Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 396: Catch Me If You Can

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Chapter 396: Catch Me If You Can

s.h.i.+ Situ spat a large pile of blood as he backed away from the formation "Cursed b.a.s.t.a.r.d, did the corpse break free from the bindings, d.a.m.n it's going to be hard to shackle it again," he said.

"Lord, what's going on," one of the cultivators said.

Situ looked at the man and then noticed he was looking high above.

The skies began turning red…

"What the h.e.l.l is happening here, a Pill Tribulation? And not a simple one, what the h.e.l.l is this!" Situ spoke as the Heavens began gathering their might to strike down.

"What is happening? Why is a Pill Tribulation happening?" one of the followers spoke.

"It's aiming at the barrier, we can't let it break the barrier," another said.

"s.h.i.+t! This is a Saint Qi Pill Tribulation, it's going to be troublesome to block it but we have to, if it destroys the barrier the corpse will escape!" Situ spoke.


"Well, this is nice," I said as I had the pill in hand.

"What did you do Shen Bao?" Yuyu asked.

"I did alchemy," I said as I showed her the dark pill.

"What is that?" asked Liang Yu.

"That's a pretty strong pill, made from the bones and body of a Saint Cla.s.s corpse. It's a Corpse Pill, very nefarious and dangerous, and can help a person gain great powers but the cost is that the body will be infused with deadly amounts of Death Poison Energy…" I said.

"So, instead of beating that corpse, you made it into a pill", Lin said.

"Yeah, he was one of the ingredients and inside this ma.s.sive cauldron I could do anything, I have to thank the idiots outside for helping keep the fire contained. Let's go down, the guys there will be wondering what happened," I said as we all went down.

Once we arrived in the company of the rest of the palace disciples, "Can I have that back," I said to Wei Lei.

He threw the marble back at me which I pocketed back.

"Well, you managed to kill the corpse, but we're still in the same situation," said Wei Lei.

They probably didn't see fully what happened but since the corpse is gone, they're at least a bit relaxed. But he is right, the cultivators outside are still posing a pretty d.a.m.n big problem for us.

"They have their own problems to deal with for now. But we still need to find a way to leave this d.a.m.n place," I said.

"Can't you take us to that white s.p.a.ce again?" Wei Lei said.

'I can't reveal my secrets,'

"That was a one-time use treasure, I used it to help you escape, I can't use it again anymore.' I said shaking my head.

"But for now, we have some time," I said.

"What do you mean by time?" asked Xuan, she also seemed a bit anxious.

"The cultivators outside the barrier are having problems of their own right now, and they can't break the barrier. We'll just have to think up a way to-"

Before I could even finish my words, the dome above us that was serving as protection seemed to rattle.

'd.a.m.n idiots, do your job correctly,' I cursed inwardly.

The cultivators outside didn't let the barrier down due to the fear of the corpse escaping. They don't know why there is a pill tribulation, but never in a million years would they realize that the corpse they were trying to trap had already been turned to a pill.

But another quake happened, as the barrier was shaken with even more strength.

"Finally he is here," spoke Xuan, and for a moment I felt some sort of dread creeping up my back.

Something isn't right.

The barrier that was protecting the whole area cracked and dispersed. The thin flames which were acting as a veil spread from between the cracks and the whole formation broke like shattered gla.s.s.

I immediately placed the black pill into the lord of lords paG.o.da.

This helped hide it away from the heavens, but that didn't mean that the Pill Tribulation is over.

Several injured cultivators, dead and dying were all over the place. Where a single man was standing with his hands crossed. He was facing Situ who seemed to be in an incredibly roughened-up state.

The man who was standing alone had a long beard, he wore a set of pure white robes, and had a most terrifying cultivation.

A wave of divine sense spread all over the place like, it felt as heavy as lead as it washed over us, forcing everyone on their knees.

Some of the palace disciples even spat blood from the pure pressure, all beside one person.

"Servant Mao, you arrived late! I'll have your hide for this!" spoke Xuan as she slowly rose up.

"My lady, please hold, this person is still alive, I've killed him five times already," spoke the man named Mao.

Situ, the poison G.o.d disciple was rendered to this state, and from the looks of things… I don't think he has more 'revives' left.

"You're one of the acolytes. So, how many deaths do you have left? One? Two? Or are you already done?" Mao spoke. Every word was infused with divine sense and they felt as if he was speaking the words of the creator from how heavy his words were.

"I can't understand why a senior of the King Cla.s.s is bullying a lowly ascendant like me," spoke Situ with blood dripping off his mouth.

"You're an acolyte of the Poison G.o.d, I've no interest in moral or seniority, you and your kind are a plague upon this world, REND!" spoke the old man and several spatial rifts appeared around Situ, he didn't even have a moment to act before the spatial rifts closed.

He was immediately decapitated, amputated, and split into several bits and pieces.

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His bits and remains fell down and gathered back, although hardly and in a very slow manner. He barely managed to combine himself back before the old man followed after him and with a single kick slammed him right next to us.

The old man noticed the situation and rushed forward, just as he arrived. I had already stabbed her in the neck with my finger.

"YOU FIEND!" shouted the old man.

"Better hold your f.u.c.king horses!" I said. "She isn't dead, but if you take another step, she will be!" I said.

"Do you think you're fast enough? I can kill you a thousand times before you even blink!" spoke the old man.

"Oh, believe me, I trust you can, but not when she is poisoned," I said.

"Let me go!" spoke Xuan.

"Shut the f.u.c.k up," I spoke as I stabbed my finger even deeper. Black veins spread all over her body.

"I've injected her with Soul Sharing Poison, you should know what that is," I said.

The old man's face crumpled into the ugliest smirks, "You think that we don't have the cure for such a thing!" he said.

"I know you do, but you definitely don't have it on you, if you try to harm me, she will suffer the same pain as I, if you kill me she will die. If you try and capture me, I'll just kill myself by self-detonating and she will die too! Now old man, do you think you can afford to have your Young Lady die such a dog's death?!"

The old man hesitated for a second, and just as Xuan squirmed, I pa.s.sed my finger even deeper, "Of course if she tries anything stupid, I can't guarantee her life so you better back the f.u.c.k off and you should stop gathering your Qi or I'll break your cultivation, my poison had already reached your Dantian, don't f.u.c.king do anything stupid."

"You little b.a.s.t.a.r.d," spoke the old man, "Once I capture you, I'll tear your flesh, grind your bones. I will place your head on a pike on the highest mountain for all to realize how foolish it is to lay a hand on a heavenly daughter."

"Yeah, yeah, what f.u.c.king ever, now f.u.c.k off, or she dies," I said.

"What guarantee you have that you won't harm the lady!"

"Because her alive means I live, her dead means I die, don't worry she won't die, but if you dare follow me, she'll never live! Stay there!" I said.

Then I slowly rose up to the skies.

The old man was feeling rather dejected but he knew that the moment he harms me, or try and s.n.a.t.c.h her away she'll die.

He was thinking up of a plan to save his mistress, but I'm not going to allow him to think.

I called forth the pill from earlier.

This immediately galvanized the Pill tribulation.

Just as the Pill tribulation was about to send a thunderbolt to fry both of us, I threw Xuan forward.

The old man was about to chase after me, but he realized that she was not able to fly so he had to save her, not only that, the first thunderbolt that was coming toward me had locked onto Xuan for some reason that the old man didn't understand.

The old man immediately went against the thunderbolt to protect the girl while I called something that was probably not seen in this world in a long time.

"Come little cabbage, it's time you show me how fast you are!"

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