Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 368: Outside View

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Chapter 368: Outside View

High above the housing grounds of the Heavenly Academy, was the Giant Floating Island. This is where the main lecture halls and all the Black Robe and Purple Robe elders lived.

It was a place of knowledge and academic research, history, and great source of information and power. Here lived only the best of the teachers and only the great.

However, their night was disturbed as the sound of booming thunder, and blinding lightning woke people from their sleep to a noise akin to the world breaking upon itself.

"Who the h.e.l.l is breaking through to the Ascendant Stage at this d.a.m.n hour!" one of the elders of the heavenly academy grunted as he came out of his chambers.

Anger and annoyance clear on his face, "d.a.m.n younglings, too eager to cross the mortal divider they actually dared and challenge it here, in this d.a.m.n place, how can this old man have a good night's sleep!" the elder grunted cussing more and more as he grabbed a long staff and walked out of his room.

Many servants came to his presence, donning his robes and slippers to walk forward and see who was this idiot trying to break the ascendant stage at such a dark hour of the night.

The elder flew up, wearing his Black Robes, and after locating the source of the thundering booms he approached it slightly to look at it from far away.

The elder, however, seemed to have been a bit too slow. As he looked up, he seemed to have realized that he wasn't the first outside the Heavenly Academy to witness what was going on.

"Grand Elder, you seem to be interested in what's going on," spoke a man wearing Purple Robes.

"Elder Cho… what brings you here in this dark hour?" asked the Grand Elder.

"The same thing that pulled you out of your rest, Grand Elder," Elder Cho spoke while giving a light bow.

"Who is breaking the Ascendant Stage? Is it one of the young ones? A Blue robe?" asked The Grand Elder.

Elder Cho shook his head, "No, and to my surprise, it is someone we both know, and this isn't the Ascendant Stage, I too thought the same until I noticed something different," Elder Cho said.

The Grand Elder squinted his eyes, then said, "Ah… Not enough Saint Qi, but what kind of a mad man would call upon themselves a Heavenly Tribulation this great, before they even reached the Ascendant Stage. A blasphemous soul indeed," spoke the Grand Elder.

"Perhaps not, perhaps it is a blessed child," Elder Cho said.

"You're known for many things, Elder Cho, but being wise isn't one of them, speak your mind and stop with the riddles. My Divine Sense is too powerful, if I were to send it there to take a peak, I might disrupt the young person's trial," the Grand Elder spoke.

"Yes Grand Elder, this is one of the disciples of one of your oldest friends," spoke Elder Cho.

"I told you to stop speaking with riddles, none of my friends is still alive to have a disciple…wait… is this Du Shen's disciple? The Acolyte?" spoke the Grand Elder, his eyes squinting even further as if he was able to see Shen Bao from such a great distance.

"Yes, it's Shen Bao, the kid that came in and made all the teachers vie for teaching him as if he himself was a heavenly treasure. The child who harbors two acolytes yet serves nor bow down to any. The kid who even Master Rain didn't punish when he was rude and even punched him. The very child who went all the way to the Under Void and aided Master Rain in his venture. A child who the Wife of the Wind King came personally to see," spoke Elder Cho.

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The Grand Elder snorted, "You're praising him so highly as if he was your own son," spoke the Grand Elder.

"Is that the reason why his Trial is so difficult?" asked Elder Cho.

The Grand Elder shook his head, "No, even Du Shen didn't suffer tribulation as grave and as heavy as this one while in Soul Transformation."

"You were there when Du Shen was in Soul Transformation," asked Elder Cho.

"Yes, we were rivals at that time. He, however, was far better than me. Yet… not to this extent. This is absurdly too much for a Soul Transformation cultivator, and I could even honestly say, that a few weak Ascendants would not be able to tide through this tribulation without harm if they're lucky enough not to die."

These words made Elder Cho a bit worried.

"If it's that dangerous shouldn't we a.s.sist Shen Bao, even if it brings the ire of the Heavens, we can appease it with a few sacrifices," spoke Elder Cho.

The Grand Elder shook his head, "Do not interfere, that man, will either live or die. They will die and become forgotten. Or they will live and break new waves in the world of cultivation. Let him find his own way, your only duty right now is to witness how this child fares through this ordeal…"

The Grand Elder closed his eyes and began using his Divine Sense to look at the situation, making absolutely sure not to reach too far into the Tribulation's range.

"Good luck lad…" Elder Cho spoke as he also closed his eyes waiting for the thunder to calm down, before the beginning of the real trial.

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