Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 316: Shen Bao's Favor

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Chapter 316: Shen Bao's Favor

Within the wind palace, the sect master of the Purple Cloud sect was standing in complete shock at what was going on right now. 

The woman who had saved her life, or more like revived her was apparently the wife of the Wind King himself. Not to mention that the Wind King is one of the strongest people in the whole of vast expanse, the woman that had brought her back to life seemed to be the number one uncontested powerhouse of the whole of the Wide Expanse. And these two seemed to have good will towards her.

Whatever good karma she had sowed in a past life seemed to be paying off right now.

The Sect Master of the Purple Cloud Sect couldn't help but open and close her mouth unable to express herself in the presence of such powerful people.

"W-why me? Of all the people in the Vast Expanse, I would hardly believe that my life is worth even a consideration from people such as you," she said.

"It wasn't for you," spoke a person who seemed to be a young looking scholar, he didn't have any airs about him, he sure was handsome, but at the same time he looked like a slightly handsome mortal, nothing more nothing less.

The Sect Master looked at the scholar and waited for his reply.

"She did that for me, because I asked her," he said.

"And who might this sir be?" spoke the sect master.

"That is rude to ask for someone's name before introducing oneself," the scholar said.

"Pardon me, I'm the Sect Master of an insignificant sect, my name is Leng Yuyu," the sect master said.

"Good name, I go by the name Zhang, Zhang Tian and I'm a good friend to one of your sect members," he said.

"My sect members…I would find it hard to believe that someone from my sect, and from all over the barren domain to be a friend of someone of your caliber, not that I'm disbelieving your words, but the chances of you two meeting is like trying to find a needle in a sea of needles…" she said.

"And the needle was found," Zhang Tian said, "And thanks to him you live. You better treat him right," Zhang Tian said.

"Of course, but might I please know the name of this person…wait, If I would guess correctly…could it be Shen Bao?" she said.

"Right on the money, that is correct," Zhang Tian seemed to be smiling and this caused Leng Yuyu to be even more confused.

How the heck did that small Core cultivator ever meet someone this big?

But among all of her sect members he was the only one who seemed to be eccentric and always found ways to get into trouble. But thinking again, he did actually get the Lord of Lords inheritance, could that be when they had met? But how should this person, Zhang Tian, who by the last name is clearly related to the royal wind family ever get the chance to meet Shen Bao, the latter is a Core Cultivator and Zhang Tian is so far up in cultivation stage that he might actually be close to the Impenetrable Wall.

"I could see a lot of questions being drawn upon your face, feel free to ask and worry not to offend, I owe Shen Bao my life, and you being someone who is related to him, you're guaranteed some of the benefits from your acquaintances.h.i.+p," Zhang Tian said.

"I wouldn't dare ask for more, I gained back a life that I have lost, what is more to ask than being revived?" she said rhetorically.

"Shen Bao's sect master seems like a good Sect Leader, too bad your cultivation level is so low," the strongest person in the Vast Expanse spoke.

"Mother, you can't be so dismissive of her cultivation level, after all, they lived their entire lives in the Barren Wastelands, there is no Qi there, and the quality of treasures and resources is so low that I'm honestly surprised to see Ascendants coming from there every now and then," Zhang Tian said.

And this confirmed Leng Yuyu's suspicion about his relations.h.i.+p to the royal family, he wasn't an acquaintance, but apparently, he was a son, and perhaps a possible heir to the Wind Throne.

Shen Bao made a great friend, a powerful ally, someone that she would have never ever thought would happen. But here, a small Core Formation cultivator is actually a friend with one of the strongest forces in the Vast Expanse.

"Zhang Tian, I also have some news," The Wind King spoke.

"What could that be?" asked Zhang Tian.

"Apparently, your friend is in the Heavenly Academy," the king smiled.

The words from the Wind King's mouth had some reactions on everyone present in the room.

Zhang Tian and his mother both smiled, while Leng Yuyu was too stunned to speak.

"You seem surprised that one of your Sect Members is now in the Heavenly Academy," Zhang Tian said.

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"I'm genuinely surprised, I knew Shen Bao was special, but I never thought he was this special," Leng Yuyu said.

"You look sad, maybe even a bit jealous," Zhang Tian's mother said.

"Jealous, yes, Sad, not really, I am happy for him, but I know for a fact that I don't even deserve to be jealous, I'm not as talented as him. My emotions right now are a reflection upon my own lack of talent and lack of effort, Shen Bao is a person of old age, and he has yet to truly take a foot in the world of cultivation, yet in a few years he had managed what I couldn't do in more than five mortal lifetimes, I am ashamed to be his Sect Master, for I could not teach him anything proper, and I don't deserve your grace," Leng Yuyu said.

"What a humble little girl," Spoke Zhang Tian, "But worry not, if it's about talent, you have more than Shen Bao, and that I can vouch for," Zhang Tian said.

This caused Leng Yuyu to frown.

"Actually, everyone I've met, had more talent than Shen Bao, literally everyone, he was the only one without an actual talent root, no, even mortals who had never ever cultivated would have more talent than him in cultivation, but for some reason, he's still able to climb in cultivation rank and become far more powerful than any reasonable cultivator at his level should be," Zhang Tian said. "And that's because of his Soul Force," Zhang Tian added.

"What do you mean?" asked Leng Yuyu.

"I don' wish to speak of the secrets of another cultivator, but what I know for a fact is, Shen Bao, at the core level of cultivation has more Soul Power than my own mother," Zhang Tian said. 

And this revelation caused Zhang Tian's mother to frown, but she didn't ask Zhang Tian to explain as he had already mentioned that he won't be revealing another person's secrets.

"And now that you're in a new body and with an even better talent root, you should be able to advance your cultivation level higher than it is right now," Zhang Tian said.

"Husband of mine, I think she would be a good fit for the Heavenly Academy, don't you think?"

"Hmm, I have no sway in the Heavenly Academy interworking, however, I can pull a few strings to get her a solo test, though you'll be facing a lot of difficulties and it won't be simple. Special tests mean special treatment, and special treatment isn't affordable for most cultivators, you may lose your life, so speak up child, do you wish to partake in the Special Test of the Heavenly academy?" the Wind King himself spoke.

And there was obviously no other answer for Leng Yuyu to say besides…


"Good then, but the you right now will die, Wife of mine…" the Wind King Spoke and the wife immediately understood.

"I'll a.s.sign her a few mentors, you better be ready, it's going to be a h.e.l.lish training."

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