Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 346: Thunderbull

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Chapter 346: Thunderbull

Thinking about doing a move ten thousand times might sound like something hard, but actually doing it is close to being unrealistic.

And that's only one move, not to mention a full sequence of them which I've been repeating for an unG.o.dly long amount of time.

Six days so far, without stop or rest, I never thought it would take this much, and I feel cheated and I still have more to go.

I'm close to nine thousand tries. And still, one thousand more repet.i.tions to go. I've hadn't had a moment's rest yet and have been working my a.s.s off redoing moves that I've memorized by heart and making sure not a single one of them is any different from the other.

The new body I have in this world is so incredible that I felt no fatigue, hunger, or thirst even after constantly practicing for six days. Not only that, I was able to see a change to my whole build.

The body I had after drinking the Stone Aged Milk was already the peak of human evolution, however, now it was just absurd, the muscles on me became even leaner and more shredded, while every move I made following the sequence of arts I was given helped chisel the muscles I was using to the next level of perfection.

While I was still slowly moving around practicing, the sky above me seemed to rumble so loud that I felt the world was about to end.

It was as if thunder had come with the wrath of the world itself in a bright day sky.

I looked up and saw nothing different, the sky was blue and clear, and there didn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary.

Yet the sound of thunder boomed once again.

This time something was in the sky. I used my divine sense to scan it and all the hairs on my body seemed to rise up. It was coming my way at an incredible speed.

A bull, not any bull though it was easily the size of an elephant, it had silver fur and horns and looked like its eyes were made from lightning itself as it charged with the speed of a freight train towards me.

It rumbled like a storm in full rage as it stomped its way through the open skies and came charging forward.

I subconsciously took a few steps back, because just the saint Qi that it was releasing as it was moving was enough to supercharge the entire sky.

It then… roared, if bulls can't roar, this one can and my ears seemed to really not like it.

The bull then began slowing down its charge and stopped a few hundred yards from me.

It didn't take a second glance in my direction after it had stopped giving me ample time to look at it and what it had behind it.

The bull was carrying a carriage, like the roman carriages that were used in wars. Only this one was pretty big, enough for many people to stand comfortably on without any awkwardness of personal s.p.a.ce being invaded.

And on the carriage were four people.

The Sect Master, Elder Wei, Elder Fu-Tian, and the Masked Imperial.

"Let's go," ordered the imperial. His tone was a direct command unwilling to be disobeyed.

I slowly approached the carriage and made sure to keep my eye on the bull. I noticed several things at first.

The entirety of the carriage was inscribed in Imperial Inscription. A s.h.i.+t tone of them. They were written on the carriage and then imprinted on the bull too. But what's the point of branding the bull with inscriptions?

And then I realized something, this bull was not a living being… it was actually a part of the carriage. Some sort of…bio-engineered creature, a mix of machine and meat. It wasn't alive and I was most likely not dead, but in between. Allowing whoever inscribed it to use this bull as a weapon, a tool instead of a living thing.

"Stop gazing at the d.a.m.n carriage and get on," said the man in the mask.

I rode on the back as fast as I could and with a flick of the whips the Masked Man had on him, the bull roared once again and took to the skies.

It was fast, so absurdly fast that we broke through the atmosphere to outer s.p.a.ce in seconds.

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And the bull kept moving through empty s.p.a.ce as if it was running on a paved floor.

It expanded and expanded like a sonic wave and just as it touched the monster behind us, the creature seemed to stop in its place and began shaking and shuddering as if a billion volts of electricity were going through it.

The creature didn't have any hopes of living after that attack and the bull seemed to not even care as it continued moving comfortably through s.p.a.ce.

"There exist many monsters in the dark, thus why we took the carriage, of all the imperial treasures, the Thunderbull Carriage is the strongest and fastest of their treasures, they're only given to special people, for special missions," the sect master said explaining.

"t.i.tan, you speak too much," the Masked Man grumbled.

The trip continued on for a few more days until we saw something strange.

s.p.a.ce seemed to be…wrong, here.

It felt like s.p.a.ce was being grabbed by invisible hands, and pulled together in one single place. It felt like the very fabric of s.p.a.ce was being forcefully converged into one place.

"We're here," said the Masked Man. "t.i.tan, you'll take care of the kid, the rest of you, you better not die crossing," he said.

"Ling Cao," spoke the sect master to me via sound transmission, "No matter what you see, and what you hear, do not listen to it, to not crave it, do not want it. It is a prison of mind and soul, I'll protect your body, but you have to protect your mind." The sect master said.

"What do you mean?" I asked, "At least explain to me what's going on," I replied back.

"I can't do that, if I were to explain what's going on, you'll have even a harder time getting over it, just trust me, and once we cross, do not trust anyone, not even yourself.

'This doesn't sound too good…'

Those were my thoughts as we were slowly approaching the special folds.

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