Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 313: Chaos

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Chapter 313: Chaos

"Ling Cao, what did you do? How is this even possible?!" the sect master spoke, it wasn't out of concern it was out of fear.

"Oh, I didn't do much, it was already his own fault for being so enraged, the poison, the Grizzly Spider Poison on him, with his whole cultivation so destabilized it was very easy to galvanize it, and it did the rest for me," I said as I cracked my neck.

"I mean, more than half of the people here are infected, it is usually not a very dangerous nor is it a lethal poison, but it can get ugly when not treated, and since none of you care about treating such a poison, then it wasn't my place to tell you otherwise," I added.

The moment my words were spoken everyone who was inflicted looked at the source of their poison. 

A great majority of the people here were already affected by it, and I was surprised to see something this grave in a sect yet not cared much to treat it.

"It's untreatable, and will only be removed once enough time had pa.s.sed, thus no one cares enough to remove it, that should be common knowledge," the sect master said.

"Is that so, I must have forgotten, I had a memory loss issue a while ago so I don't remember everything, but what I'm sure of is that the Grizzly Spider Poison can be treated, it isn't even that difficult to treat," I said as I yawned.

The sect master then grabbed my shoulder and said, "Do you know the treatment?!" he asked.

"Of course," I said, "It'll be a bit annoying though," I said.

"Just tell us, we'll procure whatever materials to treat this d.a.m.ned plague," he said.

"Oh no, that's not the issue at hand, the problem is, if I actually want to treat any of you," I said.

"What do you mean!" an elder spoke as he approached the arena, "You're a member of the Ancient Sect, when you see your fellow in trouble you must come to their aid! Why are you so selfis.h.!.+" he said.

Other elders seemed to agree with his point, but not all of them.

"Is that so," I said as I looked at the elder in the eyes, "Then please tell me when I was in trouble when I had lost my cultivation ability when I was frail weak, and unable to even defend myself when I was bullied hara.s.sed and tortured on daily basis, where was this sect that I was part of? Where was this help that I was supposed to get since I'm a part of this sect?" I spoke with every word spite came out of my mouth, and I was sure as h.e.l.l that it wasn't mine, it was the original owner's body retelling his pains through my voice.

"You all acted so arrogantly, dismissing my entire presence and treating me worse than a beaten dog, and now, you want me to come to your aid when you're f.u.c.ked? h.e.l.l no, I don't owe you anything, not to a single person in here," I said.

"You little b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" the same elder said and it seemed that he wanted to come up onto the arena, however, another elder stopped him.

"It doesn't matter, the Grizzly Spider Poison isn't deadly, it can easily be contained, we just have to keep calm and not rile up our cultivation, there is no need to ask help when it's not needed," the elder said.

It would have been a smart thing to say, but sadly, they failed to understand one thing.

"You seem to be oblivious to something," I said smiling.

My words sounded through the arena for everyone to hear, even the disciples on the stage had to open their ears wide because what I was going to say was pretty d.a.m.n important.

"You all considered the Grizzly Spider Poison to be harmless, that is because it usually leaves the body once enough time had gone by, but that is, in one case, in the case of a cultivator being bitten and then the same cultivator leaves the area where he was bitten for a long while. However, none of you seem to have realized why were so many of you bitten at the same time, and I'm d.a.m.n sure that none of you even remembers when or where they were bitten." I said.

Everyone here considered the Grizzly Spider Poison as a harmless thing, since it actually was harmless, however, that is only the case when there are no Grizzly Spiders nearby.

"The entire sect is built over the cave of a Grizzly Spider Queen, she has been sending her children towards you, every night, and they feasted on your Qi without you ever realizing, when you were asleep, when you were cultivating, when you were f.u.c.king even, you were all too focused on other things to realize-" I said as I slapped my shoulder.

A crunching sound echoed through the quiet arena, then I showed a smudge on my hand. "To realize that you're actually all been living in a den of spiders without ever noticing," I said as I threw away the flattened carca.s.s of a Grizzly Spider that climbed up my shoulder under everyone's gaze.

"How? I didn't even notice that spider?!" the sect master said.

"Of course, you wouldn't, it's because you were bitten, and once you're bitten by them, you'll never be able to see them. They bit the higher-tier cultivators and left the weak ones because the weak ones they could easily feed on. And now, since the old man just died, and the poison was galvanized, the Queen is ready for her feast, and everyone marked here is her prey, enjoy your last days," I said as I turned my back and started moving away.

"What a load of bulls.h.i.+t, could anyone even believe the c.r.a.p this kid is speaking? Such fantasy, a spider Queen, hah, let see how this thing could even fare against my cultivation if it was even a real existence!" an elder spoke.

Of course, many disciples would cheer for the man who comforted them, since he was clearly an Ascendant Stage from all the Saint Qi radiating from him. However, the reality is often disappointing, as would the days prove.

I left the arena among scrutiny of the many cultivators who seemed to hold great despise for me.

And then I headed to the palace that should have been mine. With everything done and over, and Ling Cao's revenge almost complete, I had no reason to stay with those people.

Now, I needed to figure out this calamity that will happen to this sect.

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Whatever it is, I'm sure of one thing, it's definitely not the Grizzly Spider Queen, though it is a difficult opponent for these cultivators, once the whole sect moves as a whole, it shouldn't be too difficult to get rid of.

"I SAID CALL THE ELDERS!" I shouted with an infused voice.

Several elders, among them the old woman who admitted me and the other guy who was helpful earlier, I don't yet know their names.

They arrived and were frankly shocked at the sight.

"Good heavens, what in the name of all that is unholy is this!" spoke the old woman.

"Devil cultivation…" spoke the male elder.

"What a good Ancient Sect," I spoke as I spat once again on the ground, "So, this is your young master? You kicked me out of the sect for this garbage?" I said rubbing more salt on the wound.

"We had no idea that something like this was happening…" he said.

"That's even worse, a sect that doesn't even know that its disciples are being used as cultivation furnaces? Do you even check when students go missing? No wonder your whole sect is infected with Grizzly Spider Poison, you're all slacking, you're all incompetent."

The elders couldn't even talk back. Because they knew my words were true.

Demonic Cultivation is heavily frowned upon since it ent.i.tles the owner to gain great power using some very twisted arts. However, Demonic Cultivation isn't as grave or as f.u.c.ked up as Devil Cultivation.

Demonic Cultivation is usually related to things like Poison, Blood, and Necromancy and sometimes it could even graze the rims of Devilish cultivation when it is related to Souls.

However, Devil Cultivation is by far the worst, it is primarily used to gain great power with little to no risk to oneself, and the danger always befalls whoever comes in contact with a Devil cultivator, like these girls, they have been tortured, violated, then had their bodies sucked dry from Qi and cultivation for the benefit of one person. 

The more violent their death was the more power the person who tortured them would gain. And there are even wore ways for Devil Cultivators to gain power, such as absorbing souls as the Fire King does…

"No wonder he gained so much power in such a short time, and no wonder his father lost his mind upon his son's death. It was because he was also a Devil Cultivator, those are primed to lose their spirit and go into insanity at the drop of a hat. I think I did the sect a favor in getting rid of both of them…" I muttered.

The elders couldn't speak, how could they?

This sect is in pure chaos…

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