Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 357: Loot

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Chapter 357: Loot

Y's move was so fast I only saw its after image. He struck with his sword edge up right into the disgusting creature, then swung up slicing the beast in two halves that slowly parted ways revealing the monster's innards.

"More come, care…" spoke Y as he was readying to fight.

I took a few steps back as many more of the same mole rat creature rose up like a hydra around us.

They dove into our midst, but Y twisted around himself with his extended swords, slicing them apart and away.

The creatures squirmed and squealed as they were thrown and culled away from the platform.

"They live still!" spoke Y, and I was surprised to hear him say something against what I was seeing. They were all mortally wounded, live still is a correct statement, but that's only momentary.

Until I was proven wrong when I saw the first creature that we split in half slowly mending its body back.

And not only that one, but the others that have been cut apart by Y also seemed to mend back onto themselves and are coming back for more.

"Ah," having finally understood Y's words I started acting.

I pulled a talisman from my pouch and blew into it. A reinforced poison breath is affected by the inscription on the talisman.

A powerful gust of green poison shot forward and collided with the creature.

The beast at first didn't understand the gravity of the situation it was in as it was being a.s.saulted by copious amounts of poison, and only when the talisman in my hand turned to ash did it finally realize what was happening to it.

Its body began melting from the outside and the poison was rapidly spreading into its vital organs.

"Burn," I muttered in a low voice and the acidic poison surged in a green h.e.l.lfire, turning the beast into a living torch that was feeding its own flames by the beast's flesh and bones.

The creature squirmed and squealed, as it was being roasted alive, it brunt brighter the more it struggled and burnt stronger every time it tried to snuff the flames using its own Qi.

This poison combo was something I devised after the encounter with the Grizzly Spider Poison. The incendiary nature of the poison was hard to replicate since I was not in contact with that poison in real life. However, after adding the incendiary inscription to the poison I used, it was easy to turn it into flames. The only thing added to the acidic poison was my own Heart Flame and the Breath Sealing Poison.

The inscription worked in a way to allow the poison to take up in flames while the Breath Sealing Poison would absorb the enemy's own Qi to further fuel the fires surrounding it.

This was in some sense, Greek Fire, only worse.

The creature's body started melting, and the beasts around it seemed to realize that their immortality against blades was rather laughable when they can be burnt to a crisp.

A couple of the creatures wanted to test out their luck as they charged me, only to be struck down as Y sliced into one of them, and then grabbed the other and shoved one of his swords into its head and against its monster ally. He then shoved the sword with the two creature's heads impaled on it, into the ground.

I turned to the two creatures, raised up a new talisman and blew another gout of poison at them.

Once the poison latched onto the two creatures, Y pulled back his sword and kicked the two creatures away.

"Burn!" I spoke and the two creatures rose up in flame and so did Y's sword.

However, since Y's sword was made of Neutron Steel metal, the acidic nature of my poison had no effects on it, and he seemed to be enjoying the sight of a sword burning bright green.

Y then shot forward at one of the creatures severing its head from the torso, and the beast immediately died. The green heart flame seemed capable of immediately searing and cauterizing the wound, not allowing the beasts to regenerate.

"X, bring the flame thrower!" I spoke and my second puppet came out, though I didn't have any flame throwers installed on X, he seemed to understand what I wanted him to do.

X slapped on the side of his hips, summoning two rocket launchers, after taking note of all the targets around us, he shot the rockets that went up, then all came down, twenty-four separate rockets came like a rainfall towards the creatures around us.

I pulled my hoverboard immediately and stepped on its defensive barrier right before the rockets would fall.

And just as the barrier rose up, flames, light and explosions capable of tearing down a small city blew up against the platform we were on.

The Qi protective barrier would allow us survival, but I would probably not be betting my life on the platform I'm standing on.

And immediately I began feeling the platform breaking.

"Y, we're going down," I said. Because my goal was to go down anyway.

As soon as the platform fully broke, I pocketed the hoverboard, Z, and called back X into my poison G.o.d's book.

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Y managed to grab a hold of me and easily place me on his shoulder as we were falling down. Though Y seemed to be more than comfortable while free falling than I would give anyone without wings credit for.

On the ground, it was musky, dark, and stinky. Perhaps the years that these creatures spent here, their feces, and whatever else they digested and ate were all over this place, no wonder it's so moist and disgusting.

The light from the Heart Flame gave me slight visibility and my own divine sense completed the visual. There was a lot of human remains here and some bones that seemed to be too big to be of any natural animal.

There were full skeletons of Dark Beasts all over the place. I wonder what happened to them, and where did these ugly a.s.s creatures come from.

As I was wondering, my divine sense seemed to have caught on to something s.h.i.+ny.

I approached the source of the object and my lips seemed to widen until it became a full-blown grin.

"Found it!" I yelped as I was able to locate the chariot that was left behind by the Creedless ages and ages ago.

It was also not fully destroyed, it had some damage on it, and the soul signature from the Thunderbull seemed to be far too weak, but not dead. It was still salvageable.

Suddenly, the sound of explosions echoed, fearing the worst I was readying to fight, only to realize that the sounds were coming from above me.

Flashes and sparks lit up the place to reveal Y slicing apart the falling debris into bits and pieces that he flung far away from us.

"I'm lucky to have gotten Y back. Well now…"

"Automaton," I spoke and a small child-like puppet came out of a manifested portal.

The administrator of the lord of lords paG.o.da came over.

"Can you grab the remains of this Thunderbull?" I asked.

"Yes, of course," he spoke and immediately the whole area around the bull seemed to slowly disappear.

I know that the automaton is fully capable of Spatial Law, but his mastery over this law is impressive, not only is he capable of opening spatial portals at will, but he is capable of taking in and out entire cities at will.

I'll need to ask him more about Spatial Laws in hope of improving my own understanding.

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