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Chapter 38 Demon at The Door

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Chapter 38: Demon at The Door

After an hour or so, a group of men came to the apothecary with a carriable sedan. The men entered the room as if they owned it, and one of them addressed the apothecary with a disregarding tone.

"Where is lady Fei?"

The apothecary didn't care to answer and only pointed to the heavily wounded woman that was laying on the bed.

The man looked at her and gestured to the two behind him with his head for them to pick her up.

One of the men went to pick her up by the leg and the other from the shoulders, it was as if they were picking up a corpse. That p.i.s.sed me off.

"Easy!" I called.

One of the men, looked at me, and as if he was about to curse at me, he froze up.

"W-who might you be, sir Cultivator?" the man said.

"Just a rogue cultivator, but I'm the one who saved your lady from death, so if you don't want to send her to an early grave after all the troubles I went to, I would rather you pick your lady with more grace. And if you don't even know how to. Move out of the way."

The man didn't even hesitate to dodge away from my path as I approached the bed.

I carried the woman with as much care as I could, not to open her wounds. Her face was already in a rough complexity, so it would be best to be as gentle as possible.

Once I had her in my arms I walked out of the shop and gestured to the men at the sedan to step aside. I placed the girl on the sedan and made sure she was comfortable before I turned to the men and said.

"I'll have to take care of some business first. But I'll come and visit soon after. Where are you taking her? I still don't know where she comes from."

"We'll take good care of the lady, sir cultivator doesn't need to worry about it." The man at the sedan said.

"I don't wish to repeat myself, I already said that I will be coming to visit." I frowned at the man.

"Sir, just ask for the house of Lu. Everyone knows of it, once you arrive we'll take you in as our esteemed guest." The man said and bowed his head.

"Good, I'll be sure to check up on her in the next few days." I turned flapping my robe behind me and placed both of my hands inside my sleeves and behind my back.

I willed the book to release the flying sword that shot out of my chest and placed itself in front of me. I stepped on it and it flew away from the city.

My direction was the bandit's whereabouts. Though I don't know their exact hiding spot, I can figure out their general location.

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It took me a couple of hours to arrive where I met Fei-Er's carriage the first time. Though I didn't see them this time around, it seems that they already went through a different route than I did. After all, I was taking flight and only needed to go in a straight line to the capital, while they had to travel through routs that turned and spiraled through this fortress.

The smoke got carried with the wind, and thanks to the dim light of the night the smoke wasn't visible. It spread out around the entire area and soon I began hearing light coughing and then the death throws of a man suffering from suffocation.

They were going to die painfully, yet silently.

I followed after the sound of the m.u.f.fled suffocation until I found a person grabbing at his throat, when he saw me he stretched his arm for me to help him, but all he received was a stab with my sword to the neck.

Creeping Demise tore through his throat, silencing him, and yet leaving him to drown in his own blood, paralyzed by poison, in the depth of the night, where no one was going to save him.

I made sure to take good care of anyone else that was being a lookout for the bandits before I changed my focus on the people inside the cave.

The entrance to the cave was still locked and I had no idea how to pry it open. So, I basically just waited at the door. I sat on top of a rock that was in front of what I believed to be the cave's entrance and began meditating, waiting for what is bound to happen soon.

I could easily flush them out, but I rather not, I have no idea who could be inside that cave, there could be children women, or innocent people, kidnapped by these fiends. I would rather wait for them to open the door. And once they open the door for the demon, I wouldn't need to knock by then.


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