Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 394: Insane

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Chapter 394: Insane

With one hand stuck, I could do nothing but watch as the corpse in front of me was preparing to strike at me with the other hand.

However, something strange happened. The bindings on the corpse seemed to suddenly shake upon my contact with the corpse.

They wiggled even if it was only for a second. I felt it, and the corpse felt it too.

I sent as much Qi to my arm as I could.

"STOP THAT!" roared Situ.

And I could do nothing but grin.

"You there, corpse. How about I help you get rid of those bindings," I said.

The corpse was clearly still being partially controlled by Situ, but that didn't mean I can't break this binding even if it could cost my life.

It was the same as trying to remove a thorn from a tiger's mouth. You don't know what the end result will be, will the tiger thank you? Or will it eat you afterward.

I'm heavily inclined toward the second option in this case since both the corpse and that man really won't want to leave any of us alive after this. But I only have one chance of getting out of here alive.

I sent another surge of Qi into the corpse's hand, this time aiming to destabilize as much as I can from the Poison G.o.d's binding of Death.

Wait, how do I know what that thing's name is?


The bindings shuddered again and I could 'hear' a snap. One of them broke.

And almost immediately several other snaps happened afterward.

Whoever was controlling this skill to bind the corpse was rubbish at it. The refinement was poorly made, maybe because he was disturbed when he was trying to seal and refine the corpse.

This is good, it can work for me.

"You…brat," spoke the corpse.

It seems that it had regained something.

"You helped break the binding of the Mind, but the rest of the bindings aren't as easy to break…" he said.

'Of course, they wouldn't be since they were done perfectly, only the binding of the Mind was destabilized thanks to an unfortunate fool.'

"But you seem to be mistaking something, do you think that if you break my bindings I'll help you?"

's.h.i.+t… it's the tiger's second option then,' I curse as I twisted my body, "Roaring Qi! Ancient Stomp!"

It wasn't a stomp, it was more of a kick to the corpse's face which was also immediately stopped.

"Your puny strength isn't enough to stop this corpse," spoke the corpse itself.

I knew from his words that he too was unable to control the corpse even with the seal on the 'Mind' unlocked, he was like a trapped person in his own body.

The corpse opened its mouth and was about to bite my head off, only for Y's fist to shoot right from within my own Poison G.o.d's Book into the corpse's face.

Y suddenly emerged, he was damaged, heavily so but it was a bit better than earlier.

Y taking this much of a beating shouldn't have been doable if the opponent was at the Saint cla.s.s. But this corpse is apparently a stage above it. A King Cla.s.s but it had degraded.

The problem is, it degraded in Saint Qi quality, but the body, although it looks like that of a corpse, was still the body of a King Cla.s.s cultivator. And one more thing… it was no longer bound by the limitation of flesh.

An undead body, a corpse does not feel pain, nor would it care about the limitations of a body and it can go beyond it.

That is why it was able to take on Y, and break him to such a degree.

"Master… I repaired myself enough, I can help suppress the corpse to an extent, but…"

I know, he can't get us out of this situation.

"X, come out," I said as both Y and X came out.

I still have a few aces up my sleeve, but I need to reveal them only as a last resort. I don't want people going around spreading my secrets now, do I?

"X, blind them," I said and turned to the rest of the cultivators. "Get down to the cliff, you'll lose your ability to fly soon," I said.

I then threw something at Wei Lei. Who grabbed it, looked at it, and was confused for a moment. He didn't talk but followed along with that group of people.

"What do you mean, you think you can take him on, that puppet of yours is too damaged to do anything!" Xuan said.

"JUST GET DOWN!" I shouted.

"Filthy low birth," she said as she went down.

'This is strange, why is she of all the people here doesn't feel threatened or in danger, as if she had a surefire way to leave this situation unscathed…'

"Make sure you don't move a single step after my signal," I said to the people down. They probably didn't care for my words, but soon they'll know the gravity of this advice.

With her going down even if my request was strange to the people around me, they still went down following her. But two didn't want to leave my side. It was Yuyu and Liang Yu.

Also, Lin, the cat girl seemed to come to my side.

"You should all go down to safety, that corpse is going to move soon…"

"You know we can't do that," spoke Yuyu as she pulled out a long thin sword.

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It seemed to exude a coldness to it comparable to the peaks of mountains.

"What's this?!"

"It's being eroded, this smoke, this poison is eating away at a Saint Qi barrier! How is that possible, from cultivation not even at the Ascendant Stage!"

"Don't worry about that! If it's capable of eroding the barrier, there is no way he can survive the corrosive effects of his own poison, not even the Poison G.o.d's Arts can save a person from using such deadly poison," Situ spoke.

"What a powerful poison," spoke the corpse. "But this is a corpse, do you think you can defeat it with poison? Mere corrosive matter is completely useless. And this corpse has far more Saint Qi than this poison of yours can eat away… not to mention the barrier that is suppressing you all… your struggle is futile."

"Is that so," I grinned as I snapped my finger. A small flame seemed to manifest from my fingers, it was a green flame.

"Heart flame? What do you suppose you can do with that?" spoke the corpse.

"Well…interesting thing to say here. Let me share some things with you," I said.

"That man up above has something that is called A Poison G.o.d's Heritage. It's a part of a twelve-book series. And I've obtained two of them. While he has three. Though I still don't fully know the details, what I know is that man wants my books. Which will be pretty annoying for me…"

"What are you blabbering about, I'm holding this corpse from ripping you to shreds by great effort. That's only because you seem to be someone who holds a great secret…"

"Well, I'm sharing that secret with you, so how about you wait for a moment as I explain further," I said smiling.

The corpse didn't reply, which was good for me to buy more time, because what I'm about to do is probably very synonymous with insanity… maybe worse.

'Funny thing is, what I'm talking about. I'm practically a Villain monologing my plan to another person. Usually, that is very bad, since it would end up buying the other person enough time to come up with a plan, or some intervention will happen. However, that only works in books and stories. And the reason why I'm blabbering and telling this man my plan is simple. Because once it's in action... there is no way anyone can stop it.'

"So, from what I understand, the Poison G.o.d's heritage has six books of battle and six books of understanding. That man has at least one of Battle…and the one he has is obviously, related to Death," I said.

"And what's the one you have?" he asked.

"I didn't know what it was before I met this person," I said as I pulled out my original Poison G.o.d book.

Underneath its name, there was a new word written in gold.

"Poison G.o.d's Heritage. Alchemy!"

Suddenly, everything seemed to click for the Corpse.

"You… YOU MADMAN!" he said as he charged me.

"Burn…" I spoke.

And immediately the black smoke inside the barrier surged in the most unG.o.dly sight I've ever seen before.

It was as if a sun had manifested into this world. And we were all inside it.

I opened my hands wide and spoke "Welcome to h.e.l.l!"

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