Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 333: Death Defying Hands

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Chapter 333: Death Defying Hands

"You come with me!" I said to one of the girls that were with the patient.

She nodded and followed after I grabbed the girl and rushed inside the palace.

Unlike the other afflicted elders and disciples, the regions of damage on the girl's body included every inch of her skin, so it wasn't just painful, it was mortifyingly so. She would probably die from shock in a bit if I don't reduce the damage her brain is currently receiving from all the pain signals being sent to it from all over her body.

I swiped away everything on the table and placed the girl on it.

I scanned her body using divine sense and located all the major concentrations of Grizzly Spider Poison, then began by tearing her clothes off.

The action I committed seemed strange to the girl next to me and before she even spoke.

"You got some alcohol on you?" I asked.

"Euh, yes,"

"Give," I said.

She did and I popped the bottle took a sip, and found out it was pretty strong, "Good," I said then opened the patient's mouth and poured some inside her mouth then poured the rest on her bare chest.

"What are you doing?" she asked

"Infection prevention," I said then pulled a scalpel, "Hold her tight," I said then just as she did I slid the scalpel across her chest from up to down all the way to her stomach, the cut wasn't deep enough to have her innards spill out, but was fine enough for me to do the next thing.

I pulled dozens of acupuncture needles and began stabbing them all over her body forcing the majority of the black throbbing veins across her body to shudder and stop even if for just a moment.

Then I pointed my finger to the open scalpel wound and began controlling the Grizzly Spider Poison.

"Are you holding her good?" I asked.

"Yes," she replied in full panic.

"Then get ready," I said as I used my own Poison Qi to beckon the Grizzly Spider Poison to come to me.

The black flow immediately reacted. And since the acupunctures were used to force the poison to only go through one way, all of the poison in her body began rus.h.i.+ng towards the open wound area.

A pile of black slime a mix of foul blood and loads of poison began surging out from the open wound.

With another wave of my own Poison Qi, I controlled it to gather up in a small orb above her chest, calling in the poison from within her.

Then soon she began regaining consciousness and started screaming for the G.o.ds above to help her from such pain she was suffering.

"Just a bit more!" I muttered as sweat began trickling down my forehead.

It may not have seemed hard enough to cause a cultivator to sweat, but I was literally trying to force poison to reverse its flow and at the same time keep the girl's own blood flow constant lest she gets a heart attack from the lack of blood pressure.

Sooner than later almost all of the poison from her body was gathered up in a ball of disgusting-looking and smelling poison.

Just as I gathered it up and was about to throw it away, something seemed to surface and hide within my divine sense as I was applying it to the girl from the get-go.

This caught me by surprise, what the heck was that? Was I dreaming? I questioned myself. But then, the girl's screams woke me back and I had to work on fixing her up for now.

Several more moments later once I removed the poison and sewed back the open wound on her chest the girl's complexions seemed to slightly change, not that they became perfect, but there was less strain on her face.

I wiped the sweat off my forehead and took a few steps back. my hands were full of blood but it seems that the girl will survive.

"You have a healing pill on you?" I asked.

"Yes, but aren't you a doctor you should have better ones than I do," she said.

"I'm not a doctor, I'm a disciple just like you, I just need one, it doesn't matter the quality," I said.

She pulled a good healing pill from her pouch and handed it to me.

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I grabbed it and pulled a plant from the bounty I got from all the cultivators outside.

And thus the day continued without a hitch, and I ended up with pockets rich, a garden full of herbs, and gained a new t.i.tle.

"Death Defying Hands… what an interesting t.i.tle," muttered elder Wei as he was collecting his share of the profits.

"Its ugly, and sounds very suspicious," I said as I scrunched up my nose at the strange t.i.tle.

"It means that your hands are able to s.n.a.t.c.h away the dead from the hands of the reaper, take it and take pride in it," elder Wei said.

"Ugh, I know what it means, it just sounds…edgy," I said.

"Edgy? What is that? Must be young ones terms I hear a lot of slang these kids say… well, anyway, a t.i.tle is a way for you to gain more fame, keep it up and it might be one of your sources of power," he said.

Suddenly, I remembered the thing I sensed on the girl from this morning, Luen…

"Elder Wei, is there… something strange going on in this sect?" I asked.

"Stranger than Devil Cultivators roaming the d.a.m.n sect? definitely not, why are you asking, do you have any suspicions that something is awry?" he asked.

"Hmm, nothing, just consider it curiosity," I said.

"It's good to be curious, but always remember…"

"Yeah, curiosity is what usually kills the cat, but that somehow sounds like a threat, you know," I said.

"Yes, I didn't want you to interpret it like that or think that I have anything to do with what you believe might be going on in this sect, for all I know nothing besides this d.a.m.n spider that you said is living among us is taking up any of my mental s.p.a.ce to think of."

"Right, we need to kill this…"I couldn't finish my words because I fell face forward to the ground.

The last thing I saw was elder Wei rus.h.i.+ng towards me as his face looked paler than a white sheet from fright.

"Hey, what's wrong! Ling Cao! LING CAO! WAKE UP! LING CAO!"

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