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Chapter 314: No One Saw That Coming

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Chapter 314: No One Saw That Coming

Two men walked through the vast expanse, literally walking through s.p.a.ce, folding it under their legs as if they were folding paper with every step.

The first of the two looked far more relaxed as he was moving while the second didn't seem to be lagging behind but had a single drop of sweat coming down his forehead.

"You've been rather lax in your training," the older man said.

"Master Rain, I'm far under you in cultivation level, I also find it pretty hard for anyone to be able to keep up with you in terms of spatial laws," the attendant said as he followed after.

"Don't make excuses work hard, also that blasted little b.a.s.t.a.r.d apparently is also decent in spatial laws, so stop whinging and work harder," Master Rain said as he continued walking through s.p.a.ce.

"That's the first time I've ever heard you compliment someone, he must be really good," the attendant said.

"Humph, good my a.s.s, he is still a n.o.body he can be snuffed out with a pinch, but it would be a waste to lose such a person without picking his brain," Master Rain said.

"But you said that you weren't going to do Soul Search on him," the attendant replied.

"I said I won't, and that was the end of it, I already told you, you can see a person's memories and knowledge but you can't take inspiration and the drive to create, I want to see if that kid is capable. Maybe then… no, let's just see first, there is no point in being hopeful,"

Master Rain said as he walked forward.

"We're entering the Galactic Meteorite Belt of the Heavenly Academy," the attendant said.

"I can see that, I'm old, not blind, get ready," Master Rain said as the two of them were face to face with a ma.s.sive amalgamation of meteors that seemed to be moving in an orbit.

The meteorite speed was pretty impressive and they created a natural formation that protected the Heavenly Academy from outside forces, not to mention no one in their right mind would be willing to go through this ma.s.sive wall besides one person.

Master Rain and the attendant stood at the peripheries of the giant meteorite belt and were about to walk forward.

"Would it really have been a bad idea to inform the Heavenly Academy that we're coming? I mean we could have used their Well, to teleport inside," the attendant said.

"Yeah? And then what, have them all coming at me to curry favor? h.e.l.l no, I don' want them to be prepared, now let's get in," Master Rain said and took a step.

The meteors that looked like an impregnable defense seemed to be unable to even touch Master Rain, not because he was fast not because the meteorite's density was low but because every step master rain took, seemed to not have any meteor going through it for that moment.

The attendant made sure to keep close to Master Rain and move when the master moved and stopped when he stopped. They even had to walk a few steps back and then move forward several times until they finally managed to get to the other side of the meteorite belt.

In front of them was something that could only be seen in a story of fiction. A ma.s.sive platform that seemed to have the size of a planet's circ.u.mference was right in front of them.

The platform had a dome covering it, creating an artificial sky and at the highest point of the dome was a floating continent. That was the real Heavenly Academy, while the platform at the bottom hosted high mountains, seas, and prairies that extended all over the platform.

"It's been a long time, Master Rain," said the Attendant.

"I'm not a fan of coming back to this d.a.m.n prison, it took a pretty steep toll to get out, now I'm coming back for that b.a.s.t.a.r.d of a kid, he'd better be d.a.m.n worth it. Let's go," Master Rain said as the two of them moved forward.

The two of them moved rapidly towards the domed area and once they were right next to the dome Master Rain touched it and it opened up wide for him, only for a loud ear-blasting alarm to sound throughout the entire Heavenly Academy.

A state of alert and emergency was immediately issued and hundreds, then thousands of cultivators shot forward with speed far beyond what imagination could manifest.

The sudden arrival of a threat didn't cause the Heavenly Academy to panic but had them ready up immediately.

"At least their response to threat is decent," Master Rain said.

"Another compliment, you sure are in a good mood today," The attendant teased.

That didn't get a reply from Master Rain, however.

Soon several cultivators with arms ready appeared in front of Master Rain and his attendant.

One of the cultivators wearing Black Robes spoke up first, "Identify yourself, why have you come to the Heavenly Academy, and why are you trespa.s.sing, choose your words carefully, they might be your last," the man in dark robes spoke.

Another person then muttered, "Deep blue robes, sky blue eyes, a grim-looking face, and an attendant with eyes closed almost as if he was asleep… this is… Hey! Jung! APOLOGIZE IMMEDIATELY! THIS IS, THIS IS MASTER RAIN!" the second person spoke and everyone in the vicinity of master rain suddenly felt s.h.i.+vers running down their spine.

If the Poison G.o.d was the first plague of the Academy, Master Rain was the second, the only difference was that the Poison G.o.d was powerful and did as he pleased, while Master Rain was smart and aided the academy in every manner, however, he also did as he pleased. Killing a few Dark Robes would probably not be much of a cost to appease him, so they knew for sure that he wasn't someone they needed to provoke.

The first cultivator had lived long and known when you're in his shoes you only have one thing to do.

He pulled up a sword and immediately cut off an arm. It didn't even take a fraction of a second of hesitation from him to do so. Losing an arm isn't much of a great deal for low-level cultivators, however, for cultivators above the Ascendant Stage, losing an Arm is an expense they couldn't afford. Since to remake, a new arm one has to regrow it and then train it until it becomes compatible with the overall power of his body.

Or they must have a treasure capable of growing an arm.

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The man in dark robes then offered the arm to Master Rain, "I apologize for my transgressions, I didn't know that you have come!"

However, a person who will forever be remembered as a hero that saved so many lives that day managed to recognize the figure before anything happened. He was a purple-robed cultivator, his eyes opened wide from shock and immediately went down in a bow then hollered "WELCOME BACK MASTER RAIN!"

His words were loud enough for everyone to hear and understand that it was a pretty d.a.m.n big warning to not f.u.c.k up or do anything stupid in the presence of Master Rain.

The few cultivators who had something to say about Master Rain's entry swallowed their words and their figurative souls in the process and then went down in a bow.

"Will you be so quiet, I'm old and I my ears hurt," Master Rain said and moved forward ignoring everyone bowing deeply to him.

"Oh, it's here, it's here," Master Rain said rather jubilantly.

The attendant next to him seemed to be smiling, of course, he would it's been so long since he had seen Master Rain so happy and in a good mood, and thankfully the people in the Heavenly Academy were nice enough not to ruin his mood.

Today was bound to be a good day.

Master Rain didn't take a fraction of a second to open the locked room that would seem impossible to decipher for any other cultivator then he found the figure of Shen Bao sitting in a meditative pose with both arms against the back of the corpse he was currently possessing.

Master Rain stood behind Shen Bao made several hand gestures then touched Shen Bao's back eliciting a deep inhale from Shen Bao who opened his eyes to a strange scene.

The door to his room was open and several cultivators were watching him. There was a hand touching his back.

And when he turned to see the owner of that hand and when he recognized him.

Shen Bao sent a firm, solid, powerful, and pretty hard punch right into Master Rain's face.

There is no need to describe the face, reaction, shock, stupefaction, or the complete absurd look and opened jaws of everyone in the room, that was a given…

The only thing that needed to be described in this situation were Shen Bao's next words.

"You thieving f.u.c.ker!"

And the twitch on Master Rain's brow from Shen Bao's punch…

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