Poison God's Heritage


Chapter 305: Controled

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Chapter 305: Controled

"Human, you are very prideful, and your pride will end you, dare not speak with such tone towards me! Or I'll end you,"

"Alright, f.u.c.k it," I muttered and went for another swing at my own hand, however, whatever the creature it was, it stopped me once again.

"Futile! You cannot cut me off, in a matter of fact, I can!" spoke the voice and I felt my mind reeling like I was. .h.i.t with a sledgehammer.

"f.u.c.king son of a b.i.t.c.h!" I cursed at the pain.

However, what I received as a reply was something I didn't expect.

A soul-wrenching scream echoed within my mind as the owner of the voice was in agony from what appeared to be a backlash of his own attempt to kick me off of this body.

"Want to have a Soul Battle then, alright. Let's have it!" I muttered and focused inwardly, finding myself in my own sea of Consciousness.

Within the Sea of Consciousness, my Soul that has entered the Formation Stage was sitting calmly inside the ma.s.sive tower overseeing the whole of the naval fortress.

And in front of me, was an amalgamation of membranes, tentacles, and wretched disgusting c.u.muli of flesh mounds and faces that were eyeless lidless, and lipless that looked at me as if their wish to devour me was their sole reason for being.

The creature looked like an overinflated tumor of vile things and it spoke, "Where is this?!" spoke the voices, and the answer they received was lead, fire, and explosives.

The jets fired hails of molten flames, bullets, and rockets, while the turrets on my towers added with a rain of steel that tore through the ma.s.s of disgusting membranes coming towards the fortress.

The a.s.sault continued to my favor, and it was clear that it was in my favor due to how much the being was screaming in agonized pain.

Suddenly, the creature shrunk against itself turning smaller and smaller than in a sudden burst shot hundreds of tentacles forward towards the naval fortress. The tentacles broke the turrets ad the towers and took down hundreds of jets along their way, then even sunk the many airs.h.i.+p carriers I had and went towards the main tower.

"DIE!" spoke the creature as the tentacles began coiling in a rising fas.h.i.+on towards the top of the main tower.

The tentacles coiled and curled against the tower and began crus.h.i.+ng it.

However, in a burst of light and fire, the top of the tower exploded ripping apart the tentacles that were clinging on to it.

From within the tower, the Soul that was nestling there emerged, scales could be seen surfacing and hiding back on the soul's skin, it was as if it was struggling to retain itself hiding the monster within under the guise of humanity.

"MINE!" spoke the grotesque creature and shot a new surge of tentacles toward the soul. However, what happened next was clearly not to the monster's expectation.

It wanted to eat and consume the soul to fully take over the body, only for the soul to open its mouth and greedily consume the being, bit by bit it began absorbing it within it.

More so, the creature who thought itself a predator became prey, and thus began screaming as if it wanted nothing to do with the thing that was currently eating it.

"STOP! STOP! IT HURTS!" the grotesque creature spoke as it was being devoured.

I had no power to stop the Soul that was currently eating the creature, nor will I have done so if I had the ability. And in no time, whatever that thing was it suddenly turned to food for thoughts, literally.

My mind began reeling as more information began surging through it.

The creature, whatever that thing was, was a creature of carnage and gluttony, it itself never knew how it came to being, but all it knew was an endless hunger. It was sealed in a cave for many, many years, and Ling Cao once happened upon this cave when he was adventuring, this was back when he was powerful ambitious, and had a lot of talent. Yet this creature managed to find its way out of the seal and nestled into Ling Cao's body.

It then began devouring all of what Ling Cao's talent could allow. Whenever Ling Cao would learn something, this creature would devour that knowledge for itself. Whenever Ling Cao would grow more powerful, this beast would consume it.

Not even food, it would take the lion's share of it and leave Ling Cao with nothing more than enough to barely survive.

The only thing that this creature didn't devour of Ling Cao was his cultivation base, because if Ling Cao was nothing but a weakling at low levels of cultivation, it would offer the creature nothing of value thus, it remained inside him, taking everything and leaving barely anything.

Ling Cao's sudden fall from grace, the ridicule, and the looking down upon his person caused him to think irrationally.

For what kid that was promised greatness due to an abundant talent would ever survive the world turning upside down without him ever knowing the reason why?

Ling Cao's decision to take the Demonic Path was his last hope to find a new source of power for his fleeting one.

However, it ended in total cultivation deviation and cost him his life.

I woke up from the Sea of consciousness and took a deep breath.

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I didn't have any of my inscription tools so I used my own finger to write a warding inscription on the door, carving it with my own fingers on the wood of the door.

But it was enough, enough for what I planned on doing right now.

After an hour, and when I decided that the contents of the cauldron had enough, I pulled the cauldron from within the fireplace.

After opening the lid, I saw a gooey brown liquid, it looked like s.h.i.+t, liquid s.h.i.+t, and smelled like it.

"The things we do…" I muttered then gulped down the content as fast as I could.

It was a mistake as I almost choked on how bad the mix tasted.

I continued consuming the vile liquid and once I was done, I sat down and began rotating my Poison Qi.

Let's say a herb has 90% Medicinal value, and the rest are impurities.

A pill would try and take almost all of that 90% and gather it within it, unless it's a supremely high-quality pill, there are bound to be some impurities within it, however, the majority of the pill's content is medicinal value.

This porridge of s.h.i.+t in front of me however had barely a total of 10% medicinal value, and I was eating more impurities than the healing factor.

However, it was more than enough, more than enough for a Poison Cultivator like me.

Because I could easily expel the impurities and save the medicinal value even if its little. And thus a new fit of vomiting began once again as I threw back up almost all of the cauldron's content but my body kept the good parts.

Ten percent of almost a hundred pills worth of herbs is enough for me.

That's ten pills of good quality for me. And thus the wounds on my body began to visibly heal, all the holes I poked myself with, all the scaring on my body, and even the blemishes here and there.

The body of the kid was still far too weak, far too skinny but at the same time, it was now able to properly function. 

I felt hungry, and decided that It was time to hunt for food. I need to regain muscle ma.s.s in a short time period. Because without proper muscles I cant practice the arts required for this kid to become an Inner Sect Disciples.

Once I'm at the inner sect, I'll be able to understand more of what's going on in this world, and will probably catch a glimpse of the End of this world.

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