Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 360: Resolution

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Chapter 360: Resolution

The draconic soul's hand tightened and then as if the giant t.i.tan's entire skin was like a table cloth being removed by one hand. His outer skin was immediately peeled away from the rest of his body. Sucked into the hand of the Soul.

What was left behind was the same ma.s.s however it no longer looked human, it was a ma.s.s of disgustingly intertwined flesh. Membrane and eyes, putrid looking sinus that made the ma.s.s of the giant.

The true appearance of that parasitic creature was revealed.

"d.a.m.n you're ugly," I said.

The creature howled in agonized pain as every eye on its body vibrated and shuddered, then they all stopped and snapped towards me all at once.

"DIE!" came the word from literally everywhere.

An oppressive shockwave of mental power shot towards me, aiming to crush me where I stand.

"Not in my world you won't," I spoke as the wave washed over me like a gentle breeze.

"Here, I rule!" I said and from the sea under two arms, where even the t.i.tan couldn't hope to match in size surged up.

They then clamped down on the t.i.tan forcing it into the sea.

More arms surged up to crush him and drown him down. Though he can't be 'drowned,' he can be harmed. And since I can literally make anything I wish within my own sea of consciousness.

"Burn!" I spoke.

And the ma.s.sive sea turned completely in nature, to a sea of molten magma, burning with the heat of the sun.

The flames were green same as my own Veridian Heart Flame that fueled this surge of fire. And it would only keep getting hotter.

The creature, forced down into the stone melting heat, couldn't do much but struggle and send useless wave after wave of mental attacks that served to do nothing but weaken and exhaust him.

"I WILL NOT ALLOW A LESSER CULTIVATOR TO KILL ME!" it roared this time surprisingly and powerfully so that everything around it was shot outward creating a tidal wave of magma and fire that spread everywhere.

Yet, it was still forced against its will and into the ground by the arms.

"Is that so," I said as I raised my hand.

"You know, one of my favorite scenes in a novel I read when I was young, was the execution of an evil man. Let's see if I can replicate it," I smiled as I opened my raised hand.

One sword manifested itself above my hand, it looked rather simple in appearance as it hovered slowly above my hand.

That sword was not made of metal, but of pure mental power, or Soul Power, since nothing can hurt a soul being but soul power itself.

The sword rose up and up until it reached a height I deemed sufficient.

Then, the world turned dark by my will.

The sword, looked lonely in the high skies as it s.h.i.+ned in green light. And so, it had to have company.

The lone sword split in two, and those two then split up again. And it continued on splitting until all around us, shaped like a dome was swords pointing forward all aiming at the creature.

The sight was amazing. Every sword shone like a small star, and the dark lone night was no more, as the bright friendly green of the swords was fighting the darkness of the night.

"Starless Night…" I spoke and then came the first of the swords rus.h.i.+ng towards the creature.

It tore into its flesh rather too easily, and that elicited a scream from the monster. Only for another scream to follow as the second sword came down. And the third and fourth. As more swords came down one after another, impaling and penetrating the body of the foul creature as it screamed and screamed.

The swords continued going down as more were being duplicated, so many of them had fallen that there was no longer any more s.p.a.ce left for any sword to land on the body of the giant creature.

Though I have a lot of soul power, I was also feeling a bit of exhaustion from the sudden release of so many soul attacks at once.

The creature could do nothing but wheeze and whine as it was being firmly pinned like a pincus.h.i.+on with more pins than cus.h.i.+on.

I looked up, and like earlier, there were no more swords but one.

It slowly fell down towards the remaining swords and once it touched them.

The whole area surged up in a green h.e.l.lfire that seemed to rage on like a pillar of flames that rose all the way to the high heavens.

The green flames surged and raged on while the creature's voice had long since been extinguished.

The fire continued as I watched it brightly burning, until it began to die down and until it disappeared completely, leaving nothing but the giant arms, and a glistening pool of pure blue liquid.

The soul I harbored immediately shot towards the pool and dove into it.

