Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 389: Desires

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Chapter 389: Desires

"What the f.u.c.k are you doing you, idiots!" I said to the group of four.

"Blasphemous fiend! Die!" he said

Just before any fireworks lit up the room, I clenched my hand and all four Fire Disciples seemed to lose all focus and their Qi dispersed.

"YOU! What is the matter with you? This is something related to our Fire Palace! Treacherous b.a.s.t.a.r.ds must die!" he said.

"No one is planning any treachery against your Fire King you idiots," I said, "It was the monolith, it showed him a dream, or a reality, or something he wanted or wished for, the monolith will shows a person what they desire I believe," I said.

"That means that he desires to take the place of the Fire King," they said, and that is enough to execute him for!"

"No, you idiots, do you think any of you will be able to have another dream? Your world, your Fire Palace has ingrained in you the pursuit of power and might, it has bread you for hate and fire, to take life and feed it to the Fire King, so the Monolith Showed you the world where all of that is fed into you, and you can't escape it, if another one of you, any of you were to touch that monolith, you too will see what he saw, only you will be the ones on the throne," I said.

"It's not that he is a traitor, it's the world you lived in that is making you see everything as he did. Now do you dare tell me that if you were to touch that prism, you won't have the same dream?" I asked.

None of them answered.

"So put your gun- hands down, and let's think of a way to get out of here, there is a powerful enemy getting closer and closer to us, and we can't afford to waste more time," I said.

"Who was the second person to arrive here?" I asked.

Another person raised his hand, he was from the Heavenly Academy, "Do I have to do this, Shen? If I were to see myself as the Fire King…"

"No, for you it should be something else it should be something you desire,"

"Okay, I'll try, please make sure that once the door opens you get me out of that Monolith," he said.

"Sure thing," I said.

The man stood up, walked up to the monolith, and placed his palm on it.

The light soon began seeping into his hand, and arm and rose all the way to his mind.

His eyes opened up and shone a bright light as he smiled.

"I-I missed you both… so much…" he said.

His voice was serene and didn't have the same hatred as the Fire Palace cultivator had.

And before I could even remove him from the monolith, he said.

"But this has to end, it is not real…nor should it be," he said and soon he removed his hand on his own.

He grasped his own hand and looked at the monolith as the light from his eyes soon died out before he said, "It was a nice experience," he said.

"What did you see," Wei Lei said.

"I saw my sister, and my mother and father. They… died to a raid, a long time ago. They promised me eternal happiness if I were to stay with them, but I knew it was fake, it was obvious because I've seen them die, tortured, and mutilated in front of my eyes, so what was before me was nothing but a sweet lie. Nothing more," he said

'What a powerful mind. Normally a person seeing the people he loves, longing for them, for such a long time would do their best to ignore all the singes of fakery in a world of lies. They will try to convince themselves that it was a reality. But this person immediately revoked that and returned to realty.'

Suddenly, the room shook, and the door opened up, only this time it opened up far more than a finger's width. One could almost pa.s.s their whole arm into the opening.

I turned to the Heavenly Academy Disciple.

"How long did you spend there?' I asked.

"Five minutes," he said.

"And you?" I said as I turned to the Fire Disciple, "A lifetime…" he said embarra.s.sed.

"I suppose that the less time you spend within the monolith, the wider the door opens. Who is next?" I asked.

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Xuan stood up, "Its me," she said. But she looked hesitant.

"Well, that's awkward," I said.

"If anyone of you speaks of this! I'll end you and your entire families!" she said in rage.

Suddenly the door seemed to open up but it was only a fraction. It seems that she spent too much time in the dream world we didn't get to open it much.

"Well, anyway, who is next," I asked completely ignoring the degenerate.

"My turn," spoke Liang Yu, she didn't seem to be too hesitant, "Stop me if you see anything… like that, or don't if it's you," she said to me via divine sense.

I shook my head as tempting as it is, I don't want everyone else to watch that.

Liang Yu touched the prism and soon the same thing happened again.

Only this time it was fast, really fast.

Almost immediately as the light shone from her eyes, it died down.

She removed her hands and smiled, "Well I suppose that's fair," She said.

"What's going on? What happened, did you see something?" I asked.

"Yes, I did, but it wasn't worth it," she said to me.

'Pretty mysterious, I'm tempted to know more of her past… but not right now, we still have too much s.h.i.+t going on to be asking about stuff like that.

Soon, the doorway seemed to open wide, wide enough that we needed only one more person to enter through it.

"Who is next?" I asked.

"Me, Yuyu," said as she stood up, she approached the monolith and touched it.

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