Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 366: The Poison's Past

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Chapter 366: The Poison's Past

While the two women were glaring daggers at each other, Master Rain came forward and stood in between everyone in the room.

"Anyway, enough with the jokes. I need to talk to Shen Bao in private, you should all leave," Master Rain said then turned to the retainer, "You included," he said.

This caused the retainer to frown since he has always been a part of Master Rain's every step. It was confusing to him to be excluded from a conversation.

Soon everyone left the house, and I was thankful that I no longer remained under that pressure.

"Shen Bao," Master Rain said as he started pacing forth and back.

"To be honest, I wanted to kill you the first day I saw you," he said.

"Likewise," I replied.

"Enough with the comedy, I'm being serious," he said.

"And why did you want to kill me?" I asked this time seriously.

"For this," he said as he pointed at my chest.

I knew what he meant.

"The Heritage?" I asked

"One part of it, and apparently, the strongest," Master Rain said.

"What do you mean by that?" I frowned.

"You think you have the full Poison G.o.d's heritage?" Master Rain said.

It took me a moment to understand what he meant, "No, I'm sure I don't, because I found a second copy," I said.

"Yes, for whatever blasted Reason, Du Shen decided to plant two of his books in the same planet, which was very strange to me before I realized the reason why," Master Rain said.

"Could you share the reason?" I asked. I needed to know more about Du Shen, as much as I could.

"It is because of the weak. Du Shen hated and despised the oppression of the strong, he may not have been the most benevolent, but he was just. Before his pa.s.sing, I'm sure, he had realized he couldn't be elected. Or perhaps, he found a way to go to the Beyond without needing to be elected. Which is more probable because that man was a genius, even if I hate to admit it, he was far smarter than I," Master Rain said.

"What is this Beyond you're talking about?" I asked.

"You're still far too inexperienced and unworthy to know, I will tell you however when the time comes," Master Rain flat-out explained.

"Anyway, I wish to tell you about the reason why Du Shen had split his own legacy and gave it to the world to seek. Even if they were unworthy, everyone had a shot at becoming the next Du Shen, even the weak, from a planet so far away, so feeble and so full of n.o.bodies, he gave them twice the chance to become great. Unlike the others, where he spread his books all over the Vast Expanse," Master Rain said.

"You mean that there are other people with a copy of the Poison G.o.d's Heritage?" I asked.

"Yes, and no," Master Rain said.

"I'm confused," I said.

"There are other Acolytes, or acolyte servants with other books similar to yours, not exact copies. I've seen them, seen many of them, and they all had a different style of the Poison Path. Yours, is the most intriguing, you rarely rely on your poison, and use it more as a tool to aid in your fights, unlike them, who use it mainly as their main power, you apply it to other things, such as those explosive devices for example," Master Rain said.

"And what's wrong with that, it's been working so far," I said.

"It's been working, rather too well, if I may say so," Master Rain said. "You never had any evil thoughts? Any vile thoughts of killing, murdering, violating, and ravaging people and the land?" Master Rain said.

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"Nope, not even once, I could get angry, but not to that extent, why?" I asked.

"Good, and then there are the Auxiliary ones, like thunder for example. It is a powerful element, made of fire and wind, but it usually fails to compare to the original element of fire or the original element of the Wind," Master Rain said.

"Yes, but what does that have to do with anything?" I asked.

"It is because, Du Shen, was the only person capable of proving that an Auxiliary element can be as strong, if not stronger than a prime one," Master Rain said.

"You mean poison?" I asked.

"Yes, Poison, the Auxiliary element of Metal and Earth, Du Shen was able to reign terror in the heart of everyone by only possessing the power of an auxiliary element. And he had the power to do so with ease, And now, he had given this power for those who are worthy, or those who are capable even if unworthy. You have been chosen, like it or not, you're a part of his Acolytes and you must be present for the day all the books are gathered. And I fear that that day is soon to come," Master Rain said.

"How can you be so certain?" I asked.

"Because I just heard from the Heavenly Academy that one of the acolytes had managed to kill three others, and take their books all under one week. He is gathering them, and you'll soon be his target, that person is collecting the books to enter the trial grounds."

"This is too much to take in, what does that have to do with me? I mean not many people know I have the Poison G.o.d's heritage," I said.

"The Acolytes can sense each other, though you can be more than safe to a.s.sume he'll not reach you in the heart of the Heavenly Academy, you cannot stay here forever. You must grow strong, strong enough to be able to fend for yourself, or at least, head to the Trial Grounds of the Poison G.o.d's Heritage where you can claim your full heritage, and be able to defend it," Master Rain said.

"And, do you have an idea where the Trial Ground of the Poison G.o.d's heritage is?" I asked.

"Yes I do, but you cannot go right now, it's a place that can only be accessed by Ascendant Cultivators, and you're still unable to rid yourself of your mortal sh.e.l.l, become an ascendant first, then I'll see how you can go into the Trial Grounds," Master Rain said.

"Why are you doing this? Why are you helping me?" I asked.

"Consider it, repaying a favor," Master Rain said as he took a step forward disappearing but leaving me with one more message.

"The teachers that have won your custody battle have been named, you can attend their courses, and learn as much as you can, for you'll need it gravely in the days to come…"

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