Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 379: Venture

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Chapter 379: Venture

Months later…

"Right, I think we all know how we're expected to function within a dungeon, now." spoke a teacher in Purple Robes.

"I'd have to argue that most cultivator caves and dungeons are different. But although we gained great knowledge from this cla.s.s, it still can't save our lives if we were to walk into something new and unknown", Wei Lei replied to the teacher.

I looked at the idiot trying to show off and scoffed. What an a.s.s! The teacher had provided excellent guidance, offered great remarks and gave many valid opinions on how to navigate unknown places, the depth of insight surprised even me. And this guy is invalidating all of that hard work with such a dumb statement.

The teacher opened his mouth to retort, but then noticed my peeved expression aimed at the idiot who was talking right now.

"Shen Bao, you seem to have something to say," he said.

I took a moment to think before I spoke, "I'd argue the opposite. If there's a situation where we come across a dangerous – and perhaps deadly – Cultivator's Cave, what we learned can save our lives. Or at least decrease the risks. That is why one must keep their wit handy, as it compensates for the lack of knowledge in any given terrain. Rare are the cultivators who leave their treasured legacies behind impossible-to-solve puzzles… Simply because everyone wants to be remembered after their death! If a person were to die trying to vie for these legacies, it just means that he wasn't prepared enough. Or perhaps -this took a while for me to say because it's so d.a.m.n cringe- because it was 'not fated' to be."

"Great explanation Shen Bao," the teacher said, "One must always look around them, learn and find ways to solve any and all issues. Cultivators at the end of their lifespan do not generally wish to harm others for things they cannot take with them to their next lives. Thus, if they leave treasures, they want only the best to have them. Now since we're on the subject…", the teacher smiled ominously at all of us.

I don't like this…

"There has recently been a new discovery, the Cave of one whom we presume to be a Saint Level Cultivator. We received this information from the Black Tower," the teacher said.

This made everyone's eyes light up for a moment but the s.h.i.+ne faded promptly as they realized what the Black Tower's involvement meant – the information was publicly available!

"But teacher, if it is discovered then wouldn't it already have been explored by the Academy? Or one of the other forces of the Vast Expanse? The Black Tower will never leave such a discovery for free. Nor are we stupid enough to think that it means anything to us below ascendant stage cultivators," spouted Wei Lei, yet again proving his established skill as a Pessimistic p.u.s.s.y.

"Not this time, it has yet to be explored! We will be departing for the cave tomorrow, and the exploration will be done by all of you!", teacher announced, "It is in fact true that the Heavenly Academy does not have exclusive monopoly over this cave, but we have come to an agreement with all the four Realms of the Vast Expanse. There will be ten disciples of each organization going into this cave, and it is only for cultivators below the Ascendant Stage to enter. But you'll have to fight for any and all treasures in it! This is your graduation test. Return safely and you'll have finished this course with perfect scores, return with trophies and you may even be rewarded for bringing honor upon the Heavenly Academy,"

"And what if we don't return," spoke the hardline Pessimist.

"Then it was not fated," I replied this time, tongue firmly in cheek, watching Wei Lei's expression turn sour and everyone else chuckle to themselves.

Wei Lei gave me a look of disgust then huffed as he sat back down.

"Very good, that's all settled then", spoke the teacher with a wide smile on his face as he approached, "The selection of disciples joining this exploration has already been completed, now I'll name the cultivators a.s.signed", he finished.

"Wait, what? How!? We didn't even enter a compet.i.tion nor fight for the right to enter the cave! This is not right!!" spoke Wei Lei.

"If you think strength is all it takes to enter a Saint Cla.s.s Cultivator's cave then perhaps I should remove your name from the list. You are certainly not the strongest person of the selection!", teacher answered.

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This made Wei Lei immediately shut up. Since he now knew that he was selected, it was better for him to not create any reasons to get kicked out.

Teacher continued, waking me from my reverie, "For now, all of you head out and get your belongings. Gather anything you think will help you survive in this venture. One can never be too careful! Might as well stock up on pills, protective treasures and even spare food and water if you can. There are no second chances! Make sure you're fully set for the trip, and if you wish to volunteer to help you can come to me for further instructions. Cla.s.s dismissed!!"

Soon the cla.s.s was empty and as I was about to walk out, the teacher called me.

"Yes?" I answered.

"I've had concerns about why Master Rain was adamant on denying you the right to exit the Academy & partake in this mission…"

But I interrupted him before he could finish, "It's okay, he's just a bit overprotective. Please don't worry about me, I will manage. I have been managing rather well, since the day I first became a cultivator," I said.

"Ah, then… G.o.dspeed child," he said.

"Thank you," I said as I nodded and then left the room.

Hopefully, everything will turn out alright. I'll prepare everything as well as I can.

And now it's time for Adventure!

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