Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 336: Impossible Opponent

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Chapter 336: Impossible Opponent

I didn't have time to worry about the fact that there was not just one grizzly spider queen, but about five within the sect because the b.a.s.t.a.r.d in front of me was adamant about taking me down.

The moment it jerked one of its many ugly hairy legs I didn't even have to think, I acted.

I struck down with a back step forcing myself into a reverse Ancient Step, thankfully I did because I didn't even see the leg come down and where I was just a moment ago was nothing but rising dust and dirt along with a ma.s.sive hole on the ground.

"f.u.c.k!" I cursed as I took another step away from the spider spamming bursts of Qi into my feet to push me away from the danger.

As a Soul Formation cultivator, there was no b.l.o.o.d.y chance in h.e.l.l or heaven that I would even fare a long, sodding chance or shot at even harming something at the Ascendant Stage, not to mention an almost fully evolved Saint Cla.s.s creature. I'll be dead, deader than dead, and more if I were to arrogantly try and even face it.

So, I ran, I ran like there was literal h.e.l.l up my a.s.s. And believe me, even that was not enough.

The hairs on my back stood up immediately, this was something that a lot of cultivators have, and it reminds me of a certain spider guy, which is pretty d.a.m.n ironic considering the situation I'm in.

I forced myself into sudden teleportation away from where I was and soon after I arrived to a new destination, I was immediately blown away by a powerful shockwave that sent me rolling on the dirt.

Looking to the source of the impact my mouth almost dropped from where it was.

A section shaped like a pizza slice was eradicated by the spider as it had blown what seemed to be … fire from its mouth.

"Are you f.u.c.king kidding me!" my eyes bulged at the absurdity of the situation, not to mention that the fire was purple and it seemed to be melting everything that it touched even stone.

If this thing was out to feed, then there was no way it'll use an attack such as this because it could melt off the very food that it was trying to eat, the poison I used was probably too much for it and now it's only thinking about ma.s.s murdering whatever I moved within its peripherical vision. And with that many eyes, this thing is gonna kill anything in its vicinity.

"Ling Cao! Are you alright?" came the strained voice of the sect master.

"Worry about yourself and the disciples first!" I shouted back.

"Good lad!" he said feeling a bit of comfort from hearing that I was still alive but I on the other hand was not sure how long I could keep that up.

Fighting this thing is stupid, absurd, and akin to committing suicide by getting strangled and drowned in a magma river.

Escaping on the other hand is my only shot but I know for a fact that I can't outrun this thing if it seriously tries and chase after me.

However, I have another smaller advantage. I literally don't care if I die, in the worst case I'll get kicked out of this trial. So what should I do?

Do I keep running away and hope to live? Or do I try the dumbest s.h.i.+t no sane person will ever even consider.

Of course, it's option two for me.

I turned and pulled several talismans, though I didn't have the same tools as I do in the real world, I managed to make a lot of good stuff.

I already had a contingency plan in case the plan to pull the spider out went to s.h.i.+t, and this is one of them. Though this plan heavily relied on having other elders help me or at least distract the spider. Now I'll have to do it all by myself.

I finished one single line on all of the talismans in my hand and shot forward to the spider.

The world began darkening as clouds gathered above the Ancient Sect. The dark clouds turned red immediately and soon came the lightning.

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I teleported several times in succession right above the spider as I threw the talismans in the air in a sense that when the Tribulation Lightning strikes down, it'll go through the talismans and into the spider.

I looked forward to seeing the spider opening its mouth, I didn't need to guess to know it was going to shoot out the same cone attack that it did before.

And thus I snapped my finger causing one of the talismans to blow up, it was the first one I planted and it exploded with a loud bang and a great effect.

The explosion caused the spider's hind leg to topple down, not broken or heavily damaged but damaged nevertheless, and at the same time, the fact that it destabilized the spider caused it to shoot out its cone attack at a different angle, that small change in the spider's position thankfully helped me survive being melted alive.

The shock and power from the outgoing pour of its breath pinned me to the rock and I was thankful that it was solid enough that I and the rock didn't get blown up from just the attack's shockwave.

However, the impact and the fire that surged out from the spider's attack was enough to damage and have a bit of my skin burning.

I almost face palmed due to my own stupidity, how can I forget about my Veridian Heart flame while I've been using it to refine pills for the last few days.

I called upon my Nascent Soul and surged forth my own Veridian Heart Flame to coat my body from the heat, the unbearable heat immediately turned to a cool refres.h.i.+ng sensation of calmness, and with that, I shot myself not against the spider but into the giant fire that it caused.

I realized a few things after seeing Spider's Breath directly.

The first thing was that it wasn't pure fire, but it was a liquid that shot forward. And the moment it comes into contact with air it would combust and turn into flames. However, a large portion of it doesn't immediately burn and is sent out along the breath. That's what's causing whatever it touches to melt and burn and from just the smell I could easily understand what that was.

It was poison.

Though anyone would think that an Acidic Poison would probably not be a great thing to 'Consume' as a cultivator of the arts of the Poison G.o.d, all poisons no matter what they were are nothing but nutrients for us. So with such a great feast of incredibly rare poison, why should I fear anything?

I licked my lips and I greedily dove into the purple burning liquid.

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