Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 320: Tea Time

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Chapter 320: Tea Time

I continued walking down until I arrived at the lower level where the newcomers were at. Thankfully there were no repercussions for me traveling to and back from the lower area to the upper celestial or back.

I headed towards the housing areas where the cave I was given was located at and didn't seem to bring any unwanted attention to myself as I arrived there. Apparently, the people in the lower area have yet to know of what happened high above about the presence of Master Rain and him coming to look for me directly.

With that in mind, I headed to the cave area where the newcomers were stationed. The cave-in question was the same one that I was given by the girl at the deacon's office, Liang Yu should be cultivating there and the least I could do is check up on her.

Perhaps those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds from before had hara.s.sed her while she was cultivating. Or maybe even the deacon girl made trouble for her in her stay out of spite and jealousy.

I couldn't help but think negative thoughts about what would have happened to Liang Yu while I wasn't there and that made me walk faster.

I arrived to the house where she was and knocked. Receiving no answer I unlocked it wit my own key and entered.

Once I arrived at the trapdoor leading down to the cultivation cave, I stopped. There didn't seem to be any tampering with the formation of the trapdoor. So if she is still inside she should still be safe.

I used my divine sense to scan the underground and once it came in contact with her, I took a breath of relief.

"That's a bit rude, don't you think," I heard.

"Oh, sorry, I was just worried that something might have happened to you while I was away," I said.

"Oh, worried about little old me, I mean if you really were you wouldn't just disappear without leaving a message, I thought you'd at least come back in a day, and look it's been three days and I haven't heard a single word from you," she said.

She's mad.

"I'll make it up to you, anyway, are you alright, no one came and hara.s.sed you or something like that?" I asked.

"No, not that I know of, I've been cultivating since you left, and I still am…so," she said.

"Right, right, my apologies I'll be leaving," I said.

"N-no, you can stay, I'll be out soon," she said.

Then soon she came out of the cultivation cave, "You'd like some tea?" she asked as soon as she came out.

"That would be nice," I replied.

The house she was in was small but not small enough to be suffocating, more on the cozy side. It was small with some futons and a small stove where Liang Yu was making tea. I sat down waiting for her to serve it which she did happily.

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"How did you find the Advent Tower?" she asked.

"Its something that I asked my master about too, and he said that when enough time had pa.s.sed in that world the calamity will hit and cultivators will experience it, however, once they die they'll be sent back here with fear in their eyes from something enormous that had happened and they couldn't even manage it. Some cultivators seem to die on the first day of the calamity, and some seem to manage and hide long enough or fight long enough to survive for a year even. However, it seems that no one is capable of surviving it since even the sect master himself was sent back," she said.

Interesting, so it seems that you can experience the calamity in that world but your memories will be wiped once you die. The cultivators of the Advent Tower's purpose is to survive long enough to see the end and perhaps come back with full memories of what happened to explain the disappearance of the Ancient Sect.

"I don't know why is the Heavenly Academy so obsessed with this calamity didn't this happen in the past, why bother?" I asked.

"Well, many seem to think that the Heavenly Academy would like to know answers about this mystery but I heard from my master something else, apparently it was prophesized that the calamity will hit once again, and this is making everyone lose their marbles, especially since we're in the Ancient Sect's territory right now. This whole land you're seeing was unclaimed after the disappearance of the Ancient Sect, and now the Heavenly Academy is occupying it, wouldn't you be worried if someone told you that you have an explosive talisman hidden somewhere within your house?" she said.

'I could understand where she is coming from, this actually would be worrying. It seems that I'll need to check out what actually happened in the Ancient Sect for real. But for now, I'll need to figure out that s.h.i.+t with Master Rain's inscription.'

After finis.h.i.+ng my tea, "I'll head out now," I said.

"Wait, it's already night where will you be going?" Liang Yu asked.

"Euh…" I was about to say the Advent Tower but I actually used all my top-grade spirit stones to enter once now I can't go back there again… s.h.i.+t.

"See, just stay the night here, don't worry I won't bite," she said smirking.

"Ah…well, I'll take you up on your offer,"

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