Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 374: First Class

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Chapter 374: First Cla.s.s

The cla.s.sroom or in this case the open area on top of the tower was where the cla.s.s was being held. Many cultivators sat on the artificially made ground that looked like a garden and was facing a small lecture podium.

Elder Gu Lei walked up to the podium and waited for me to take a seat.

I looked around and noticed a couple of familiar faces sitting among the large group of cultivators. They were all sitting with writing scrolls and pens at the ready waiting for the elder to speak so they would note everything down.

I find it pretty interesting that so many cultivators with great mental powers and memory needed writing tools, but I wasn't going to question it.

Of everyone sitting, there was Wei Lei, who seemed pretty annoyed by my presence here, and had the most hostile gaze looking my way. A couple of yellow robes that I had seen in Master Rain's sermon, and then finally Yu Yu who seemed to have taken a good spot in dead center.

Everyone seemed to want to sit next to her, simply because she was the most beautiful woman of the whole cla.s.s. However, her icy personality and aura refrained anyone from sitting too close so there was still room.

"Take a seat Shen Bao," spoke elder Gu Lei gently.

I walked up among the students and sat right next to Yu Yu.

"What is that idiot doing? He dares sit next to the Cla.s.s Fairy!"

"Fool, he'll be embarra.s.sed once she orders him to sit away from her, not even Wei Lei could sit next to her, who does he think himself?"

And more comments down this same line continued.

Everyone seemed surprised at first and thought that I was probably going to get ridiculed.

'Bruh, these cultivators I swear, could you not keep those thoughts to yourself, do you really all just want to… -G.o.d d.a.m.n this expression- have your face slapped?'

"Good morning Shen Bao," she spoke.

"Morning Yu-Yu, did you rest well?"

"Yes, I rested as soon as you left, let's pay attention now, the teacher has been waiting for you," she said.

"Right," I said then focused my eyes on the elder.

The rest of the cla.s.s were too stunned to speak, since not only was I welcomed and addressed warmly I also had 'small talk' with their idol.

Bunch of centuries old highschoolers… old in body but not in mind.

"Good, now that everyone is here, we'll need to go back on a few matters that we've discussed in the past month, Junior Shen Bao hadn't been here so we should at least give him a speed recap," Elder Gu Lei said.

"Fath - I mean, Elder Gu Lei, it is unfair to the rest of the cla.s.s that we'll have to waste time recapping everything we did for a whole month, it is not the cla.s.s's fault to bear the mistakes of this person, why should we go over matters that we already went through once, also the exams are soon and we need to move on…"

'This dude really hates me,'

Elder Gu Lei seemed annoyed with his own son's statement, and wanting to interject, he seemed to have noticed that everyone in the cla.s.s was of the same opinion. Mostly because I was sitting next to Yu Yu…

"I don't mind that. You may move on to your next subject, I'll just have to ask Yu Yu for her notes for the past month later tonight," I said grinning.

My words implied many things, and this seemed to have caused the angry jealous peeps in the cla.s.s to fume even more with anger.

Serves you all right, you're asking for it.

"Then that is well, we'll be resuming our topic of Conductive Qi Circuits, who here can give me an example of simple one layer Conductive Qi Circuit?" the elder said.

The first to jump was his own son, trying his hardest to impress everyone.

He then began moving his finger writing a few inscriptions in dazzling golden writing.

It was…flamboyant, and frankly pretty neat.

"Ah…good, that's an example we can work with. You can sit down," Gu Lei said.

The elder then began explaining how to apply this inscription and its limitations.

A few students asked questions about how to use this inscription and where and the teacher seemed vehement about giving detailed borderline boring explanations of every aspect the inscription can be used on.

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"Why are you listening to this old fart? You know better than this…I thought the heavenly academy was going to teach you matters of higher importance…"

"Well spoken Shen Bao, as you see Master Rain, I may not be as proficient as you in the grand scheme of inscription making, but I'm confident in my knowledge of the basics. I could hone this cla.s.s and this child to make better use of their current knowledge," he said.

"Then proceed, I won't interrupt you anymore, however, I'll be staying here, watching," Master Rain said and closed his eyes.

The cla.s.s seemed a bit too stuffy with Master Rain's presence, but Gu Lei didn't seem to be phased by this monster, and continued his lecture.

And honestly, I was impressed, this guy, thought he said he isn't as knowledgeable as master Rain, he managed to bring up a slew of options and methods to use that simple inscription. And some of these techniques, I only saw in Master Rain's own inscription methods…

The old man continued the cla.s.s, and no one not even Master Rain interrupted him again.

Honestly speaking, the Heavenly Academy's teachers, or at least this one, I grew fond off. No wonder this establishment is considered the best environment to learn and grow stronger throughout the vast expanse. The teachers in it are incredibly good.

I didn't feel the pa.s.sage of time before the sun had risen to its zenith.

There was a protective barrier around the room so we didn't feel the heat nor were we bothered by the reflective sun rays.

"This concludes our session, next time we'll be talking about the applications of Qi Converting Formations, I hope you can practice some forms of formation making within the week. The reason is, I'll be teaching you how to make Killer Formations," Elder Gu Lei said.

This made everyone a bit too happy, they all began mumbling among each other on how to make use of these so called Killer Formations…

"You there, cold girl, what's your name?" asked Master Rain.

Yu Yu gave a slight bow to master Rain, "This Junior's name is Leng Yu-Yu," she said.

"Right then, where is that old hag?" Master Rain asked, "She isn't still loitering around?"

"If you're talking about her highness, she had left yesterday for the Wind Realm," Yu-Yu said.

"Good good, I can finally relax now, d.a.m.n she was such a pain to deal with. Anyway, lad what do you think of this session?" asked Master Rain.

"Exhaustive is all I can say,"

Good, Exhaustive is good. Keep learning, and I'll keep a watch on you," Master Rain said, he stood up and then left the area.

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