Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 359: Confrontation

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Chapter 359: Confrontation

The chamber of doors was once again comprised of only one door, the black one. But unlike the last time when there was no sign of other doors, I was actually able to see the remains of two more doors that I'd never seen before.

One more thing was, the black door was being forced into materialization by law lines and a ma.s.s of inscriptions. The style was obvious, it was Master Rain's.

He must have gone through this place and stopped this door from closing or dematerializing after he goes through it.

Pretty smart.

I walked through the door and found myself once again in that ma.s.sive opening with a rundown pyramid in the center.

The giant circular wall that used to host and trap tens of thousands of those human-like things was still standing and so were the chains. But the people, there was nothing of them left but bones.

They have finally died, away from that torturous trial that they would have probably never been able to escape from.

I kept on walking through the open fields, at first worried about the soldiers that fell down from the skies to kill anything that would approach the pyramid. However, after a short walk I saw their remains, the stone soldiers were nothing but brittle dust and clay, long past their expiration date.

The whole place was full of the aura of death, there was nothing here. Not a blade of gra.s.s even. It was all as cold and as silent as death itself.

I arrived at the foot of the pyramid rather rapidly, since there was nothing hunting me and no soldiers trying to kill me. And from the look of the blocks on the pyramid, even a dumb person can realize where the traps are.

So much time had gone by that all the stones of the pyramid had been corroded and eroded by time, all but a few blocks far and between, which were still looking spotless even after so much time had gone by.

These blocks are the ones that once you step on, they'll swallow you and vomit out your bones shortly after.

I walked up the pyramid avoiding those blocks and reached the top where a fully functional and modified teleportation gate was sitting.

It was also modified by Master Rain.

"I guess they are already in. X, be ready," I said.

But I received an immediate divine sense message from Y, "Master, though I consider X as a younger brother, I should be the one to accompany you, to guarantee your safety," he said.

I shook my head, "We'll be going to an area that suppresses Saint Qi almost completely, you won't be of much help. X on the other hand can still function using Heavenly Qi," I said.

X was actually still using the older version of Y's reactor, the one that functioned on Heavenly Qi. While the original Saint Qi reactor that came with Y is being used to move my hoverboard. And the current Reactor inside Y was made by Master Rain from scratch.

"As you command," he said and went silent.

X followed close by as the two of us stepped into the teleportation circle.

My vision swam and suddenly focused on complete darkness. Without Divine Sense one wouldn't be able to see the way ahead or back. Thus, I released my own divine sense and soon came to discover a few things.

"Master Rain!" I said.

Two men, one in blue robes, and another in almost completely crimson robes were both sitting still inside a giant sphere.

Right in front of them was a hulking giant of a size far too great to be considered anything but a deity.

Master Rain opened his eyes and they almost bulged out "b.l.o.o.d.y kid what the h.e.l.l are you doing here! RUN!" he spoke but it was too late.

"Don't worry about me, what is that?!"

"Perpetual Motion! I stopped time and s.p.a.ce around us so he can't get to us while I figure out a way to get out of this mess! You though, why did you come here? Leave while it's still not paying you any attention!"

"Too late for that," I said.

And it was. Because the giant began turning and I immediately recognized him.

It was the sect master of the Ancient Sect.

He, however, did not know who I was, since we never really met.

The giant's hand moved towards me with far more speed than I could ever hope to match or escape.

"Don't move," I said to X as the hand clamped on us.

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I felt as if I was going to be suffocated and crushed like an ant, but I knew this thing.

"Such a good feast!" it spoke and was about to dive in until it stopped.

"This… why do I sense the remains of one of my own kin here…" it spoke and turned around.

"Thank you for visiting, I'll make sure you have a nice, permanent stay here," I smiled back as I slowly hovered towards the ma.s.sive t.i.tan.

"You imbecile!" spoke the t.i.tan, do you think you can stop me? With that puny cultivation base."

"The golden t.i.tan, at his peak, probably not, you, definitely. You're nothing but a parasite," I said.

"Then Die by this parasite's hand and make yourself as useful sustenance!"

He spoke and slammed down with his ma.s.sive hand planning to squash me and the fortress at the same time.

"It's so funny, just because you're big, don't underestimate me for being small. After all, Size doesn't matter," I smiled as the giant hand was falling down like a world-ending meteor.

From the top of the tower on my Naval Fortress came something surging like a meteor.

It was a perfect replica of me, only with far crueler-looking features. It had no expression but it still gave a grave and deadly presence to itself.

The Nascent Soul of before is currently in the Soul Formation stage. Meaning that It was a few steps away from becoming a perfect Soul. And one of the best things to nurture souls, are souls themselves. Though that is the path of Devil Cultivators, when it comes to such a tainted, and ugly soul like this parasite, I'm more than glad to consume it.

The Soul shot up and raised its hand up, to make a comparison between the two hands' sizes was to compare the sun's brightness to the light of a firefly. However, the parasite that had taken over the body of the Golden t.i.tan was soon proven devastatingly wrong.

His hand which looked like it would be capable of completely shattering my sea of consciousness was forced to a sudden stop. It was as if it had hit an immovable mountain.

The impact however was so powerful that I felt as if s.p.a.ce itself was having an earthquake… or s.p.a.cequake?

"H-how is this possible!" spoke the parasite.

"You seem surprised? But you should. After all, not even the Golden t.i.tan had enough Soul Power to contend against mine. And now that you're in my sea of consciousness that you walked into with your own bare feet, I'll say it once again, I hope you enjoy your stay because it will be permanent! Eat him!"

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