Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 339: Honorary Elder

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Chapter 339: Honorary Elder

"What is this calamity you're talking about?" I asked.

"It seems that what happened to you three years ago is happening again, only on a larger scale this time," the Sect Master said.

"Huh? What do you mean? The power loss?" I asked.

"Yes, many of the elders have contracted this disease and many young disciples had also succ.u.mbed to it, we don't know its source, or how to treat it, but it had plagued us and now it seems that this issue is propagating through the whole of the d.a.m.n plane we are on," the sect master said.

"I don't know the source of this thing but I do know what causes it," I said.

The sect master's head snapped to me immediately, "Really? How so, explain it would be greatly appreciated if we could figure out this d.a.m.n sickness," the Sect Master stated.

"Right, I don't know how to describe it so it would be best if you were to see it yourself…but don't ask questions about what you see in my sea of consciousness, alright?" I said.

"Right," the sect master nodded.

I then grabbed a small jade from my holding bag and placed it against my forehead. I then transferred all the scenes from memory to the jade and handed it back to the sect master.

Once he took the jade and placed it against his head, he began reading through it, only for his complexions to change drastically.

"Goodness gracious, what in G.o.d's name is that thing!" the sect master said as he removed the jade from his forehead immediately.

"That's whatever that's causing the sickness," I said.

"Oh, I'm not talking about that amalgamation of the disgusting membranes, no, that thing, whatever it is that you have as your Nascent Soul, how is that even possible? How come you have a soul of a dragon in the body of a human?!"

"Euh, dragon? I don't know maybe because I ate the soul of one once, anyway, that thing, is what eats up memories and experience from the people it latches itself to, they just need to figure out where it hides and consumes it…" I said, "But now that I think about it, I really don't think that's possible."

"How come?" the sect master asked.

"It's because only I can do that, and maybe a few other eccentric cultivators, I really don't think anyone at the Nascent Soul can fully control or confine whatever that thing is… so we're in the same pickle again," I said.

"Not necessarily," the sect master said as he had one hand supporting his chin. "I have invited a friend over, and sealing things is the best he is at. So we'll see if this information can help him figure out a way to deal with this d.a.m.nation," he said.

"Meet me at the Sect Master's Hall, we'll be holding an Elder's meeting," he said.

"Right then, I'll be there," I replied.

"Not with those robes you won't," the sect master said.

I looked down, I was wearing the same clothes from probably three years ago, but cultivators don't usually get dirty, and if we do we can cleanse ourselves. My robes, however, we're definitely still clean.

"What's wrong with these robes?" I asked.

"They're for inner disciples," the Sect Master said.

"Your point?" I questioned.

"You're not an Inner Sect Disciple anymore, so it would not be good to have you wearing that still," the sect master said.

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"I must have missed some memo, I mean of course I recently joined the Inner Sect disciples but I find it pretty hard to believe that I did anything to warrant me to get kicked out…" I said feeling slightly annoyed.

"Yes, I'll head out first," the Sect Master said, and just as he was about to take a step.

"Wait, can you tell me something first," I asked.

"Yes, what do you wish to know?" he asked.

"The Fist of Roaring Ki, did you make that?" I asked.

"Oh that art, yes, it's not something great to be honest, it's just a basic fighting technique, why? do you wish to learn it?" he asked.

"There was not a d.a.m.n simple or basic thing about that, you tore a spider into splinters with that art…" I said.

The Sect Master scratched the stub under his chin awkwardly and said, "Well, to be honest, it's an art I created out of boredom just to see how far I can go in the physical body cultivation, and I have to say I didn't think it would be that powerful. Anyone who sees the art would think that it's nothing but a simple set of moves and attacks and would not even consider practicing it, but after spending time mastering this art and more time perfecting it, you end up with what I have shown you, and at the same time the very reason I'm known as the Golden t.i.tan," the Sect Master smiled.

Though I didn't understand what was the value of such a clearly over-the-top t.i.tle I knew for a fact that if this person was capable of single-handedly protecting the Ancient Sect from all the forces of the Vast Expanse and able to hold off anyone from vying for his treasures… his t.i.tle isn't just for decoration.

"I would like to learn, but if this is a personal achievement and personal discovery of a martial arts I wouldn't dare," I said.

"Oh no, to be honest not many actually…well no one really asked me about my art, they all think its too brutish and fit for hooligans, so if you wish to learn I can teach you, but those skinny arms of yours will not do the trick," he said.

"Right," I said as I looked at my body, I had removed the chains and collars on me when I was preparing to fight the grizzly spider, thankfully, if I had kept them on after three years I'd probably be dead from their weight. But now I'll need to bulk up to learn this man's arts.

"I'll head out first, we'll meet this friend of ours, and I'll give you a session to learn the Fist of Roaring Ki" he said.

Though I already had learned it by heart from elder Gin, this time I'll be able to better understand that art from the source itself. This should be fun.

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