Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 385: Underground

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Chapter 385: Underground

"That's an interesting domain you have there," I spoke all casually and felt far better than before.

"You seem too relaxed for someone about to die!"

"Well, that's because I'm not going to die, not here at least," I grinned.

"You know not of the fear that many cultivators had suffered under the Forsaken Poison Abyss! You shall know despair, you shall forsake all hope: and you shall die a death full of agony and despair," he said.

"Well, that might have been the case if not for two reasons," I said.

My words gave the man who was currently shaped as a world-devouring snake pause.

"The first," I said as I pointed down, "This is fake, I've seen the real one, you're just a hack," I said.

"You speak lies! Words to increase your lifespan nothing less nothing more!" he said.

"You can think about it like that," I shrugged, "Du Shen's domain was far more… convincing," I said.

The giant snake stopped at the mention of the Poison G.o.d.

"What can a fledgling even know of the G.o.d of Poisons! Your end is nigh, prepare to meet your maker!" he said as he lunged forward.

"I didn't say the second reason yet," I said as he was rus.h.i.+ng towards me.

"Domains don't work on me," I said and closed then opened my eyes.

I was back in the real world, and in front of me was the poison cultivator, eyes wide and in full shock.

"In three, two…one," I said.

And then suddenly the cultivator's mind seemed to reel as if it was. .h.i.t by a sledgehammer, a loud shout of agony, pain and excruciating ache seemed to rush through his whole body like a bolt of divine lightning.

His whole body began to seize as if he was being rattled by the hands of G.o.d himself as he shook and shuddered.

His eyes began bleeding, so did his ears nose, and mouth.

Pain beyond what anyone can handle once their own domain had been broken and to be honest, this person among all that I have escaped their Domains, seemed to be suffering the most.

He was suffering so much that his face seemed to expand, as the purple skull that inhibited his body seemed to want to extract itself from the agony but was pulled back by some unknown force.

"Well, I guess it's time for me to dip," I said as I turned and used my arms to run past this man.

I could try to kill him here and then, but I know for a fact that this pain won't last long enough for me to kill that person, especially with all of my abilities sealed and locked.

However, I've had some things to note after this encounter.

This person was also a Poison Cultivator, to be more specific, a Poison G.o.d cultivator. Like me. He seemed to be able to move unlike me, but that was under one condition. He was injecting himself with variable neural poisons to agitate his muscles and body to act.

Unlike me who is still paralyzed.

No one else had this affliction but me and him, and I could deduce that it was due to our cultivation method.

Why can't we operate and function properly? Also, there is a matter when Lin said that I smelled different.

Did something happen to my body? Well of course it did, I'm not functioning properly.

A loud shout cut my train of thought, it seems that the poison cultivator is regaining his mind.

That man is strong, I can admit that he showcased a powerful application of the Poison G.o.d's skills. However, he seemed to be too reliant on poison and far too…reckless with all the pain he was inflicting on his body.

A man, made of flesh and bones can only suffer so much before his body collapses. And I'm sure what I did to him accelerated that process a fair bit.

His constant injection of poisons into his body to operate must have been too toll taxing on his body, no wonder he suffered way more than anyone else when I broke his domain. And for him, it's only gonna get worse. Not that it's a good thing, because from the looks of it, and his words, he is apparently an Ascendant or above it, who managed to sneak into this place.

Meaning, even if wounded and heavily damaged he can still kill me or everyone else in this place.

I have to get my holding bag back and my Poison G.o.d's book. I need Y's a.s.sistance and my belongings.

"Shen! Here!" I heard.

Turning to the left I saw Lin calling me with her hand flailing about.

I turned in her direction and noticed that they found a cave in the depth of the forest.

"What's this?" I asked as I stopped.

"It's a man-made cave, it also blocks divine sense, he can't sense us when we're here," she said.

Pretty d.a.m.n convenient, but I have no other options.

We got inside and I saw what she meant by manmade.

There was a ma.s.sive open area paved with hard stone that seemed to spread all under the forest.

Beams and pillars of enormous size were supporting the ceiling, which in this case was the whole forest from crumbing on this area.

And in the middle of all of this was a building, a single building made to look like a giant palace.

"I guess we found the rest of the cave," I said.

"Yes, but what are we going to do to these people?" she asked.

I looked around and finally seemed to notice the people on the ground, they were placed neatly like some sort of Triage area.

I tried to use my Divine Sense to scan them, but it completely and immediately shut down.

It couldn't go even a meter beyond me before it fully dispersed.

"It's the ground," spoke Lin, "these stones are made of some strange material that is heavily blocking Divine sense.

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I guess I could understand why, it's to protect this place. Good, this should buy us enough time before that madman could get here.

s.h.i.+t, I'm not affected because I consumed the poison! Not because I have an antidote, I'm a poison cultivator, but if I tell them that, they'll pair me up with that same a.s.shole.

Choices, choices!

Wait, I consumed the poison.

"Right, I have a way to lessen the damage and the affliction on you, but I'll need an oath of heaven that you'll not expose my secrets," I said

In their current case, everyone from every faction seemed far too eager to swear upon the heavens.

All, even the Fire Palace, all besides one group.

Looking at them they all seemed as dull and as emotionless as they first came here.

I approached one of them, they were from the Water Domain, the same group as the poison cultivator.

"h.e.l.lo, you there, are you not going to swear an oath?" I asked.

The person in front of me seemed to have the dullest eyes I've ever seen, a frozen fish would have more expressive eyes.

And just as I touched him. he turned to dust.

"What the f.u.c.k?!" I cursed as I took a step back.

The rest of the Water group the remaining seven of them turned to dust afterward.

"What's going on?" asked Lin.

"It seems that they were all dead before we even entered here… that man must have killed them, we can't stay here," I said.

"The antidote!" spoke the girl from the wind palace.

I came toward her, slapped my hand on her forehead, and almost immediately all the dark spots from her body disappeared.

"That's your antidote," I said.

She shook and shuddered then stood up, checking upon herself using Divine Sense, though I doubt that would work.

"Good…actually good, I feel better…what's your name?" she asked.

"Call me Shen, now I have more patients, please step aside," I said as I completely ignored her and went 'healing' the rest of the groups here.

I took a few moments hesitating between helping or not helping the Fire Palace since some of them attacked us before.

"Save them sill," said Lin as she approached me.

"At least they can be used as live bait for what's waiting for us there," she said as she pointed at the palace.

"Good thinking," I grinned and then slammed my palm on the forehead of the closest Fire Palace Disciple.

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