Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 336: From The Frying Pan, to the Fire

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Chapter 336: From The Frying Pan, to the Fire

Waves of divine sense spread over me, they were from the Sect Masters and the few elders who were locked in battle against the other spiders. They probably thought I perished but once they realized I was well and alive they withdrew their divine senses and focused on their own battles.

My idea of jumping into the flaming poison was simple, to consume it, become immune to it, then finally be able to use it.

I opened my mouth and inhaled the purple gas, flame, and liquid from around me.

It went down my gullet as if it was molten rocks but sooner than I could blink, my body had recognized it as poison and began to greedily consume it.

The poison was supercharged with Saint Qi and it would usually blow me up the moment I consumed it, however, having already been in that scenario once before, I made sure not to repeat the same mistake.

My consumption of the poison was almost the same as me exerting it out from every pore in my body.

I took in the poison, swirled it around my own Nascent Soul for it to nourish itself with it, then at the same time exerted it out before it could fully occupy my Sea of Consciousness and cause me to blow like a balloon.

The actions I took needed to be minute made, immediate and precise, I couldn't lose focus for even a second otherwise I'll find myself dead.

Thus I continued on absorbing the poison and releasing it out, this helped turbo charge my own cultivation base to extreme levels and I was breaking through Nascent Soul stages like there was no tomorrow.

Several breakthroughs later I arrived to the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage and my body didn't even need to suffer the Heavenly Tribulation as I crossed over to the Soul Formation stage. I had already suffered through that tribulation once and thus I was safe from it again.

The Qi from the Spider's poison was still potent enough that there was no stopping me from abusing it, and thus I kept on consuming it and increasing my own cultivation base.

With the newfound growth and advanced Divine Sense, I was able to take full note of the Spider that had locked its eyes on my general location.

Though for it, all it could see through its eight eyes was but flames, it knew that I was still alive, of curse the reason was not from its vision, but from me breaking through and releasing waves of Qi that exposed me like a beacon at night.

The spider shot another gout of poison that turned to fire as it was moving toward me.

I had to dodge this.

I took a heavy step sideways and was away from the explosive path of the incoming poison gout. The blast upon the impact of such highly flammable liquid caused the ground to crater and sent a shockwave everywhere outward.

I had to duck and grasp the ground tightly lest I get blown away again like a ragdoll.

The poison and the fire would do me no harm, but direct contact with that liquid meant I'll be turned to mush from the force of the impact alone, not the substance making the poison.

So I needed to constantly avoid the spider's attack which didn't seem to be stopping anytime soon.

The spider was preparing another poison spit at me but this time I preemptively moved. Snapping my finger causing a few of the talismans under the spider's belly to explode.

This helped destabilize the spider and seemed to work in my favor, the spit that was about to be released seemed to throttle at the spider's own mouth at the moment of release. Causing it to not shoot it far and at the same time, some of it splashed over the spider's face and a few of its legs.

What happened next gave me the greatest joy of the day. The spider's face caught fire and the creature seemed to screech b.l.o.o.d.y murder as it felt pain like no other, not from a cultivator but from its own attack.

My grin turned up wider than a devil's smile upon signing a contract for a soul.

I rushed ahead out of the flames and towards the spider stopping all intake of the poison and holding whatever I had left inside my Dantian as a hostage.

I only had a few moments.

And thus I charged the spider who had its leg turn up in flames that seemed to be going up towards its main body.

The spider however ducked down and rolled, which was surprising to see. A spider with such a ma.s.sive size rolled around the ground to dissipate the flames and it worked for it.

After a few tumbles the spider hand nothing on him but dirt and signs of singed 'hair' and some exposed burnt flesh from parts that took too long to snuff the flames out off.

I however didn't stand still admiring the spider's intelligence as I was already halfway through the distance between us.

I was purposefully walking through the purple flames and poison to further hide my own presence, and once I arrived at Step distance I shot a burst of Qi to my feet shooting myself with one step forward to the spider's face.

I planted myself right against the spider's eyes, with my hands grabbing tightly at some of the fur it had on its face.

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The spider unable to understand why a prey was sticking so close to its face decided to swat me away.

Mourning Burial Petal Poison, is a highly potent numbing poison that can dull the senses and cause the person who came in contact with it to lose all sense of touch.

The spider didn't seem to feel the pain nor the danger to its life, however, it was for now still fully capable of fighting, and it came at me with fury.

I didn't have the ability nor the power to contend with the spider, so I decided that it was best if I just leg it for now. There was no point in fighting a dying creature. And I might as well run and wait for it to die.

I turned and took another step forward only to feel like I was about to lose my consciousness again.

"s.h.i.+t," cursed as I felt unable to exude anymore Qi, not for the lack of it, but for the fact that the more Qi I'll use the more likely I'll fall unconscious, and that will be a one-way ticket to h.e.l.l.

I dipped out of the spider's sight and hid behind one of the few remaining boulders capable of hiding me from sight.

I sat down and pulled a few herbs from my pouch. The herbs were something I often used back in the real world. They were Breath Sealing Plants.

I called upon a small flame right on top of my palm, the Veridian Heart Flame burnt them and caused their medicinal effect to surge up.

This was nothing but a small countermeasure for the Spider's senses and in case it had a divine sense this will help cancel out my own location from the spider's 'radar'.

The spider began hissing, no

t from pain as I'm sure it was still too drugged up to even feel it, but from anger at me who had disappeared out of sight and it couldn't find me.

I needed to stay low, for just a bit and hopefully, this d.a.m.n bug will just die.

Yet before I could fully calm myself, the ground seemed to rumble from underneath me.

I didn't even have the power to use my Divine sense as I was perfectly pinned down with absolutely no ability whatsoever to protect myself or escape what seems to be a danger.

Another Spider, fully healed up and without a single scratch seemed to surge up from underground not more than a dozen meters in front of me.

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