Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 392: Stuck Between a Corpse and A Necromancer

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Chapter 392: Stuck Between a Corpse and A Necromancer

"Lord! Let me handle him!" Y spoke as he swung his swords forward charging the poison cultivator stuck to the ceiling.

I backed out, fully capable of utilizing my abilities once again I pulled out Creeping Demise.

"It's been a while old friend," I said.

"Likewise," the sword talking back almost had me jump from fright.

'I completely forgot this thing can speak, man so much s.h.i.+t going on with my life!' I cursed inwardly.

I pointed the sword to the nearest vat, making sure that it was containing one of the Fire Palace Disciples first.

The gla.s.s broke, and the content spilled out pouring everywhere on the ground.

Right then, the Fire Disciple fell forward into the ground and soon began coughing as he woke up.

"What the h.e.l.l is happening, I was in the library a moment ago," he said as he was looking around.

The loud explosions around us however immediately alerted him to what was going on.

"YOU b.a.s.t.a.r.d THINK YOU CAN DEFEAT ME WITH A PUPPET!" the poison cultivator spoke.

While Y on the other hand was constantly pus.h.i.+ng him back, breaking pillars and shelves left and right.

"What the h.e.l.l is this!" spoke the Fire Place cultivator.

"Get your s.h.i.+t together, release the others," I said.

The ma looked at me then he seemed to realize something, "So it's true, it was just a dream," he said as a wide smile appeared on his face, "That means that you no longer have any hold over us with that poison," he said.

"That means that I no longer need to follow your orders, and that also means I can kill them all here!" he said as he looked at the rest of the vats.

Well, technically, he was right.

Was being the trick word here.

"I wouldn't be too confident about that," I said as I took a step forward.

The man's mind seemed to reel as he almost keeled over.

Blood dripped from his nose, and when he wiped it he uttered, "No! I wasn't poisoned! I can't be! It was just fakery!" he said.

'Well, I'm not going to explain to him how he is still standing in a pool of poison, the pool was actually from my own vat. When I was inside it, my body, my Poison Body had contaminated it so much, no wonder I was 'Malfunctioning' in the dream world. Same for that cultivator. And now that the poisonous contents spilled on the ground, I can easily use them to make this idiot do my bidding.

"I said, release them! break the vats get everyone out or we'll die!" I said.

The man looked up, and frowned, "But your puppet is pus.h.i.+ng him back…" he said.

'It's true, but I have a very nasty feeling about this place… it wasn't the poison cultivator that I'm afraid of… something else is here,'

"DO AS I SAY!" I shouted.

And the man immediately jumped into action. Breaking every vat in the vicinity and releasing the rest of the disciples.

Something to note, however, is there were missing people…

Lin, Liang Yu, and Yuyu soon came out of the vats, they immediately grouped up around me.

"Where are the rest of the Heavenly Academy Disciples?" asked Liang Yu.

"Here," Wei Lei said as they came out from another room, the Fire Palace disciple had found them there.

"What's going on?" they asked.

Through the dark corners of the area we were in, we could only hear Y's destructive blows breaking the walls and pillars as he was chasing after the Poison Cultivator.

"We need to leave this place," I said.

"NO!" shouted Xuan, as she looked at me, "Not until I have my revenge on that b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" she said.

"What revenge! Don't you feel the Saint Qi spewing out of that person, even that strong puppet can't finish him off this fast," said Lin.

"He killed one of my people!" she said then pulled her Life Pendant.

And then crushed it.

I frowned for a moment, isn't that stupid? Why did she do that, whoever is on the receiving end will think that she died.

Before I could even think up of what to do. The sounds of battle seemed to suddenly die down.

Y's metallic body shot forward as he crashed right next to me.

This caught me by surprise, this shouldn't be happening, what the f.u.c.k?!

"Y! what happened!" I shouted.

"Lord…this place… is a trap," he spoke, his words cut.

My mind felt dread as a nasty realization came to be.

Y is as powerful as a Saint Level Cultivator. That's higher than an Ascendant, and even if that Poison Cultivator was an Ascendant, he can't easily take down Y, not even with tricks.

So, how did Y get damaged this hard?

Suddenly, something flew next to me sprawling on the ground like a rag.

Looking at him, it was the same poison cultivator…

He was…dead.

Fear gripped my heart as a powerful Qi wave surged forward immediately forcing everyone to their knees.

"Long…how long has it been…"

I heard the voice of something speaking, and I wished that it wasn't real.

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Up front, a person moved forward, his face was half decomposed, and one of his eyeb.a.l.l.s had been eaten out by worms while the other one was barely hanging on.

"Fool, powerless fool," the corpse said.

As the five limbs fell down, the corpse looked at us, "Now where were we?!" he said as he pointed his hand at me.

's.h.i.+t, I need to dodge!'

"RGHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" I heard and I almost jumped from my spot.

The five limbs suddenly snapped back together as the poison cultivator stood up again.

This made the corpse frown, which was very disturbing.

'What the f.u.c.k is going on!

"YOU KILLED ME AGAIN!" he shouted, "Screw this! You're a cropse," said the poison cultivator.

"I won't be when I'm done with all of you," he said.

"Yes, but now you're a corpse!"

The Poison G.o.d cultivator slammed both hands together in a prayer position, veins appeared on his face as his eyes seemed to s.h.i.+ne in a dark green color.

"Poison G.o.d Style! Death Heritage! Bind The BODY!" the cultivator shouted and immediately several dozen threads of black energy shot from within the cultivator's clasped hands toward the corpse.

They spread around the corpse's body and spun around every limb then soon manifested themselves like some sort of formation made of poison.

"You think you can bind me!" the corpse shouted as he was struggling to release himself.

The power difference was obvious, since one is an Ascendant and the other was easily able to shut down Y.

The bindings on him shuddered and shook threatening to break.

"Death Heritage! BIND THE HEART!" the poison cultivator said, more veins appeared on his face as he grit his teeth.

another wave of lines appeared and shot toward the corpse, they immediately shot toward the heart and caused the corpse to stop shaking.

If only for a moment, the corpse began moving again.

Blood spurted from the poison cultivator's nose, but he had a big smile on his face.

"A powerful corpse such as this! Once I have it! I'll make everyone Kneel! Including that Person!"

"DEATH HERITAGE! BIND THE MIND! BIND THE WILL! BIND THE SOUL! REFINE!" he shouted and with every word more Qi seemed to shoot out from around him and he finally slammed both hands on the ground.

Causing a new wave of dark deathly energy to surge forward, encasing the corpse in a powerful binding that seemed as if it was going to squeeze the corpse into collapsing on itself.

"REFINE!" he shouted once again and more lines surged up.

's.h.i.+t, if this keeps up, he'll actually be able to control that thing and make it do his bidding!'

I looked around and realized that everyone was thinking the same.

Both of these things are vile and want us dead, if either of them lives, we die. s.h.i.+T!

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