Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 327: Secrets of Untold Past

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Chapter 327: Secrets of Untold Past

The medical team came over and carried the man away for further treatment, not that he'll need any but it's good to be on the cautious side. A few questions from the medical team were not easy to avoid since apparently what I did was considered a pretty big deal. 

Being able to forcefully stop someone from literally losing his mind and life in complete agonized pain was not something heard of.

But it was nothing more than shutting his entire system down and then rebooting it. It was close to an instant one-second death that he experienced where his brain heart and all of his organs stopped, thus canceling the backlash from being forced out of a cultivation deviation body.

It isn't that his real body was in pain, but his brain was still thinking it was going through Cultivation Deviation so I had to turn it on and off.

Explaining that however took more than the time I liked especially since everyone was looking at me like I was some idiot for suggesting to literally kill him for one second and then bring him back.

More explanation was bound to be told after that declaration but all went well eventually…I think.

Once the ordeal of that person was over I shooed everyone away and was once again alone in that small walled dark room with the petrified body of a child that had died thousands of years ago.

I pressed my palms on his back and had thought before I went back inside. Hopefully, it won't hurt as much again when I'll have to suffer the cultivation deviation again.

But once I dove in and opened my eyes, looking in front of me was the Ancient Sect, Sect Master, who had a bewildered look on his face.

"Lin Cao, you look a bit off, is everything all right," he said.

"Oh," I said as I turned to look around me, I was inside the same small palace where the dead bodies of the girls who were used as cultivation furnaces were strewn across the ground.

d.a.m.n, back to this s.h.i.+t hole again but it beats redoing everything from scratch.

"Yes, don't worry about me," I said, "But what are you going to do with this? Your ancient sect is looking like a pest-infested place. And I'm not talking about the Grizzly Spider nest under your sect, but the people here, you got a few that are probably in cahoots with the dead elder and your precious Young Master," I said.

"Ah, we'll take care of this immediately, I'll have the elders organize a full sweep of the entire sect so we can take care of the matters at hand," he said.

"Right, then, what am I supposed to do now?" I asked.

The sect master himself looked a bit confused, after all, I showed a great deal of power and more than enough ability to place myself comfortably at the top of the current younger generation of the Ancient Sect.

"As an accomplished person, I think the sect is indebted to you for your mistreatment, I'll allow you to enter the sect's own treasury and pick whatever you want from it," he said.

"But Sect Master!" some random elder spoke and was immediately shut down.

"It's my decision and it's final, he had proved his value, came back from being at the lowest of lows to regain his rightful place, our sect didn't see value in his ability and we discarded him if he were to turn to another sect and grow stronger do you think you can face him with such att.i.tude?" the sect master said.

The elder didn't dare to speak back, since, for them, these cultivators know that cultivators can really hold a grudge, and it isn't that far-fetched when a reject finds a treasure and comes back for vengeance. Which is why the elder had to shut up and let the Sect Master Spoil me rotten.

Though there is one thing I'm not a fan of, getting anything from a treasury of this sect is meaningless if I can't take it with me, especially physical treasures, so if I were to take something, I'll take something I can easily bring back to the real world. And that is Knowledge.

"Elder Wong, please take Ling Cao to the treasury, as for the rest of you, come with me, we need to prove to our youngsters that we're not some old has-beens, it's due time to get this sect cleaned up. I've been sitting on my a.s.s for a long time now," he said.

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And immediately the Sect Master and the elders with him took flight, to G.o.d knows where.

"Yes, because this one can be used for combat," I said.

"Interesting, a very innovative way to use the Ancient Step, however, it's lacking, once we get to the Treasury I have something for you that you can look at." He said.

I nodded at the elder and that prompted him to continue his 'walking'.

We soon arrived to the main palace and it was d.a.m.n huge, comparable to one of the Heavenly Academy's own major buildings.

"Here," he said as we stepped on a pretty familiar-looking teleportation gate.

Once I stood on the teleportation gate, things began to click in.

The structure looks different but it is basically the same in terms of shape and size, not to mention the teleportation gate on the ground, as it operated. It looks less complex, but at the same time, it had similar functions and inscriptions to the one I saw on the Heavenly Academy's main building.

This Ancient Sect isn't just some random place where this trial is held, no, it's probably the same location as the current Heavenly Academy, which was built later on top of the Ancient Sect's remains. And most definitely after the so-called calamity had hit.

So, what is this calamity, how does it affect the Heavenly Academy, why are they looking for its source, and what could the implication of this calamity be or the repercussions of not fully understanding it. Not to mention, the oracle that said the same calamity will hit again.

Things started to get interesting apparently.

For now let's see what kinds of stuff is being held in the treasurey.

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