Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 337: Fist of Roaring Ki

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Chapter 337: Fist of Roaring Ki

The creature that just arrived was pretty much what I can call the worst-case scenario times ten.

After dumbly and stupidly pitting my life against one, and almost dying in the process, I now have to deal with another.

But I don't have the mind power to even stand up let alone fight.

The spider on the other hand seemed a bit more interested in its fellow that was currently being cooked alive than good-ol me who was pretty much a sitting duck.

It ignored me fully, and for a split second I thought that the Breath Sealing Poison was a factor in canceling out my presence, however, if seven of the eight eyes on the new spider were looking at its dying comrade, the eighth eye was looking at me and me alone.

I was already in the spider's detection range, and the creature already decided that I was not a threat to its wellbeing and completely ignored me because it had something else in mind.

The spider walked, more like bulldozed its way towards the burning spider, and without hesitation raised two of its front legs and stabbed them right through the burning spider's skull, killing it in an instant.

The scene didn't end there, it took a few squirms and spasms for the first spider to die but while it was still in its death throes and jerking, the fully healed-up spider shoved its fangs right into the dying spider's belly and began consuming it.

Even if the flames from the first spider seemed to transfer slowly to the other one, it didn't care, it wanted to feast and feed and it was going to do that even if it would burn for it.

To what end? I have no clue, but if it was daring to risk its own life to eat, then there must be a d.a.m.n good reason, and that is, by itself is reason enough for me to f.u.c.k the h.e.l.l off.

I stumbled forward as I desperately tried to stand up and move, and it took everything from me not to fall unconscious.

The biting of the tip of my tongue was not a nice experience and I'm sure as h.e.l.l I'm not doing that again. But I needed to keep myself awake, sadly I don't have any of my smelling salts on me or this would have been a far less painful event.

I moved to dread the fact that I was dozing in and out of consciousness. I had to get to safety, for now, the survival of the sect is the least of my worries, I don't want to lose out on the opportunity to obtain more information from the Ancient Sect so I must hold on.

But my will and my body had two different opinions, and without a body, will is nothing.

I fell flat on my face, tasting dirt mixed in with the metallic taste of my own blood.

I grasped at the ground like a drawn man grasping at straws, unable to move an inch forward.

And soon, I realized that the ground under me was slightly trembling, not from another spider, but the one that was eating had apparently finished and was now coming for dessert.


Just as the spider's form shaded me from the sun, and me fully realized that I was a goner, something seemed to crash into the spider sending it rumbling and tumbling like a wrecking ball.

Looking to the side, with difficulty of course, I saw the sect master. Half of his body was naked, from the torso and up and he was fully covered in blood. His mouth was opened in a wide grin and underneath those robes that he usually wore was what I could now say to be a perfectly sculpted set of muscles that any man would kill to have.

Nothing too inflated to make him look like a powerlifter, but not too skinny to look like a shredded martial artist. Just a perfect combination of both well-defined muscles and enough meat on him to not look too skinny but not too bulky.

"FIST OF ROARING KI! Ancient Stomp!" the sect master shouted and this sent a s.h.i.+ver down my spine.

This was the same art that old man Gin had given me.

immediately the sect master raised one foot up and struck down. There didn't seem to be a reaction other than his own loud shout but just as the spider rose back up

to its feet, the entire area around it was folded in two, as if an ethereal giant foot from the high heavens had come down uninvited and caused the mother of all earthquakes right on top of the spider's head.

I was literally shot up from where I was laying just from the impact that happened a couple of hundred meters away. But the sect master used a bit of his qi to stop me from slamming back to the ground.

He then tilted his body forward and took one step, causing the sound barrier to break as he disappeared from where he stood and appeared right next to the spider with a back fist rapidly striking against one of the spider's legs.

The back-fist shot energy like a loose cannon causing the entire creature to literally flip from where it stood and spin right above the sect master.

The sect master didn't want to waste the opportunity and ducked then shot forward clutching the spider with both fists and shot along with the ma.s.sive creature as if it weighed nothing but a bag of feathers.

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The sect master as he was rising up managed to somehow add a spin to his ascend. Even I would have to feel sorry for how dizzy the spider would now be feeling from all the spins he was going through.

"Don't worry about that one, it wasn't just Elder Wei and Elder Fu Tian. But even the other elders of the sect, once they realized that you alone managed to survive and fight back, banded together and are now fighting off the last spider. Our job here is done, as for you, you seem to be exhausted, rest up child," spoke the sect master.

And as if only the worry about the sect was the reason I was still up, hearing the sect master's words gave me permission to let go and fall into blissful unconsciousness.

I woke up later on finding myself in my own room.

I sent a divine sense through the palace and found out that there were many people nearby.

Getting up was a bit difficult as I felt slightly groggy. However something felt

different, It was as if the ground was slightly…further away than it used to be for some reason.

Before I could even understand what went on, the door to my room blasted open as Elder Wei who seemed slightly different than I remember shot into the room.

"You woke up!" spoke Elder Wei.

"Yeah, man my head hurts… how long have I been out?" I asked.

"How long? You don't remember?" he asked.

"Remember? Yeah, I remember fighting the d.a.m.n spiders…"

"That…happened three years ago."

"Say what now?"

"…What now?"

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