Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 371: The Beyond

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Chapter 371: The Beyond

I didn't know where to look, where to head now. Yu Yu had left and I didn't have a single clue on where she is right now.

I closed my eyes and spread my divine sense.

I should have probably not done that though. My divine sense seemed to have evolved beyond my own understanding as it shot out in a powerful surge of green visible aura that spread like a ma.s.sive dome around me in all directions.

The powerful wave seemed like it would quell lives it would touch but thankfully no harm seemed to happen to anything it pa.s.sed through besides the mild discomfort I felt from the people who seemed to have been in contact with the divine sense wave.

Just as I sent out my own divine sense, many others came my way trying to locate, understand, and see who is this rude person spreading such a powerful divine sense at this late hour of the night.

Yet, they all withdrew their own Divine Senses as soon as it landed on me.

However, I on the other hand didn't find where Yu Yu was so far. She was not in the housing district and seemed to have moved somewhere else.

I canceled my divine sense and sighed, unable to find out where she had gone I was going to give up.

Perhaps she left after Zhang Tian's mother.

"She went to the east," I heard.

Looking down, it was Liang Yu, she had come out of her house probably after noticing my Divine Sense wave.

I nodded to her and turned my direction to the east then began stepping through empty air towards it.

After many Ancient Steps, and several Divine Sense bursts to scan the area I found an ice structure built at the top of a mountain.

I headed towards the lone mountain and stepped in front of the ice structure.

It looked like a paG.o.da made completely of ice.

Just as I took a step into the ice PaG.o.da, Yu Yu showed up. She had a fridged air about her. Her breath shot arrow-like steam as she walked toward me. Her eyes were blue as the skies and looked to s.h.i.+ne in contrast to the moonlight.

"Yu Yu," I said.

And immediately, the brightness of her eyes and the cold atmosphere around her seemed to disappear as if it was never there.

"Oh, Shen Bao, I hope you didn't see something unpleasing…come on in," she said.

I nodded and then followed her into the paG.o.da.

It was a small house with nothing but a block of ice for a bed and an ice table with ice-made chairs.

"Take a seat, you came looking for me I suppose," she said.

I pulled one of the chairs and sat down, it was d.a.m.n cold but I wasn't going to complain.

"Yes, I wanted to ask you about…how…"

"How I'm alive?" she said.

"Well, you said something about karma and stuff I didn't really understand the gist of it," I said.

She sat in front of me and took a deep breath before she said.

"When you had us ride on the Black Tower's Shuttle, we all thought that we'll be saved, but it seems that the fire king's forces didn't really care much and took out the shuttle without any worry. Also after asking her ladys.h.i.+p to investigate. It seemed that someone from the Black Tower had given the order to the fire King Troops to take out one of the Black Tower's own s.h.i.+ps," she said.

"They destroyed one of their own Shuttles?" I asked.

"Yes, if the Fire King's forces had acted on their own, the Black Tower would have retaliated and denied them trade. But since the demand came from the Black Tower itself, there were no fallouts. The issue was, why would the Black Tower destroy their own shuttle."

"To try and take me out? But I wasn't even there," I said.

"The traitor of the Black Tower didn't really care much for capturing you alive…" she said.

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"You knew they were looking for me?" I asked.

"Very," she said.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"The Beyond is opening very soon, and it's going to be ugly…" she said.

"I heard Master Rain talking about the Beyond what is that?" I asked.

"It's something I don't know the full details about but it's like a new world something far bigger than even the Vast Expanse…" she said.

I frowned, "But isn't the vast expanse…like literally the whole universe," I said.

"You underestimate the size of the universe if you think the four corners of this prison is all of it. No there exists something far greater however we need keys to go to the other side…"

"And let me guess, the fire King has one of these keys?" I said.

She shook her head, "No, the fire king IS one of the keys," she said.

This caught me off guard, how can a person be a key?

"So is the Wind King, so is the Earth and Water Kings… They are all blessed by the elements, the prime ones. And thus are able to open the Beyond. The problem with the Fire King is, no one can guarantee the existence of another Fire Key, so killing the Fire King is not an option, not to mention, the Fire King's power is far beyond something that can be easily killed. He had been wary of the other Kings uprooting him, so he started consuming souls to grow in strength… making him a pretty powerful ent.i.ty, where the only one who can contend against him in a one-on-one, is no one but her highness…"

I leaned back on my chair again, thinking about this.

The fire king, someone able to contend with Zhang Tian's mother in strength, is someone I want to take out… that's a tall order, pretty d.a.m.n tall in fact…but…

"Does he bleed," I asked?

"Of course, why are you asking,"

"Then if it bleeds…it dies."

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