Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 376: Duel

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Chapter 376: Duel

"Hah! Now I know you're lying!" she said.

"Why say so?" I asked frowning.

"You have a Veridian Heart Flame, and its compatibility with healing and Soul pills is the worst of all the Heart Flames!"

"Is that a proven fact?" I questioned.

"It's undeniable!" she said.

"Now I know you know nothing about alchemy," I said scoffing at her words.

"You're being awfully rude Shen Bao! Even if it's Master Rain he wouldn't speak those words lightly to me!" she said.

"Do you happen to know every Cultivator that had ever used the Veridian Heart Flame?" I asked.

"I know most of them, and they all were only proficient in Poison and in Destructive Pill creation. The Veridian Heart Flame's compatibility with healing pills and rejuvenating pill is the worst of all the Heart Flames, no cultivator who ever had a Viridian Heart Flame had ever been able to cleanly create a healing or rejuvenating type of pill!"

"Are you sure about your statement? Because I know for a fact that a few Veridian Heart Flame users are more than capable of creating Soul Pills and Healing Pill with pill veins," I said.

The teacher frowned, thought for a bit then laughed, "Hah! You dare think that you're at the Level of the Poison G.o.d? Are you mad, Du Shen was exceptional, the greatest alchemist to exist, but that doesn't make you Du Shen now does it!" she said.

"The Exception Proves the Rule, you said no one could make one if they Have the Veridian Heart Flame, but then you contradict yourself immediately afterward," I shrugged.

"That's Du Shen, you're not at his level nor will you ever be, even if the Exception Proves the Rule that doesn't mean anyone can do it!"

"We'll have to see about that then," I said as I pulled a batch of herbs from my pouch, "These are the required herbs to make a soul pill are they not?"

"Fickle Gra.s.s Blades, Soul Wrenching Lotus, Mud Toad Skin and a hundred year old Ginseng… yes those are the materials needed to make a soul pill, I'll supply my own," she said and placed the same type and quality of herbs in front of her.

"Show me how you can surpa.s.s me in Alchemy, you little frog in a well," she said smirking.

The crimson flames around her surged up as they encompa.s.sed the Alchemic materials then the flames began refining them, squeezing out the extract and ripping off the impurities.

"Such a wonderful overbearing technique!" one of the students said.

"I got to see how Fairy Ryoon do alchemy! I can die in peace!" another added.

More students complimented and fawned over her use of the Heart Flame.

The Crimson Heart Flame is the hottest of all the Heart Flames, which makes it highly sought after as it was the best in creating pills. However, it was very hard to control at the same time, since it can surge past incredible heat levels.

I was honestly impressed by this person's ability to control the heat to such fine levels. However, this was nothing but a Heavenly Qi pill, when it comes to Saint Qi the flame control will become incrementally more difficult the higher the pill level.

Once all the essence was extracted, she waved her hand and it went immediately into her cauldron, then she covered it, placed both hands on the cauldron, and a surge of incredible heat that sent out a burst wave outwards rose up.

She increased the heat so suddenly and so fast to cause the pill to form almost immediately.

Right then, she opened the cauldron and s.n.a.t.c.hed the pills from inside.

Shen took a look at the pill, smiled then showed them to me.

Three pills, and one of them had Pill Veins.

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"Impressive," I said smiling.

"He is purposefully using that fractured Cauldron, if his attempt fails, he'll blame it on the cauldron to get away from this situation, he never intended to win in the first place!"

"Oh? You're right, what a sleazy person!"

I had to sigh at their words, who the heck do you guys think I am, and what's the point to talk all that big only to purposefully fail, bunch of idiots.

I shook my head then continued my refining.

Once all the herb essence had fallen into the cauldron, I covered it then went to the cracked section at the top of the cauldron.

I pulled a small talisman from my holding bag, and wrote an inscription on it, then slapped it against the crack.

This should help stop anything from leaking for a while.

I then funneled the heat of my Veridian Heart Flame into the cauldron.

Unlike her, who made a surge of fire to rapidly extract all the impurities from the pill then form the pill, I applied low heat over the entirety of the cauldron and began increasing the heat slowly.

"Is he an idiot?" someone said.

"Soul pills need a surge of fire so they form rapidly, if he slowly increases the heat, the content of the pill will burn before it can be formed, he'll have nothing but a disgusting smelling sludge at the end!" another said.

More students kept talking about their methods of Alchemy thinking that there was only one way to make Soul Pills.

Such wasted potential, thinking so rigidly like that. It's because of people like you, that you never realized that the Mortal Divider of the Mortality Severing Blade can easily be ignored. It's the reason why your rigid thinking stopped your progress in all matters of cultivation, alchemy and inscription.

Knowledge is power, and I'm about to show you the difference between us!

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