Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 395: Never Before Seen Alchemy

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Chapter 395: Never Before Seen Alchemy

From outside the Soul Sealing Formation. The group following s.h.i.+ Situ was all confused about the situation.

They had perfectly sealed the corpse into the formation, cornering it, and were waiting for it to feed on the people inside. Once it had its fill, it would be powerful enough and worthy enough for Situ to fully Refine and make it his puppet.

However, things had changed.

With them making a perfectly sealed barrier inside, the other Disciple of the Poison G.o.d's path had blinded them from seeing what was going inside.

"Should we break the barrier?" asked one of s.h.i.+ Situ's followers.

"No, are you an idiot," another replied. "If we break the barrier that thing will come out."

"But we can't see anything, whatever that man used is able to block even our Saint Qi divine sense.

"It's nothing but petty tricks," spoke Situ.

"I've seen many poisons throughout my life, and I recognized the Breath Sealing Poison easily. But it shouldn't be the thing that's blocking our sight, it's the other poison he released…" he spoke.

"Then why aren't we just breaking through the formation? We can take them all out and suppress the corpse," Said another.

"That's not possible, I've suffered great injuries and I've already lost two of my lives…" spoke Situ.

This caused everyone to be slightly worried. They followed s.h.i.+ Situ for a long while, and many have known him to have multiple lives to be nothing but a legend. But still, Situ made sure to not offend any great powers when he moved, so they never got the chance to see him 'Die'. But now he personally admitted that he lost two of his lives. Meaning that the corpse inside the formation isn't something simple they can deal with.

"We can't move carelessly, not to mention, that d.a.m.n brat managed to break my Mind Seal. Though the corpse is still moving aimlessly, it will undoubtedly break the remaining seals if we wait for long…" spoke Situ.

"Then why do you refuse to break the formation, we can kill the kids and take out the corpse, we're too many for it to handle us…" another follower said.

Situ glared at him with such murderous intent that the man almost buckled down in fright.

"I said we can't open it! Do you even understand how dangerous a Saint Qi-cla.s.s corpse?! Its quality is that of a King Cla.s.s even degraded it's more than capable of killing all of us. As long as it's trapped inside the formation, it will not leave, once it kills and eats, and once this smoke is dissipated, I'll personally lock the formation on the corpse and finish the sealing process. We need to be patient…" spoke s.h.i.+ Situ.

"The problem isn't us being patient, it's the fact that we're using up a lot of Saint Qi to upkeep this barrier. Whatever that man used, it's slowly eroding the Soul Sealing Formation. We have to constantly supply it with Qi…" a follower spoke.

"Then keep fueling it, we have more than enough Saint Qi, enough that the corpse would have killed the kids ten times over before we're exhausted… keep sealing them in," spoke Situ.

Suddenly a change happened to the scenery. The ma.s.sive orb-like barrier that was filled with dark smoke inside it, seemed to have a change. A very sudden change.

"What in heaven's name is going on!" Situ spoke, with eyes wide and full of shock.


"What's going on in here?" We Lei spoke, his eyes full of terrifying fear as what resembles the sun was literally burning on top of his head.

Fire beyond his wildest dreams converged and swirled right above him.

In any other circ.u.mstance, he should be roasted alive, alongside the group next to him who all seemed to be more than terrified of what was going on.

But there was a small golden barrier protecting him, and every other person within twenty feet of him. Completely s.h.i.+elding them from the incinerating flames.

"What's happening?" spoke Xuan fear clear in her eyes.

"I don't know, this must be She Bao's doing…." Wei Lei said.

"That low-birth madman, what is he intending on doing with this fire, we're going to die here!" she spoke.

"That low-birth madman you speak of is the reason we're alive!" Wei Lei shouted, and he just then realized that he shouted at a high-ranking person related to the Wind Palace.

He still grit his teeth, the Heavenly Academy doesn't sway to the influence of others.

If Shen Bao was here he'll probably not feel proud of Wei Lei since he had a rotten personality, but at least he might give him a nod of praise.

Wei Lei said as he held his hand up, there was a small golden marble in his hand.

"What is that?" asked one of the people around Wei Lei.

"This is what Shen Bao had given me, as long as we're within the range of this marble's effect this fire won't eat us up…"

"How can a marble do this? Is it a treasure?" spoke Xuan.

