Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 365: Crossfire

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Chapter 365: Crossfire

I continued working hard on the Thunderbull carriage. It was still far from complete as I had only finished the main framework of the carriage, but have yet to finish repairing the destroyed parts. I'll need to replace most of this using materials I don't currently have in my possession.

Before long though, someone seemed to have entered the house I was in, as I was notified by the automaton.

Thinking that it could be Heian Yongheng back again, but once I got out I was surprised to see someone I never thought I'll ever have the chance to see again.

Since…they were dead.

"S-sect master," I spoke my words came out while even I couldn't believe myself speaking them.

The woman in front of me, colder than an ice shard, and as beautiful as a porcelain sculpture made by the hands of the divine looked at me, in a slight head tilt.

"Shen Bao…" she spoke.

I nodded, "I never thought I'd get to see you again, since…well, you know," I said.

"Since the b.a.s.t.a.r.ds from the Black Pavilion killed me and the rest of my sect members, yes, so did I, I never thought I'd live after death. But the world of cultivation is wide and strange," she said.

I was still feeling slight shock, because, even if I could admit that the world of cultivation can have miracles happen, bringing back the dead is not something that anyone can pull off.

"How did you survive?" I asked as I got closer.

"I didn't survive, like I said, her grace saved me, more like repaired my soul and fused it into this new body," she said.

"New body?" I frowned, she looked exactly the same, but after a wave of divine sense which the sect master immediately blocked off.

"I have yet to forgive you for the last offense, and you go and try it again!" she said anger clear in her eyes.

"It really is you then," I smiled.

Yet before I could add another thing, a divine sense far more powerful than the Sect Master I remembered washed over me, trying to spy into my body's secrets.

Not that I had anything to hide, the sect master immediately retracted her Divine Sense.

"You have no shame! Why didn't you stop my divine sense? Why did I have to see that!" she said a slight blush on her cheeks showing.

"Hey, I didn't force you to inspect me, nor do I have anything to be ashamed of, anyway, I am really Shen Bao," I said.

She shook her head, "Shen Bao was an old man, callous of skin, bald of head, and had one eye. You may share his cultivation method, as you both reek of the Bone and Body Grinding Poison, but there is no way Shen Bao could have a body as chiseled and as…" she took a pause before she added, "As firm as this," she said.

"Hey, don't you say those words while looking at my crotch," I said jesting.

"Who's looking at your crotch!" she replied in anger but it was more of embarra.s.sment.

d.a.m.n, it's so easy to tease these stuck-up women and so fun.

"Let's call it harvesting good Karma," I said.

She then sighed and immediately bowed, a bow so deep I thought her head was about to hit the floor.

"What are you doing," I got close to her and tried to raise her back up, but she was as heavy as a mountain. Also, I should never say that to a woman.

"Stand back up, why are you bowing!" I spoke.

"It is because I took some of your Karma, I stole it, without will or say, but it was yours," she said.

"What the h.e.l.l are you talking about woman, for the love of Christ stand up," I said.

She stood up, reluctantly so, and looked me in the eyes, she was on the verge of tears, "Who is Christ?" she asked.

"Don't mind that, why are you crying now?!" I asked.

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"It's your Karma, the Karma you sowed by saving the Heavenly Son of the Wind King, Lord Zhang Tian. Your grace has been converged to favor and the Queen had taken that grace and used it on me, since we're acquaintances, your efforts into saving the Heavenly Son have been transferred to me, and now I have wasted your great Karma," she said.

I looked at master Rain and found it really hard to have someone actually liking him. I would be really surprised if his own retainer didn't think once or twice about offing him himself.

"Oh, I would guess it's because he trapped young Master Zhang," I said.

"Yeah, something like that, but their enmity goes way before that, all the way back to when Du Shen was still alive," he said. "And after what you saw happening today, he didn't have the will to face her. Thankfully the Heavenly Academy notified us as soon as we arrived otherwise things would have gotten awfully out of hands if they had met," the retainer said explaining.

Master Rain on the other hand was still rambling on about random stuff and how annoying this whole day was for him. While Yu-Yu and Liang Yu were both staring daggers at each other.

Soon, Liang Yu came to me and grabbed me by the arm, emphasizing how soft the touch of her b.r.e.a.s.t.s was against my shoulders as she squeezed them enough to almost have them pop out of her dress when she spoke, "Say, dearest, who is this woman," she said.

"Emm…she is my former sect master."

"Oh, so she is nothing but a sect master, I thought you were cheating on dearest me," she said.

"We're not an item for me to be cheating on you or anything though," I spoke and immediately felt like I should not have said those words. The gentle-ol b.o.o.b squeeze for some reason became painful now.

"If you are not his wife, fiancé, or girlfriend should you not have some shame into squeezing yourself like a harlot to a single man," Yu-yu's dagger-sharp like mouth spoke words that would make a wasp's sting feel like the brush of a feather.

"What I do with my man has nothing to do with you, also why are you in my home, leave this place at once, no one invited you," Liang Yu said.

'I'm gonna have a headache. Everyone thinks that having two women fighting over them would be a blessing, but not if I got caught in the d.a.m.n crossfire.'

"Shen Bao, tell this cow to leave this house!" Liang Yu said.

Yep, crossfire…

"Shen Bao, have to get that wh.o.r.e to remove her sagging t.i.ts from you, you'll catch an incurable disease like that!"

"Ayoo, it feels good to be young," spoke Master Rain in a wide grin as his ravings and ramblings seemed to have miraculously stopped as a good show was presenting itself in front of him.

For f.u.c.k sake man…

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