up six feet under.

If I didn't have the Thunder Bull, if I didn't 'trick' the heavenly tribulation into chasing after that b.i.t.c.h, I would have probably met my end there.

Though I know I can call the name of the strongest person in the known universe for help. I would probably be in a situation where I'll die before I could even utter her name. I need strength, personal strength, relying on others isn't much of a help. Because one day, I'll end up in a situation where I can't ask for help.

And I've never asked for help from anyone before so why start now.

It's good to know you have a backer, but that doesn't mean you can always rely on them.

With new convictions to further improve my personal strength, I focused my eyes forward. I was still in a relatively unknown part of s.p.a.ce. I don't recognize the constellations here, and I'm feeling like I'm wandering aimlessly for now.

Still, I can't afford to stop, that man could still be chasing after me, and if I were to stop I might get myself killed before I know it.

As I was thinking of how I can figure out my way, I took note of Little Cabbage's steps.

Something about them seemed familiar.

As he was moving it seemed as the world was being bent to the will of its hooves. Interesting, and familiar at the same time.

It's as if I had seen something like this before.

Thinking more closely about it, I almost facepalmed when I realized what this was.

This was actually the Ancient Step, yet… on a more profound level. No, not profound, more like instinctive.

The Ancient Step is a technique that has been developed to cross vast distances using one's steps to fold s.p.a.ce. Though it sound grand, it basically means that you take one big a.s.s step that helps you cross a great distance. But this bull… it seems that he is actually bending s.p.a.ce itself with every step.

In a sense he isn't moving from his place… he is making the world move for him.

s.h.i.+t, this is basically like that joke from earth… Chuck Norris doesn't walk, he makes the planet spin under his foot.

Imagine being in a cultivation world and still think up of stuff like that. But at the same time this is interesting.

Thinking about it a bit further, it would be neigh impossible for any being no matter how powerful to make the entire universe move under its feet, well, I wouldn't say impossible since the cultivation peak is far and mysterious, but with all due respect to the power of Little Cabbage, he isn't anywhere near that level of power.

What I can deduce from his motions is that he actually takes a loan. A loan from s.p.a.ce, he takes a portion of it, and bends it for his own. Then he appears on the other side of this portion of s.p.a.ce and returns the loan back to where it belonged.

Just as I finished that train of thought, I felt that my mind was struck with a lightning bolt.

The steps of the Thunder Bull looked completely different from before. And I could see it, I could actually see how it moved. How it folded s.p.a.ce like if it was a rag and it moved forward. With every step huge portion of s.p.a.ce bent to Little Cabbage's will.

'Perhaps this is what they call Enlightenment?'

"Little cabbage," I spoke and the Thunder Bull neighed, or roared, or whatever a thunder bull does. Well, it sounded loud.

"Do you know the way to the Heavenly Academy?" I asked.

The bull turned its face towards me while it was still moving, and I almost felt like I was being called an idiot.

And I actually was

"Do you know the way to the Ancient Sect?" I asked once again and this time the bull slightly changed his direction.

"Good, I'll be taking a small meditation break,"

Just as I finished my words. The thunder bull roared as a powerful surge of lightning shot out from everywhere around him.

At that point of time, something like death itself seemed to whisper in my ears.

This is what they call a life or death situation that a cultivator experiences.

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I'm going to die right now.

A child that has been rejected by the world itself, was now once again embraced by it.

The feather in this young man's hand soon disappeared and with its disappearance so did the blue flames around him.

He opened his eyes, and a change was clear in them, from the brown eyes of a commoner to bright crimson embers.

They soon however died down and the color of his eyes was back to normal. However, his brownish skin that made him look like a farmer in the company of n.o.bles was no more. He now had a healthier looking skin. His height was below average, yet now it seemed that he had a growth sprout, and he had grown a couple feet in a matter of days.

The young man's body was riddled with scars, but now they were no more. His body that was powerful enough to break a mountain, is now even stronger. And this young man who hadn't even been able to nourish his body due to the difficulty of his personal special cultivation method, seemed to have crossed several dividers and now has become an Ascendant.

An Ascendant in less than a few days, something like this would be an impossibility in the known world, yet what this young man had found was a treasure capable of making something like this.

The Origin Feather of a Crimson Phoenix.

Myths speak of Phoenixes as creatures that are immortal, and as long as their ash remains they will forever come back to life after they perish. However, that Myth is slightly incorrect.

After a phoenix dies, it coalesces its essence and its power into one feather. And if that feather is preserved in a heated environment it can become nourishment to the next generation of Phoenixes.

Once another phoenix finds this feather, they will consume it and take on the appearance and the power of the owner of the Origin Feather. Thus people mistake the phoenix for being immortal. As it only transfers its power, not regain life.

Nothing can nor should escape the wheel of life and death.

The young man stood up. Looked around the room he was in then looked at his body.

The chains that were sealing his power had already melted off his body, and now he was a free man. Yet he knew he was still trapped inside the prison of the home planet of the most vile end evil of men.

How can this person escape?

Yet before he could even try and think up of a plan. He heard the sound of a bell. A bell that had accompanied him since he was nothing but a country b.u.mpkin, sold by a mysterious man at a cheap price in his home town, that man was the same person he met earlier, and that man should have no business being on a different planet in a completely different spatial region.

The young man was not stupid, he knew full well that that man in black was using him for his own agenda. Yet, he had given him a treasure as powerful as this? No matter what, this man, no, Meng Hao always remembers to reward favors twice the value, and offence ten times the value.

The bell rang, and from where it came, s.p.a.ce seemed to fracture, inviting Meng Hao to travel through a way that shouldn't be possible for any man to travel through.

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