"No, it's hand made… I know this craftsmans.h.i.+p…Shen Bao made this," spoke Wei Lei as he held the marble up.

It had hundreds upon hundreds of small inscriptions written inside it, so many in fact that an inscriber's mind would reel if they were to try and take in every inscription at once into their mind.

"I'm confused," spoke one of the Beastmen. "How did he make something like this? It's as if he expected this outcome," he said.

"No," said Wei Lei, "He didn't, this marble here, isn't only supposed to stop the fire. It can also suppress wind, Earth, Water, and even metal… why did you make something like this Shen Bao…" Wei Lei mumbled.

High above them, where the flames were surging high, the sound of battle could be heard…


"Oi, oi, not so fast," I said as a surge of fire came down upon the corpse pus.h.i.+ng it down.

"YOU DARE!" shouted the corpse. Or at least the 'Mind' portion.

"You can't do anything in that state now, just be obedient and let me refine you," I said smiling.


"Oh, you catch on quick," I said then another surge of flames washed over the corpse.

"Lin, your turn," I said.

The cat girl shot forward, her claws struck down at the corpse sending it cras.h.i.+ng into the barrier and immediately bouncing forward.

"Yuyu, cool him down, about five seconds," I said.

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Yuyu moved fast and struck the corpse with a palm. A powerful ice sphere gathered around the corpse, and at the same time I purposefully controlled the flames to back away from the corpse

Not a moment later, the binding of the heart broke.

Then soon, the binding of the body broke. And then the binding of the soul and the corpse as if fully recovered began releasing a powerful Saint Qi.

"You fool, after all of this talk," the corpse spoke, this time fully freed from the reins of s.h.i.+ Situ "You gave me back my freedom!"

Yuyu and Liang Yu immediately came to my side.

Looking down, Lin was bleeding heavily but she was still able to see what was going on.

"You sure this is gonna work?" spoke Liang Yu. Exhaustion was clear on her face.

"When did I ever disappoint?" I said as I pointed at the corpse.

"Now then, let's finish up," I said.

"You talk too much for a dead man," spoke the corpse.

"And you talk too much for a pill," I said.

The corpse frowned, then soon came to realize something grave.

"Why is my power… growing? No, I'm recovered but I shouldn't be this recovered," He said, soon he looked up.

"Breath Sealing poison… to seal the sight, This other poison…I know it… it's been extinct, it's the Dark Beast Poison, to corrode the Qi… he then looked at me and said, "But it's pointless, you cannot corrode my Qi with this.

"Well, I can't, I never intended to, I corroded their Qi. Also, I'm surprised you know of the Dark Beast poison, you must be a very old corpse. Also, that's not the only property of the Dark Beast Poison, it can also convert Qi. And another poison you didn't know, the Grizzly Spider Poison is highly flammable and has one very nice property. It's the best poison to melt matter." I said. Suddenly the corpse seemed to realize something grave.

It had consumed a great deal of that burning poison, and its body which had fully recovered began to feel the effects of the poisons.

"The Breath Sealing Poison is weak against Saint Qi, but it isn't ineffective, it can hinder and stop divine sense, mixed with the Dark Beast Poison, it can corrode and steal the Qi. You consumed it all by yourself and spread it around your body by yourself. And thanks to the Breath Sealing Poison, you never realized that you couldn't feel your body deteriorating," I said.

Suddenly the corpse looked at its fingers and then found a small crack on the bone. The crack spread all over the corpse's body as a purple light began to s.h.i.+ne from the cracks.

"And thanks to your own idiocy, you actually helped me do this," I said as I snapped my fingers.

The purple glow between the cracks in the bone began boiling as the corpse shuddered and shook. Rapidly creating a surging purple flame that encompa.s.sed the corpse entirely.

I was waiting for a shout of indignation, a scream of rage. Or a simple "NO!" but nothing of that happened.

The poison had already penetrated far too deep into the corpse's body that he couldn't even realize that he was dead and immediately turned to 'essence'.

The rest of the material I shoved inside him earlier began their work as they spread along the purple flame.

And with a simple clench of my fist. The purple fire crumbled against itself. Rapidly coalescing into a ball that shrunk rapidly.

Then finally a small black pill was all that remained.

There was something like a black flame on the pill, and looking closely. I saw a pattern, and thus I smiled…

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