Causing the whole thing to funnel right into it.

Once the pool was completely absorbed I was forced out of my own sea of consciousness.

And back into the dark deep s.p.a.ce of the Under Void.

Looking to my right there was Master Rain's dumbfounded expression as he saw the giant, the real body this time slowly dissipating to ash.

"What the h.e.l.l did you do?" spoke Master Rain.

"Master Rain, look," spoke the retainer who looked too exhausted to even stand up straight.

There were three skeletons floating around where the giant tian was.

And within the three skeletons were three orbs of light.

The orbs removed themselves from the skeletons and came towards me.

Thinking that I will be possessed I readied up my mental barriers, though I was too exhausted to fight off anything like the giant I just duked it out with. The orbs stopped right in front of me and soon began to take a human shape.

Once they were fully formed, "Oh, Sect Master, Elder Wei, Elder Fu Tian," I spoke as I clasped my hands to the three souls.

The brightest of the three-spoke, "You seem to know us… but I do not know you."

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"Yes, it could be said that we have met in a past life…" I said.

"Thank you," I said.

The sect master then approached me and touched my forehead with a single finger. "This is the final verse of the Fist of Roaring Ki, you cannot use it for now, but once you grow stronger… you'll reign over the world as I did once before… thank you for releasing us," he said.

"Can't you stay," I said, "You are all three powerful people could you not like possess someone?" I said.

The sect Master shook his head, "Our souls have been contaminated and damaged beyond repair, it is only thanks to our high cultivation level and this special place that we're not under the direct gaze of the heavens. Once more time goes by, The Heavens will locate us and we'll be sent back to the wheel of samsara. Back to life and death. We may meet again in another life, under a different name, but I trust that our Karma will be resolved and I will one day repay this debt," he said.

"Ah, looks like we ran out of time," said Elder Wei.

And just as he spoke, the world above us, the dark void split up as a red giant eye with a dark feline shape pupil looked at us, peering like a creep from beyond a peephole.

The moment it locked onto the three souls, they began shuddering and disintegrating.

"Until we meet again… Shen Bao…" the sect master said, and soon the three of them dissipated.

Though I was a bit concerned with how the Sect Master knew my name, the more frightening thing was that eye, it didn't leave after it had taken those three but eerily kept its gaze upon me for too many too long seconds that I felt naked under its gaze.

Soon, the void began shaking and the eye disappeared.

"Shen Bao! You little!" Master Rain said as the sphere around them dissipated.

He flew towards me and said, "Do you wish to die?! Because if you want I can make that happen right now! Why the h.e.l.l are you peering back at the messenger of The Heavens for?!"

"Oh, so that was a messenger… interesting,"

"My G.o.d, what were they teaching you to not know not to look! Also, what were you telling those three souls, do you know who they are? Their skeletons disappeared once the messenger came to check up on things."

"They thanked me for saving them," I said.

"d.a.m.n, what a waste of time, we barely got anything useful on this venture, and I lost my d.a.m.n treasures. Anyway," he said "Why are you here?" Master Rain said.

"Well didn't you leave me a message saying you'll be coming here," I said.

"Yes, but I didn't tell you to come after me," he said.

"Well, if I didn't," I said as I looked at the bloodied retainer. I didn't need to finish my words.

"I would have found a way regardless, you could have died doing stupid stunts like this!" he said. "You don't even know what is here, or how risky it would be to come here," he said.

"In a matter of fact I actually do, I already came here before, inside the Advent Tower," I said.

"That's impossible, you shouldn't be able to remember anything past the first few days of the Advent Tower," he said.

"Well, I'm alive, isn't that proof enough, also, we should probably leave, I don't think that's good," I said as I pointed outwards.

There was a large crack in the very fabric of s.p.a.ce. And the crack seemed to widen, and many more began appearing all over.

"d.a.m.n with the prisoner killed, the prison has no purpose, it is self-destructing, let's go," Master Rain urged.

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