Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 384: Face off

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Chapter 384: Face off

The enraged man seemed to not notice a surge of ice icicles rising up from underneath him as they went through his body like knives through b.u.t.ter.

He didn't even seem phased by the pain or the damage, and all he did was grin, looked toward the source of the ice attack, and spat a drop of concentrated black poison in that direction.

"TAKE COVER!" I shouted to Yuyu who did as told hiding behind a ma.s.sive-sized tree.

Only for the drop of poison to immediately set the tree ablaze in purple and black flames upon contact.

Yuyu dove forward before the poisonous fumes or fire would touch her, but she was not as fast as she expected.

Some of the poisonous matter touched upon the rims of her dress and began flaring up.

She immediately tore it and threw it away while backing from the poison that was setting the ground aflame.

The cultivator didn't care more for Yuyu as he kept charging towards me while I backed away using the spatial arms around me to keep my distance.

"Why struggle! You're nothing but a weak being, a discarded! Unfit to hold the heritage! Give it to your betters and I'll promise you a painless death!" he said.

His face didn't seem like the one who keeps promises.

I used one of the arms to dig into the ground and hurled a large boulder at the incoming madman.

He didn't even dodge as he pushed his hand forward and immediately turned the rock into a liquid upon contact.

The liquid touched the ground and began eating through it far more powerfully than any acid I've ever seen.

"Then a painful agonizing death for you! Fake Poison Cultivator!" he said as he stabbed his abdomen using his fingers.

Another powerful surge of Poison Energy coursed through him and then was concentrated back, propelling him toward me like a rocket.

I used two of the arms on me to grab tight on the ground. The sudden jerk caused me to snap on my back against the ground and allowed me to easily dodge the human projectile at the cost of a lot of bruising to my back and having my lungs emptied out of air.

"You foul thing! Who dares cause strife!" spoke the sound of a person who would be confused to be a holy man from how deep his voice was.

Looking at the source of the voice, it was the same person wearing white from before. Under his arm was a girl of young age, she was wearing the same robes.

Probably the source of the flare.

He pointed his stick at the man that was fuming and leaking poison everywhere as his body was now generating toxic gas and fumes from every pore and hole he caused himself.

"Slaves of the Wind Palace, you think your kind can stop me?!" spoke the poison cultivator.

"I'm the promised child! I'm the one who'll gather them all, I'm going to reign this world with the power of a G.o.d! And you, little slave, think you can stop me!" the mad man then stabbed his upper chest, inhaled, and then spat a powerful torrent of poison that looked like a horizontal tornado.

"Wind of the North! Heed my call and disperse this foul mimicry!"

My eyes widened up as I realized that this wind guy just f.u.c.ked up big time!

"NOOO!" I shouted with all I got.

The Wind Palace kid was surprised at my shout, but then when he saw the grin on the Poison Cultivator's face he realized that something was awry.

The Northern Wind came, and it immediately collided with the poisonous tornado. Only for the poison to welcome the wind and explode dispersing in every direction with even more power and force.

The poison that was concentrated and focused in one single attack had now blown in size and out of proportion thanks to the Northern Wind and it was now encompa.s.sing the entirety of the forest or at least as much as my Divine Sense can see of this forest.

"Get your defenses ready! There will be a Poison Fall!" I shouted.

And soon, the poison that hovered in the air seemed to concentrate once again then it started falling like drops of rain.

And wherever it landed, wherever it hit, it would eat away, corrode, wilt, and then dissolve anything it touched.

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The high green trees turned to yellowish sickly sticks without a single leaf on them. The gra.s.sy ground soon cracked and opened up, dying from the inside out, and any creature in my divine sense's range, that wasn't Saint Cla.s.s seemed to die outright from the poison falling on them.

And I could see it, for a fraction of a second, the Purple Skull suddenly materialized over his face and then disappeared.

"Get everyone to safety I'll hold him off," I said in a low tone.

"But you can't even move! What do you expect you can do!" The cat girl said.

"JUST LEAD THEM AWAY!" I said shouting.

Lin nodded and picked up Liang Yu and Yu Yu who seemed to be unable to move.

Some of the other cultivators who had protected themselves from the poison and were able to move also grabbed their closest friends and comrades and dispersed from the area.

The man in front of me smiled, saying, "You, a poison cultivator, a disciple of the poison G.o.d actually think of saving others? Such hypocrisy, WE DO NOT SAVE! WE DEVOUR!" he called as he raised his hand causing another Poison Tiger Claw to manifest from around me.

"I can't move my body, but I still have my mind! Domain of Delusions! FAKE AND REAL!" I spoke and immediately law began manifesting around me.

The manifestation of the domain, caused the Tiger Claw to disperse immediately.

'Now you'll never escape!'

"Fool," said the man in front of me. "Laws of s.p.a.ce are prohibited here!" he grinned and almost immediately my domain began crumbling.

Searing pain surged up my mind as blood began trickling down my nose and eyes.

"HAH! What a fool, even if you're able to use a domain, how would you even think of overpowering me? You, nothing but a sub-ascendant not even fit to live while I breathe, think yourself able to overpower me with a weak spatial domain? Let me show you the power of a real domain! Consider it your parting gift! Forsaken Poison Abyss!" the man said.

A powerful domain expanded from underneath me, fitting me into a globe of darkness and apathy that no man could escape from. Two ma.s.sive eyes opened up in front of me, they were serpentine and seemed to be ready to eat the world itself

"Now who is the real fool," I spoke grinning.

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