Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 311: Challenge

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Chapter 311: Challenge

The words I spoke made many bystanders come forward, in fact, most of them were happy I spoke these words because they know me and they know her.

She is the daughter of the sect master, and I'm a washed has been talent, with no power.

"You Trash dare speak ill words of the Young Miss!" some side character spoke all haughtily as he charged me with a powerful punch aiming to lob my head off.

But with a single step to the side a twist of my palm and a touch to his own extended arm… an explosion happened and the entirety of his arm was ruptured apart shattering into a million pieces.

The guy, unbelieving of his own eyes, and with the pain from the blow yet to be registered looked at me in stupefaction.

"Well, if I'm trash what does that make you?" I spoke and then the blood from his arm or what's left of it churned out like a fountain.

"Anyone else wants to prove themselves more trash than me come at me," I said.

"You! You dare injure disciples! Someone calls the elders here!" someone spoke.

"It was self-defense and there is an elder here already," I said as I turned to the side.

There was no one there, but everyone looked at me like an idiot.

"Is he right in the head?" someone said.

"No, he must be a crazy person, look at how vicious he is, he must have cultivated some demonic technique to be like this, and now he is strong but most likely crazy."

"Hey, are you gonna come out, you're making me look like a crazy person, stop hiding," I said.

"I told you, he is crazy, let's put him down from his misery…"

"Man, you're really gonna make me do this, I pulled my weapon and this caused everyone to take a step back, then I hurled it as powerfully as I could towards the empty corner.

A powerful clang was heard and a person with a nasty and ugly dissatisfied look on his face appeared out of thin air.

In his hand was the sword grabbed by two fingers.

Everyone was too stunned to speak

"How did you know I was here…" spoke the person, it was an elder clearly from the robes he was wearing.

"Before that, you saw all that happened here, did I act out of malice or did I defend myself?" I spoke.

With the elder surrounded by the disciples, giving a false verdict even if everyone here wanted to hear the false verdict, it will immediately compromise his integrity.

"… nothing out of place happened it was self-defense," the elder spoke and everyone seemed dissatisfied.

"But Elder! He called me ugly?!" spoke the girl.

"Words can't hurt you, call him lame back anyway, everyone dismisses and you," the elder spoke to the man with the torn-off arm.

"Shut your trap, you're the imbecile for not gaging your opponent's strength, as for you Ling Cao, why did your hand have to be so heavy?"

"Well, I'm a talentless trash, I just learned this technique so I'm unable to control it, thankfully I controlled it enough to not kill him on the spot," I said shrugging.

It was like pouring salt on the wound and this made everyone around me inwardly rage.

With everyone forced to leave the scene, I was left alone with the elder.

"Why are you making so much trouble?" he asked.

"It's the way of cultivators not to bow down to anyone, they came at me first, and I retaliated," I spoke the words that many main characters would speak.

And lo and behold, "You're right, but next time try and not to cause so much damage, it'll only come back and bite you in the a.s.s… also, how did you know I was there? You shouldn't have a divine sense capable of spotting me, are you cultivating a demonic cultivation technique?" he asked.

"And if I was, is it against the sect's rules?" I asked.

"No, it is not, but do be wary, do not act upon your demonic impulses, or I'll personally kill you."

"Point taken, also, it wasn't a demonic cultivation method. It's that, I said as I pointed at the old man's hand.

He looked at his hand there was a black spot there.

"Grizzly Spider Poison must be painful," I said.

"How does that have anything to do with how I was discovered?" he asked.

"I could smell the stench of that poison from a mile away, and you're not the only one bitten, there are a few others in the sect. I can help with that, for a price of course," I said.

The old man scoffed at my remark, "What would a disciple know about this, no matter leave my sight for now," he said.

I shrugged saying, "Well, when you start vomiting back blood come look for me, but my price will increase of course," I said then turned around and left the area, I needed to reclaim my old palace. Then, my revenge will begin, well not mine but Ling Cao's revenge.

The palace I was headed for was in the northern part of the inner sect. It was on the same mountain that hosted the main palace building. It was right under the Sect Master's own palace.

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I headed up the mountain towards the palace, and thanks to my Inner Disciple clothes no one stopped me from moving wherever I wanted.

The frown and surprise were obvious on his face, however, his lips turned to an evil grin.

"Well, well, well, I guess you finally grew some b.a.l.l.s and decided to challenge me, so what? From what I see you're able to join the inner sect, so did you learn a bit of your cultivation? h.e.l.l if you even learned everything back you're still trash, compared to me, hah, you're not even a step into the Nascent Soul and you still think you can beat me at the ninth level of the Nascent Soul?!" 

Well, he does talk a lot.

"If you're scared, run," I said as I flexed my right arm not caring for what he is saying.

"I'm not too bored to take you up on your offer unless it's interesting, how about a death match?" he said.

"Death match? Are you sure about that?" I said.

"If you're scared, you can run!" he said back.

"You sure you won't regret this?" I asked.

"I'm not the one who should be afraid! Now what do you say? It's only a death match, otherwise don't even dare show your face in front of me!" he said.

"Right then, I'll take you up on the offer, deathmatch, when?" I asked.

"How about now, I could really use some practice! And it would be the best if I end you while training, getting rid of you is like removing the stain upon this sect!" he said.

"Well, you sure do talk big, let's see you act on it! Elders are you all witnessing this!" I spoke in a loud divine sense message.

"I witness." Spoke to the old woman who admitted me to the inner sect.

"I witness." Added the same guy who tried to sway me from causing problems.

Then soon more elders appeared and approved of the match.

Finally, came the voice of someone I didn't even sense.

Looking at him, he had a pretty large stature and a great beard. He was slightly fat, but if I were to judge he'll have more muscles than fat in his body, a powerlifter type person.

Next to him was Ling Cao's former lover and she seemed pretty happy about this turn of events.

"I also witness this fight. But let me ask you, Ling Cao, are you sure about this? You will lose your life," he said.

"Hey, you're talking as if my death is set in stone, you guys should be worried about what might happen if your young master were to die," I said.

"Hah! Like that's gonna happen, you'll probably not even scratch my robes. Anyway, now that all the sect elders approved of our Death Match, let's head to the battling arena, that way we'll have more people watching!"

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