Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 341: Under-Void

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Chapter 341: Under-Void

"The plan will go as this," spoke the man in the mask.

"Me, Golden t.i.tan, Demon Host Wei, Crouching Tiger Fu Tian, Blood Blade Que, and finally the kid, will all go together, not a single person more," spoke the man in a mask.

"That's it? you're saying just a few of us are enough to take a hold of that thing?" asked the sect master.

"It's not about numbers, it's about me applying the proper formation, the rest of us there is just to handle the hurdles at hand, as you know Cultivation Power is irrelevant in there," spoke the man in a mask.

"Right, so basically we're bodyguards," bald Fu Tian said.

"And you should be honored to, serving the Imperial Clan is an honor that not many can have in their lifetimes," the Man in mask spoke.

"Sounds pretty pretentious from the same people we expect caused this whole cl.u.s.terf.u.c.k," spoke Elder Wei.

The man in the mask's head snapped to Wei immediately, "I hold a lot of respect to your t.i.tle, but dare speak words of blasphemy against the Imperial Clan and you will not live long enough to regret your words."

Wei didn't seem to be fazed by the man's words and just slumped back in his spot with hands crossed.

I still don't understand what's going on, but if I had to guess, this masked guy, or whatever he is affiliated with happened to either know the source of the thing that tried to eat my knowledge and now is propagating through the sect, or are probably the cause to such a thing to appear."

"Your goal will be to escort me and the kid to the heart of the Under-Void. Once we're there, we'll be able to seal the creature responsible over this d.a.m.ned situation," the man in the mask said.

"How do you even know its in there, and how does sealing something that is in a different place have any effects on the people already harmed or currently affected by those disgusting things," I asked.

I felt as if I was a kid giving an opinion at a grownup table. About to be shut down.

However, the man in the mask sighed and said, "I would forgive this interference once, and once only, since you don't know any better, open your ears and listen. The creature you're talking about is a parasite of soul, its origin is… unknown," he said.

'Unknown my a.s.s the simple twitch in your tone of voice clearly means you're lying.'

"However, they work in a specific manner. You must have seen or been present at the Grizzly Spider invasion, must you not?" the man in the mask asked.

This told me a thing, he didn't know I had a hand in taking them out.

"I heard a few things about that incident," I said.

"Right, you only heard. Never mind that, since you're just a brat I doubt that you would have been of any help if you had directly interfered but still. The Grizzly Spider is a Matriarch type beast, once it dies, all of its colony will die alongside it. The same is true for the Soul Parasite."

"Then why are we trying to seal it instead of killing it?" I asked.

"DO NOT. INTERRUPT ME!" the man in the mask spoke shooting out a divine sense capable of crus.h.i.+ng mountains.

However, the Sect Master's own divine sense shot up and protected me from any harm.

"Calm down, Creedless," spoke the Sect Master.

"Don't call me by my position, Golden t.i.tan! Brat, what the Imperial Sect Decides to do is not of any concern to you, but just to make your heart comfortable, sealing using the Imperial Scripture is the same as killing that beast. If you do well, we might even invite you over to learn more of the Imperial Scripture, under a Slave Contract, of course, we don't want to have our knowledge spread," the man in mask said.

'Yeah right, and while you're at it, cover the sun with a thread, little piece of s.h.i.+t,' I didn't say those words out, but I'm sure my facial expression was clear.

The man in the mask decided to ignore me on that and finish his words. "Once its sealed the Imperial Clan will take care of everything afterward and you'll all be sent off with appropriate compensation for your efforts."

Just as I was about to ask something else, the Sect Master spoke up, clearly intending to cut me off. "So when are we heading out?" he said.

"In one week, I'll need to prepare plenty of treasures for this advent, I've pulled some strings to obtain a Thunder Carriage."

"Oh my, a Thunder Carriage, how did you even get permission to take that out of the Imperial Palace?"

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"That is my business and my business alone, I'll head out. And kid, make sure not to slow us down, your help might come in handy but it is not necessary," the man in the mask spoke. Then he stood up and began walking away disappearing from sight visibly with every step.

"It's because they're strong. Thankfully, they back off when it comes to our sect, because they know this idiot here can really be a pain in the a.s.s," Elder Wei said pointing at the sect master.

'Did my ears lie to me, or did Wei just call the sect master an idiot?'

"We'll do as they say, this will give us enough leeway to have them off of our backs for a long while. Now, head out and prepare I'll have a few words with Ling Cao," the sect master said.

The elders nodded to the sect master and left leaving me alone with the sect master.

"Alright, I'll have to tell you a couple things," the sect master said.

"Let me guess, it's about the fact that I will probably, most likely die. No, it's more than certain that I will die in this venture or at least never to be seen again," I said.

This caught the Sect Master by surprise. "How would you… no, why would you say that?" the Sect Master said.

"Hey, I might look young, but I'm not stupid. This guy right now was like you said, Imperial Blood, and I, non-imperial blood was able to match him in his knowledge regarding Imperial Inscription. I really doubt a sn.o.bbish golden spoon-fed little b.a.s.t.a.r.d like that would like it, I'll probably either be snuffed out, or enslaved for the purpose of the Imperial Clan," I said.

"… your very words are scary, scary for me and I'm not even in your position, however, I'll not allow anyone or anything to harm you, for this you have my word," the sect master said.

"I appreciate it, but you don't really need to worry about me," I said.

"How Come?" asked the Sect Master.

"Oh, simple, because didn't you say that wherever we're going, cultivation base is irrelevant?" I asked.

"Yes, but, he still has more experience, and is able to bring powerful treasures," the sect master said.

I shook my hand, "Nah, don't worry about that, I can handle myself when the playing field is equal, after all, when it comes to a location without access to heavenly Qi or Saint Qi. I am basically a G.o.d there," I grinned.

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